Easy Nail Art For Beginners #29 – Spring Nail Art + NO TOOLS Part 2

Easy Nail Art For Beginners #29 – Spring Nail Art + NO TOOLS Part 2

Hi Everyone Im Gianna Welcome back to lancengi In todays video I will be showing you threes spring Coachella inspired nail designs that are perfect for
Beginners and don’t require any tools Ill put a link down below where you can find them If you enjoy this video and what to see more easy nail art for beginners give this video a thumbs up! And tell me in the description what you enjoy the most about spring for
me its the opening up of flowers and just
seeing life re- born okay guys So lets get into the first manicure. to recreate this playful design your
good take a pair of tweezers and apply it to her applicator tip each now I think this
variety pack online and open link in the description
down below if you wanna grab them make sure the
crest on the sticker on each side at the NAM steps you apply a playful spring polish color to
the step up in a home step 3 removed kept applique here with a
pair of tweezers before the polish dry step 4: you’re going to take it to take
in some white polished concrete dot along the curve apply your favorite
taco any here’s what the Finnish men here
looks like let’s move on to manage your number two to recreate this beautiful of that manicured your start of my penis health and college with black to create 5.2 sheep flower on the tip
appear now I’m using purple color fight see called
all seem to have 3 create a flower just Bob the flower
you’ve just created using the steps back before this time in the collar at the bottom by St step 48 lol polish create Center each flower by placing 1.0 yellow by
Sally Hansen in the collar mello Yello step by finish designed with your favorite top for the final here the first step by step hi typical and
spring polish life I’m using college tart deco it’s one of my favorite oranges at the
current moment and i cant perfect for spring up to you taking a body you’re going to
place some dot and she other along right side of your email I’m using and polish block as you can tell this is one
of my favorite light polished the last it use your favorite top feel your desired cell which many here beer and make your number one cue or 3 let me know in the comments section down
allow you recreate happy managers make sure to share them
me on instagram using the hashtag out ángel art coming I’m sharing with you guys I’ll them here prepared tutorial hand but pretty colorful headbands and
flower headband arm we gonna be doing on to your inbox freedom a large am also going to be
doing them spring after the day wet now I me Jesus Christ leaner the video healthy diet Nestea be yeah yeah the today in good

28 thoughts on “Easy Nail Art For Beginners #29 – Spring Nail Art + NO TOOLS Part 2”

  1. I love the flowers at spring 🙂 Here where I live we have cherry blossoms every spring! They only bloom once a year, though…So it's a shame when they bloom and then it rains, because the flowers all get washed away. So when they bloom I'm always sure to go see them quickly!
    Loved the designs, by the way! (I wanted to add the word 'hippy' in here but I just couldn't find somewhere to fit it in!) HIPPY!

  2. Ooooo I think I might wear 1 on my nails and 3 on my toes using the same colors to match your designs😄 yay now I don't have to choose only one

  3. Omg G, I love them all. I foresee a recreation of number 1 later today and number 3 after that comes off. Then most likely number 2 after that. I was just said I need to change my current polish. Thanks, love!

  4. I have been missing you!!! How are you doing?? Spring for me is the sunshine. Well, none this week. But when we have sun. It is gorgeous and the flowers 🌸🌸

  5. Manicure #1 was my fave. As for spring, my favourite thing is knowing that the cold weather is (almost) over for the year and sunny days are on their way!

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