Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Truck

Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Truck

How to draw a cartoon bus and a cartoon truck.
Bus is the easiest of all for the vehicles I think. Its basically just a big rectangle
with rounded corners. The bottom corners can kind of be less rounded. And don’t forget
the wheel wells. Everytime you draw a vehicle don’t forget those wheel wells. Now make this front window kind of look like
that. And play around with those side windows as many as you like. You can give it a little
detail here, add the fender. So it doesn’t look compleltely like a box with circles.
And you can give it a headlight, but basically there is your cartoon bus. Now a truck is
almost as easy, like an eighteen wheeler. We have kind of a strange shape like a square
with the corner cut off for the front. The front window, the side window, the cab. And
then you just have a great big rectangle for the back. Connect them. Give yourself a front
wheel. And give yourself two wheels for the back part. And remember exactly what I told
you, don’t forget the wheel wells, and that’s exactly what I did. But that’s ok. And the
rest is just detail. You want to throw some detail in there, draw the door, headlight.
But there is your truck and your bus.

32 thoughts on “Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Truck”

  1. you prides oneself here but it only shows how inept you are. these drawings are for 4 years old children, not for you – adult. you would draw it more realistic 😉

  2. Disregard my last comment, I ment to say, does anyone notice that people who are complaining that this is for two year olds are whining and complaining like them?

  3. thts a kind of shit. and maybe its for kids, but kids dont even go to utube
    sry im not english but i hope u understand what i mean

  4. everyone should stop being so rude! It's not like he's acting like it's amazing, his tone even suggests he doesn't think it's really that great, so why don't you people lay off.

  5. @cghygyy So was Pappy from Pappyland, and his drawings actually looked like they had some form of effort, but this is just lazy, even for children's standard.

  6. "don't forget the wheel wells, just don't forget the wheel wells"

    *forgets the wheel wells at the next drawing*

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