Easy Vs. Extreme: Micheladas • Tasty

Easy Vs. Extreme: Micheladas • Tasty

what’s up everyone my name is Gabriel mr. tacos way I opened up my restaurant six years ago the one thing that everybody comes back for besides my tacos are my micheladas which I call the Miche way tacos way it came from a slang word from the street I come from Mexico from a part where we use the word way all the time it means like hey what’s up fool what’s up homie what’s up buddy I’ll be showing you an easy version of a michelada that you could do at home with your friends watching sports or just hanging out but I’m gonna show you guys how to make the most extreme Atilla my way the meet your way then I’m gonna call some friends up for a drink but they will not be expecting this let’s do it let’s go first up is my recipe of a michelada that you’ll find at tacos way this recipe right here is the one that made me fall in love with a michelada the first thing I do is put some more here I remember with some boy and then we go to the chili salt well let me tell Allah originated in Mexico in the late 80s Early 90s and it’s still very popular now we’re loading up with some ice around half ways and then we have the michelada mix s Clamato freshly squeezed lime chew more salt and has some little secret stuff in there but with what I just mentioned it’ll make a great michelada you get your beer of your choice make sure you stir it in there so you get all the flavors this is very important you guys when you stirring it you make sure it’s all the way in I put a lime here cucumber some shrimp in Mexico they have meetcha bars that just sell micheladas and it’s getting very popular over here United States – at the Dodger games many many people are asking for michelada to top it off we use chamoy this product comes from Mexico it’s a like sour candy it’s really good because they’re good a good taste throw some chilli salt in there and this is how you make the world-famous michelada the meat your wave from tacos way if you think this looks good wait and see what’s coming I’m gonna show you guys the biggest the baddest the most extremely chilla you’ve ever seen okay I’m gonna get started it’s almost the same thing but it’s bigger and it’s better make sure you get all the chilli sauce right here on the rim next we put the ice in here so they can be the freshest michelada meat you mix so again it has Clamato freshly squeezed lime salt chamoy that’s all you need for a good michelada for this extremely chill allah for the big mitchell allah we’re gonna use for 32 ounce beers it doesn’t really matter what time you drinking michelada even in the mornings is the best to drink a michelada when you’re hungover so you could get drunk with michelada and then you could get cured with a michelada so it’s kind of weird but the michelada does everything so good for the chips around here I’m gonna go ahead and put some lime here some cucumber some shrimp dressed it up make it look really good like I said it’s not only a good michelada it’s also a good snack when you’re drinking you gotta get hungry too all I do I get hungry when I’m drinking we just got to put a little more flavor to it you have some temor here after I do this I’m gonna call my friends and surprise them with this mega michelada I hope they like it well I think this looks amazing here I recommend you don’t drink it by yourself invite your friends don’t be tight wherever you do this it’ll be a party for sure and now it’s time to drink with my friends [Applause] [Music]

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  2. This looks fucking tasty! Seriously
    But there really aren't any good comments bruh… You're either gonna gift your next subscriber or you're all first 😶

  3. ICE? if you put ice in my michelada i fucking punch you in the face, in México no one put ice in micheladas, Tasty you guy are the best but this is 100% wrong,, this is taco bell wrong, fucking dropping the ball, and what´s up whit the sunglasses? este pendejo nos deja mal a todos, seguro sus tacos son cagada también, saludos enojados desde México, and fuck this guy and his lies.

  4. and why the fuck you leave the bottle in the drink, bottles are dirty and nasty, y ¿ademas le pusiste chamoy a la botella para que yo la lama o que chingados? if you don´t put ice in the drink, you could serve all the beer and the is no need of the bottle, this bullshit make me so fucking angry

  5. Me causa conflicto que deje la botella de la cerveza adentro… Por qué? :'v Al menos en la parte de México donde vivo no las dejan así :v

  6. i agree with you all my friends, as a true mexican i've been to around 34 different michelada places but i think is absolutely disgusting when they put the bottle in there, i mean, once i saw they just cleaned mud and dirt from one with only the hand and immediately they put it in a michelada and topped it with chamoy, oh the horror of seeing that poor soul licking the damn thing

  7. That looks good, and I thought I was the only one who gets hungry when they drink. Glad I ain't the only one. Can you out the shrimp? I'm allergic.

  8. It's amazing how you prepare them, I loved it!
    I tried to do it but I didn't have the cups, luckily I found them here.
    https://amzn.to/2O88rtP in case anyone needs them 😉

  9. You know someone is complete tool when they film a cooking video while wearing sunglasses INSIDE & and wears a shirt w/ a cartoon caricature of themselves wearing said sunglasses

  10. If anyone is interested in learning how to make the Michelada Rim with 3 ingredients head on over to my channel, thanks for reading! https://youtu.be/MJThtLYXcFw

  11. I México they don’t leave the bottle and you put way too much chamoy. This is pretty much the toco bell version of michelada for white Mexicans

  12. Clamato
    Your favorite light beer or beer
    And hot sauce with lime
    That's it!!
    All this other stuff is unnecessary.
    And the bottle in the drink just let's people know that you don't know how to make a decent mechelada.

  13. Looks disgusting, the real micheladas aren’t exotic, they’re just plain good, no chamoy nor the bottle inside, and the secret ingredients is maggi sauce and Worcestershire sauce…

  14. What a messy shitbrick!… first of all chamoy it’s a blend of dry fruit, chiles and salt you dumbo!… second; I wish Andrew was hosting this video since he loves micheladas so much! He would have done a little research before even roll the camera! And what’s with the secret you monkey head! Everyone know michelada has Clamato, Maggy Juice, Worcestershire sauce, Lime, Salt, lemon pepper… I think it’s the first Tasty video that ticks me off

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