Dzifa takes LSD in an art gallery | Drugslab

Dzifa takes LSD in an art gallery | Drugslab

Here we go. When I look at that face, it’s breathing.
This really isn’t fun at all. Hi guys, I’m Bastiaan.
-And I’m Dzifa. Welcome to…
-Our Drugslab. Twice a month we test a drug
to see how it affects our body. And to break the taboo on drugs. If you want us to test a drug
or if you know a nice location… let us know in the comments.
-This time Yuan Ahn… N3ttX and Thomas…
-Were curious about LSD. So that’s what I’m going to do.
-We’re not going to do it in the lab. We’re going to an art gallery,
because that’s what you really wanted. I don’t care for art, but I’m curious
how you’ll see art while you’re tripping. And how you deal with it.
-So am I. Maybe I’ll learn something.
-Exactly. Nellie and I have already done LSD.
To watch that video click on this link. And check the LSD do’s and don’ts. LSD is a tasteless, odourless,
and colourless liquid. The liquid is usually dripped onto
a piece of paper. This is called a LSD tab or a paper trip.
It looks like this. LSD is a hallucinogenic drug.
It alters your awareness and perception. LSD is a semi-chemical drug.
It comes from a natural fungus. LSD falls under the Opium Act,
so it’s illegal in the Netherlands. We had our LSD tested. It’s important to do this, because
your tab may contain something else. It’s been discussed in the comments.
It’s harmful and it’s called: 25I-NBOMe. This substance can cause
high blood pressure, heart palpitations… aggression, agitation,
epileptic seizures and hallucinations. To learn more about drug test services
check the Drugslab Extra video. If you can’t have it tested in a lab,
there’s another way to find out… whether your tab actually contains LSD
or that it contains 25I-NBOMe. And that’s with UV light. This is what
you do: Shine the light on the tab. The LSD drops should light up. This proves there’s LSD on the tab,
otherwise it wouldn’t light up. On to the gallery.
-I’m looking forward to this. We made it.
-It looks amazing here. I don’t care for art, but when I got here,
I thought: This is indeed amazing art. I’ve been anxious these last few days,
so I decided to take it easy. I didn’t drink alcohol for three days,
I ate healthy and I visited my parents… so I feel completely relaxed now. That’s good, because it’s important
to have a positive mind-set. That you feel good and at ease,
both mentally and physically… and that you’re with people you trust.
-That’s no problem. It’s not recommended to take LSD
if you’re suffering from depressions… or if psychoses run in your family… as you could get anxious
or develop a psychosis. You can lie down here later on.
-When you take LSD, it’s important… that there are places
where you can sit or lie down if needed. A busy spot in the city
is not recommended. Our tab contains
100 micrograms of LSD. LSD is expressed in micrograms,
other drugs are expressed in milligrams. For a normal to heavy trip,
you need 50 to 150 micrograms of LSD. You’re going for 100.
-I’m taking 100 micrograms today. It’s almost time to take it.
I’m first going to explain how to do it. Place the tab under your tongue
for at least ten minutes… so the LSD can be absorbed by
your mucous membrane. After that you can swallow the tab.
-Okay. I’m holding it with tweezers… because you don’t want the LSD
to be absorbed by your skin. That can make you trip as well,
so be careful. Here we go. You’ll start feeling the effects
after 30 to 60 minutes. After 2 to 6 hours you’re at your peak,
and it should wear off after 14 hours. The after effects
can last up to 24 hours. Taking seconds only extends the trip,
it doesn’t intensify it. In the meantime you can draw me
with these wax crayons and paper. That’s fun.
-When you’re at your peak… you get to do it again,
so we can see which one is nicer. I’m betting on the one done on LSD.
-Definitely. LSD allows you to be more creative
and make new connections. LSD reaches the brain
via the bloodstream. It affects how nerves transfer signals.
LSD alters the working of your senses. Sounds go to the visual centre instead of
the auditory centre of the brain. This causes you to see music
instead of hearing it. Three, two, one…
-Oh, wow, that’s fucking cool. I look like a junkie, but it’s cool.
I’m pleased with it. Can you sign it for me? Great. That’s me, Bastiaan. We’ve waited for a while.
My first question: How do you feel now? There’s a blue wall and it feels like
I’m part of it or something. I don’t know, it’s just…
-Is it coming at you or is it moving? Sometimes it’s coming at me,
but it retreats when I look at it. I see faces all around me. They were
normal, but now they’re staring at me… but not in a scary way.
-I get it. Their eyes are focused on you. Like they can absorb me. You do feel fine though?
-And happy too. I can’t stop laughing. LSD can cause dizziness, nausea,
headaches and it can make you sweat. Do you feel any of that?
-No, but I’m sweating a lot though. I feel hot, but I know I’ll feel cold
if I take my shirt off. It’s odd to look at the camera, man.
-Why don’t you go over there? I can see you right now.
Now it’s getting bigger. It’s funny to see your face do this
when you’re laughing. I can also hear you breathe.
I don’t know, it’s just weird. Let’s take a walk around the gallery.
