Drawing Your Favorite Animators! (and ranting about my life for 10 minutes) | Speedpaint

Drawing Your Favorite Animators! (and ranting about my life for 10 minutes) | Speedpaint

*Darude sandstorm* If you haven’t subscribed yet – This is your
chance! I highly recommend it! And I’m sick again as I’m recording this. Um, yeah… Let’s just get into the video! I figured out I could just draw those… *other* animators (>.>) Yeah! That’ll get me views! *video cuts off drastically* Anyway! Welcome I’m just going to draw stuff
and give commentary along the way! I’ve been trying to get myself to work harder
on my blog AND youtube channel- with no succes so far… BUT- I’m getting there… I firstly want to thank all the 300 subscribers
I’ve already gained… and obviously the almost 8K that read my comics! I really appreciate it! Shoutout to y’all! If you’re interested in my comics, there’s
a link in the description down below. You can now also find me on Facebook and twitter
so make sure to check me out. I honestly didn’t really know what to do for
a first video um… well, you all like to watch people do stuff
instead of doing something yourself I guess, so… I do have a bunch of great ideas for future
videos already! JUST-… You’ll see. I don’t really have too much to say for this
video. But I have been getting some questions (which
I’m now gonna read out loud apparently.) Such as How did you start doing comics? Where do you live? What’s your social security number. N O I could as well tackle some questions here. Awww… Thank you! *giggles* I won’t overwork myself. Believe
me, I hardly do anything. *does grammar nazi* S P L A P P I’ve turned 18 in october.
I’m finally an adult now! I can do.. Adult stuff! Such as!… Paying tax. WELL fun thing actually. One day I was- *Harold interrupting* (why) One day I was watching youtube and
randomly clicked on some animation video which later turned out be the odd1sout’s. Shortly after that a friend coincidentally
suggested me that I should start doing comics. So, yeah. That’s my origin-story,… nothing
too exciting. I’m not going to try and … pronounce that
word. *heeheehee* Um! Well. google-home sama Why are you asking me that!? *butchering the English grammar with the horrible
pronounciation so bad, the universe crashes into itself* I’ve been getting some comments lately that
I’m basically stealing Jaiden Animation’s artstyle Because, apparently there’s alot of similarities… such as having legs. But Roxy! You also got a bird! You’re such a Jaiden knock-off! ERRMEERRGUURD No! Yes, Harold is a bird But- *sounds of agony and frustration* No! Just no! Harold isn’t even a parakeet! He’s a cockatiel … which is a cockatoo and… not a parakeet… thING Also, I think it’s also fun to mention where
my name originated from. Back when I was studying Latin, which I hated
and dropped out of eventually, we were assigned some paper with phrases on
it, on which you had to fill in the blanks using words from a box. And eh, I had no clue what I was doing. (I never have a clue what I’m doing) and one
sentence pretty much ended up saying ”The men are feeling happy like a wall” Boom! That’s a channel name right there! Oh! Now I think about it. The next thing I
wanna say, it’s sorta important. It’s about the future of my comics and all. This will surely be old news by the time this
video comes out, but it’s about the Tumblr thing that they’re
no longer accepting nudity and stuff on their site I am sort of concerned it will affect my comics. Well, let me rephrase that. It won’t affect my comics directly O B V I O U S L Y because I’m not posting nudity well… my character is technically nude,
but.. eh… I’m a kidfriendly blog! But atleast half of my followers were made
of strange, questionable, oddly-specific and not quite as kid-friendly blogs. I’ve lost a looot of potential audience. I mean, I-… I don’t really think it’ll be
much different, but- Uh… To make sure.. I’ve been making accounts on
other social media as well! I’ve even been thinking about launching my very own website in case this tumblr thing flops… (>_>) I definitely don’t wanna stop doing comics
but if everyone’s gone- who will read them? So links to my other social media are in the
description down below! Some sceptics under us might say: ”kid-friendly?” But why is your character naked then? It’s a question I litterallly get ALL THE FRIKKIN’ TIME One person even referred to me as a ”naked
time traveller” XD If you don’t get it, I’ve been drawing a couple
of comics featuring Hitler (one of them got flagged by the way xD) *goes off track** Okay apparently they’re just flagging my comics
now! S E L F P R O M O T I O N Alright I’m getting off track already. So why doesn’t she wear clothes? Because they’re not part of her design. Simple
as that. She’s not a human so it shouldn’t matter. I mean … the neighbour’s dog doesn’t wear
clothes either so why’s it a problem? (Not this again.) I’m probably going to cut some obvious parts
outta the video, cause I want to **CUT** the video short. I ended up with about 2 hours of film. That’s why… some parts seem to be missing. So as you can see, I draw in PAINttool sai.
I like this program. At first it’s a bit all over the place, but
you’ll get used to it eventually. I like how you can put the colors heeere. and make your own brush-settings as well! I like this program in particular since you
can use this wonderfull phenomenon named ”linework layers” that allow you to edit the lines, after drawing
them. I don’t really have steady hands, they tend
to get all shaky… So that’s where the linework layers come in
… Handy! *sound of pain and agony* *while conveniently zoomed in* BOOM THAT’S
ART I usually use a 3pt sketch brush which I customised
myself to pre-sketch drawings and / or texts. Copy the settings if you’d like (earlier in
this video) If you can read them. By the way! I’m horribly sorry. I’m too lazy
to go find out how this screen recorder works. You’ll just have to bear with the shitty quality. I’m not really using that much of a beefy
computer either, I mean my computer crashed several times while editing this. (I use vegas.) So if you’re wondering why it looks like,
eh shit, that’s why. Here’s a thing that annoys me on a personal
level. Don’t color your art traditionally. I mean,
I often see people add a new layer, put it underneath the lines layer and then color
it in like… *sound of frustration* If you’re doing cartoons just- Boom. I hope you like the video so far. It’s a whole
bunch of random shizzle and talking about t h i n g s. If you like the video please subscribe. I
got more videos coming up! I will soon post an animation as well, so
don’t worry. I’m actually doing stuff. It’s going to be called ”I’m a musical genius”
and it’s definitely going to be fun! So stay tuned! For now I will just finish the drawing and
eh-… it will be posted on my Tumblr as well, so you can use it for whatever you’d like. Link in the description as well. If you ever have suggestions. Ideas or fanarts,
feel free to message me. But please do not e-mail me. I will not respond
to e-mails unless they’re requests to work toghetter on a collaboration or something
like it. I’m serious about it. I like when you send
me stuff but I have plenty of other social media accounts that can receive messages. My gmail is for serious business inquiries
only. Just wanted to let you know! ^^” Guys! I can’t say it enough. I’m super gratefull
that you’re all with me. We’re gonna rock it. I can’t wait ’till the
day I get to go to a VidCon and meet you people there. Ending chart: Well I guess this is a nice
moment to end the video. Thank you so much for watching and goodbye!
Roxy out.

