Duel of Summoners Daily Draft Arena Highlight & Arena Showcase!

Duel of Summoners Daily Draft Arena Highlight & Arena Showcase!

Hello everyone! Here’s another
informational video. I’m Raytings the community manager of Dual of Summoners
and I also have my coworker Magic Mike. Say hello. Hi I’m Magic Mike, I was here
last time. Yes he was, he is in charge of our QA over on Duel of Summoners over here. Yup.
We want to show you guys a little bit of arena before the game
launches. Keep in mind what I’m showing you today is alpha. This is a alpha build
but we will be showing you some of the stuff that will be on launch. So if you
click at the bottom of Duel of Summoners as I just did you’re gonna see our
arenas. We have Normal Arenas this is basically your normal duel that you
would do to play on PvP against another player. I’m gonna talk a little bit about
Daily Draft Arena in just a moment because that’s what we’re gonna be doing
in just a few seconds. We got Weekly Limited Arena here this is a new rule
every week, and you’re gonna be playing against AI, and this one right here. The
rules change every week, right? Great, so it could be anything from like – no more than three stars for rarity. There’s a a rarity system we have in our game
where it’s ranked from 1 to 5. Yeah that’s right. 1 to 5. So it would limit you
say further than 3 stars you can’t have them in this deck. For Monthly Ranked
Duel, that is PvP in addition. So all the ones I’m mentioning except Normal Duel
there are rankings and you can get gems, you can get gem gifts, which you can
send to your friends so they can open up little packages of gems. You can get experience points, gold, that sort of thing. So Monthly Ranked Duel
that’s once a month. Payouts are after that month. Then we also have the Event
Arena that is against AI that unlocks at level 7, and then you also have the
weekend Special Duel, this is open on weekends. Yeah, so this is like a
shorter little I guess you would say a shorter version of the Monthly Ranked Duel because it’s also PVP. Yeah you have to be level 10 to get into.
Yeah so that’s the highest requirement right now. So I want to get a little bit back to
the Daily Arena Draft. The Daily Draft Arena, this is what we’re going to be
showing you today. This is one of my favorites. So I’m gonna go ahead I’m just
gonna click it and show you a little bit about it. So the first time you’re gonna
enter in, Sara’s gonna tell you a little bit about it. I’m gonna skip through this
so I can tell you with my own words. What you’re gonna wanna do is click here to enter
the draft and it’s gonna present you with 12 different cards. I’m gonna have
Magic Mike help me out with this because he’s a pro, right? More like semi-pro.
He’s a semi-pro at this game. So essentially what you get to do here is, I’m gonna
skip through Sarah, and you get to hold different cards in each lane right. So
for example, if I wanted to hold this, I get three more tries to re-roll, redraw
these lanes. These are all randomized, from the Lord of Farkka set, and yeah
it’s pretty challenging in a good way so let’s get Magic Mike in here,
help me out so what do you think, what do you think would be a good… Well I can already tell that you have a good amount of gold cards. I would maybe do
yeah I would maybe do like gold and maybe mana.
Yeah mana, I see 2 mana on the board. You know what you could
do? Yeah, you got a good alternate there. Yeah I think this is a good point to
re-roll. Strong. Let’s see you got two light
cards I would maybe re-roll one more time to see what you get.
Yeah, for sure. Okay that’s pretty good. Ooh Dragon
Riders Strike sacrifice off gold and light, and deal damage equal to four
times the sum of sacrificed resources to the opponent’s battlefield. That could
be a little risky. Yeah it’s like a really risky board wipe. Very risky. I
don’t know if you want that. Yeah you’d have to commit to light too. Look at this
mana shield – increase the defense to all friendly creatures by the amount of
mana left. It could be good, considering it’s only one mana.
Yeah right so maybe we’ll want to hold You know what? Why don’t we try something
risky. Okay there you go. So let’s re-roll these last four, but this
is our last time we can do it before we have to start paying gold. Do it. Not Bad. Got
another one of the Dragon Riders Strikes, and also we have a Feathers of Phoenix –
if there are two or more creatures in your grave, resurrect a random friendly
creature. Not bad, two gold. It’s pretty good Yeah, especially if you have a powerful
creature in the graveyard, you could probably get it out for cheap. So if
wanted to we could re-roll for 100 gold more. I think I’m going to re-roll just these
two. Why not? You go. Yeah so looks like re-roll. Yeah, I do.
I wants to use the 100 gold, I want to get rid of those two cards and see what we can get.
Oh yeah look at that, you barely had enough. I know I know.
Oh, but that was so worth it look at that. Look at this. Yeah that’s solid. Alright,
yeah you want to keep that Goblin Town. We’re going to Goblin Town. Alright let’s do this. So once you’re ready, you’re gonna want
to click hold on all the cards and click register this card in the arena. And it’s
gonna tell you that you probably have too many resources…Oh no you’re good.
Cool, alright so we are all ready to get in we’re gonna just jump in right
now. I’m a newbie apparently, let’s search for a duel opponent. So this is AI, but
what’s it’s gonna do, it’s gonna pull other people’s drafted decks, real people,
so we’re playing MagikMike from his deck. That’s awesome. So this is a deck that he
made earlier on in the day. We’re gonna fight it it’s gonna be AI