I want to know how you see things. I’m especially curious about
your thoughts on how I see things. So am I.
-That way we can compare… what it’s like to look at art on LSD
with looking at art sober. What do you see?
-Their skin is exactly the same as mine. It feels like… I can’t touch it, right?
-No, that’s not allowed here. It feels like they’re also doing LSD. These are the only ones here
that aren’t looking at me, neither is he. They’re looking past me,
which makes me want to look at them. This one is also nice,
but that one was more intense. Look, this one… Wow.
-What’s going on? When I look at that one… It’s like…
When I look at the face, it’s breathing. That’s sick, because I know it’s not true.
It didn’t do that before, but now… it is like it’s becoming a person. It’s drawn to his nose
and then it expands outwards. This is how I picture Amsterdam
in my head. In my dreams or when I’m abroad
this is how I remember Amsterdam. I didn’t even realise that these paintings
are related to Amsterdam. But when you mentioned it,
I thought: You’re right. This is Amsterdam in a picture. Beautiful.
-Right? Tell me more about it. That woman’s face
is constantly changing. She normally looks like this,
but when I stare at it, she does this. Really?
-Yes, she looks around a bit arrogantly. That’s so weird.
It’s so weird that you can’t see that. This is amazing.
I’d want this all over my house. All over? Isn’t that too intense?
-No, not at all. It’s very soothing. It’s funny that we write so much,
but in the end you stick it on the wall… and then it doesn’t matter anymore
what you’ve written. A drawing like that is way cooler. It’s such a weird idea
that I’m being filmed now. You can look at someone if you want.
I’m looking at the viewers: Hi, viewers. It’s so crazy
that you can just look at something. It’s like time is standing still. Is that because it’s so calming here and
you can take your time to look around? It’s nice to be here and that
we’re not in a hurry. That’s very chill. You said something beautiful about this.
-That it’s more of a feeling. Exactly. Explain what you mean. It’s a feeling… When I think about it
for too long it makes me sad. Why is that?
-Because he feels terribly lonely. It’s not that I feel that way,
but I just feel sorry for him. This really isn’t fun at all. At times I also feel like that.
Maybe that’s why it makes me sad. I don’t feel like that now, but I know
what it’s like to feel that way. And that’s not fun.
Now I want to look at something else. Psychedelic drugs
can make you more creative. You drew me when you were sober
and now you get to do it on LSD. You can do what you like. You can use
any colour, anything you see. You have nice lips.
-No, not at all. They have a nice shape.
-I don’t have an upper lip. That’s what makes them nice. If I still had glitter, I wouldn’t use it. This is a fun activity.
I’m really enjoying myself. It looks like you’re the one on LSD.
Your pupils are going like this. I know what I have to do now.
There’s no voice saying: Not like that. I’m doing everything with
a lot more conviction now. May I?
-Go ahead. Wow, that’s cool. It really does look a bit like me.
-It does, right? This is exactly how I see you
from my perspective. What is this?
-Your neck. Why is my nose green?
-Your nose is… It shines a little bit. Your skin is pink, but I didn’t have pink,
so I had to make your nose stand out. My teeth are black instead of purple.
-It’s more about the shape. They’re all… I really like it. Very creative. It’s funny, this is drawing by numbers
and this is full-on unbound creativity. This one looks more like you. This is your trademark,
but this one symbolizes your mood. The trip is going to last a little longer,
so you’ll have to sit it out. I wonder how you’ll feel tomorrow
and what you think of the portraits… when you’re sober.
Do you have anything to add? Hello, it’s now ten to eleven. I’ve come back down to earth.
I’m at home. I feel a little bit different,
as if I’m very sensitive to everything. Besides that, I’m doing
what I always do. Chill. After the gallery
we went straight to my home. It was quite a change of environment,
but I’m happy. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good morning, well, afternoon actually.
It’s around two o’clock. I slept for a really long time.
I feel like my old self again. Yesterday before I went to bed,
I still saw things move around. At times,
I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had a look at the drawings.
I made this one when I was sober. When I look at the one
that I made when I was on LSD… I think it’s really cool. When I look at it now,
it’s made with more feeling. During my trip
I felt everything very intensely. It has given me new insights. I’m going to write them down today. I’m going to try to find a way
to make the most of this trip… because it’s too much to explain. That’s why I’m curious about
microdosing LSD. I heard that it allows you to incorporate
those insights into your daily life. I’m very curious about that… so I’m considering doing an episode
of Drugslab Extra about that. Let me know
if you’re familiar with microdosing LSD… or if you have any questions about it. Thanks for watching. Like and subscribe,
if you still haven’t done that yet. I’ll see you again next time.

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