83 thoughts on “Drawing Your Favorite Animators! (and ranting about my life for 10 minutes) | Speedpaint”

  1. Anyway, awesome vid Roxy! Good luck on your channel 🙂 :p

    (( Technically Jaiden's bird is a green conure but they are very different then cockatiels))

  2. don't forget rule 34 is a poor artist best friend btw your voice doesn't sound like 18 is the voice an act like a fake voice or is this your real voice?

  3. The quality is good. The narrating is ok. I didn't hear any bad English. And everybody gets lizzy sometimes. Also i don't use a computer, i use my own phone to make my comics; I use the ibis Paint X.
    Anyways, get job on the drawing and on the video! 👍

  4. I had full blast head phones on, and the intro gave me:

    Ash Woe Blight
    Astral Vapors
    Black-Heart Blight
    Blood Lung
    Blood Rot
    Bone Break Fever
    Brain Fever
    Brain Rot
    Brown Rot
    Caliron's Curse
    Cannibal's Prion
    Chanthrax Blight
    Feeble Limb
    Porphyric Hemophilia
    Red Death
    Red Rage
    Rust Chancre
    Sanguinare Vampiris
    Serpiginous Dementia
    Stomach Rot
    Swamp Fever
    Swamp Rot
    Tunnel Cough
    Typhoid Fever
    Witches' Pox
    Witless Pox
    Wizard Fever
    Wound Rot
    Yellow Fever
    Yellow Tick

  5. Don't worry about telling us to subscribe in the video, you got good stuff we'd subscribe for even if you didn't tell us 😀

  6. I'm still waiting for the "I'm a musical genius" animation you said… I'm excited to see more of your content Roxy 👍

  7. hey, psst, your discord linkk isn't working 😀
    also, doooooon't do adult stuf. adult stuff is boring. trrust me, i'm 24 and it's not good

  8. Roxyyyyyy!!! It's meee, Life, death, and every animation between-

    from that animation squad group chat on messenger that ur in!

  9. I really like your art style. It's similar to Jaiden but yeah. Is great.
    By the way, you sound with a British accent. Are you from the United Kingdom?

  10. give it a year and you'll be one of the best animators owo trust me your work is awsome! I hope you get more subs ^w^

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