controlling his deck. You saw me make it too. Nice. It’s kind of unfair. Yeah, you know,
I actually don’t remember what you put in it. Good. So that’s an advantage
to you. Yeah, so it looks like we’re just gonna probably want to charge. I don’t
see any card I can use right now, so charge the gold. Okay yeah, you
have a lot of gold. Yeah, we’re running a gold, mana, nature resource deck so you
played this Hound. It’s a 3/3 or at least your doppleganger in AI land did. He’s
gonna attack whoever you put it down. Whoever you summon, he’s gonna move to
that location so you gotta think about what you’re gonna play. Something
beefy. So probably not…oh well this guy could take two hits but he’s not going to be able to deal damage back. Deals one damage to all opponent creatures every
turn. So what I could do is…you could actually survive that. What I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna play down this, and he’s gonna get hit next turn and lose all his
armor, but then I’m going to play another card so that the Hound moves in front of
that. Yeah, so we’re gonna you played Grave Rat. Now we’re doing one
damage to all. Oh, take that Grave Rat When attacks your opponent’s hero it’s
minus one hero resource and minus your hero’s HP. Okay yeah, so it looks like we
got this very beefy barbarian now – 5/11. I would do that and then see what else you
got. Can you move your hand? HP is lower than six plus two. Here’s my hand. Okay I
mean it’s pretty early, you could throw down a Goblin Town and eat or even,
what’s his name? Or their Treasure Keeper? summons a goblin. I mean, if you’re
worried about, you know what? Maybe get rid of the dog first. Yeah
let’s go ahead and place a Barbarian down right in the right in the center.
It’s barbaric to harm a hound. It’s fitting. Alright, so we’re taking
three, and then we took two from the rat. Rat’s gone. I’m kind of feeling like we
should level up. I mean we have… Increases defense to all friendly creatures by the
amount of mana left. We have three. Actually I may want to just play that. What
do you think? Well he’ll only get two defense. I mean, I think you’re okay
leveling up. Okay, we’re gonna level up. We leveled up. That hound’s gone. Oh
man, that’s a good card he didn’t have to give anything up to use that. Usually you
would hit one of his creatures first, or any creature and then they would attack
the other battlefield. I kind of want to put down some Treasure Keepers so we can
start getting gold every turn. Yeah, try to get to that. Yeah, so we have one gold
left, we have four mana, oh now I kind of want to play this. I mean yeah if you
want. It’ll give us, aw, it’d still only give us two armor each. I mean might as well. You could
discard too – you could discard a gold and you’ll just have that much more gold. That’s true,
let’s just discard this for gold. I mean only
have one in the grave right now and I looks like we’re doing pretty well against your
deck MagikMike. I thought you said you’re a pro. Hey man, it’s a draft you can’t control what you get. I mean you can, but. Well we got really lucky with all these gold cards these pretty good gold cards summon a goblin every two turns. I feel like they kind of want
put that down. No let’s build up our gold with the Treasure Keepers
now we can get +1 gold every turn. I’m gonna go ahead and just throw this
out so I can stop asking myself if we should use it. There we go
everyone gets armor. Summons…what is this? The Shadow Person.
Oh you got an Eagle! Oh nice! I’m actually playing stuff now yeah I was just like, why isn’t it playing anything? Summoned with the same HP attack as the opponent in front, and when summoned deals six damage to
the enemy creature and that’s what took out my…what was that card called? I don’t remember…it’s the one that burns the field every turn? Yeah it destroyed that sadly. I’ll play this Wolf Perry. yeah he’ll buff your creatures. Plus two attack and HP and why don’t we end it with leveling up. Pretty confident huh?
Leveling up? Oh yeah. You can check it out in our other videos but just to give you
guys a little bit of information, leveling up can put you at a
disadvantage, because it makes all your other cards more expensive,
but stronger. More expensive but stronger, but at this point I think I’m
fine. Oh! Sacrifice all gold and light and deal damage equal to opponent’s battlefield.
No, I don’t want to really do that right? I don’t know. I mean, is it enough to take
out the demon? Oh that’s including your side? No you’re fine. Alright, let’s do it. It’s enough for your barbarian to take it
out. Well, also you’re gonna die because the Goblin creature’s so… Charge, charge, and I didn’t that’s game.
That’s right. I’ve never seen his squeal, “attack with
treasures”! that’s cool you don’t get to see that one often. I was trying to see if
Fenne’s ability would activate, cuz if she goes lower than one, she can stay alive
and stay on the board for a while. She can drag out the match. Luckily it did
not happen. Good job. Thank you. So guys, that was Daily Arena Draft if you have
any questions about that or anything related to Duel of Summoners, feel free
leave it in the comments and expect more videos to come out before and
post-launch. Remember September 26th is our launch date and we’re excited for
you guys to get a chance to play. So I’m gonna say goodbye. Wanna say goodbye Mike? Goodbye! See you guys later.

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  1. "A chance to play us." I might take you up on that offer. Also it would be pretty cool to have tournaments of sort. We tired to held 3 goble tournaments but we only ever finished 2 of them

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