[Eng Sub] Watercolor Extrusion Lesson11 / cool birch easy drawing [ART JACK]

[Eng Sub] Watercolor Extrusion Lesson11 / cool birch easy drawing [ART JACK]

Hello, this is Art Jack. Today’s extrude lesson is an easy birch drawing. Autumn leaves and birch trees If you draw according to the description, you can draw it easily. Let’s start drawing together Masking is done before coloring. The masking method is as I explained in many lectures Shake the masking liquid well from the bottle and mix in a small bowl. The masking amount right now is the Dalaroni masking amount. It’s white, so it’s hard to see, so I mixed the blue paint a bit. Can you see it well? How to paint a masking liquid on the brush In the area that will be buried with plenty of birch Apply thickly. Paint the trunks and twigs tightly. It doesn’t paint all the twigs, but paints the thick white twigs. You don’t have to paint dark branches to draw later. And where one important thing begins is thick, The stalks and faraways are tapered. Remember the characteristics of these tree shapes. Then it will be like a real tree. How hard is it to paint a tree branch? Let me give you a tip, When drawing, I use the tip of the brush to draw with speed … Do not be nervous. Relax You need to relax. Today’s picture is 50% if you are good at masking. It looks like a beautiful picture is already drawn. Have a nice imagination.
I don’t ruin a picture because I draw good or wrong. Anything you think ruining a painting is because of greed in you. The other person will say that he did well. Your mind matters. Is masking good? Now let’s find the remaining 50% figure and continue. After masking is dry, apply water. There is only a little bit of water on the screen, so please do it quickly. And you know? Paint with a lighter color and gradually progress to a darker color. It is painted so you don’t have to worry about touch. I use Holbein paint. Note that you can use other watercolors. Although each company has a different name and moment, It’s similar. You don’t have to draw big. Of course, expensive paints are good. Now, if you paint, you can see a little dry place. At this time, you have to care about touch a little. If the water dries, it’s going to go dry now. Dry is because the brush touch looks rough. Is this a dry painting? Is it a wet painting? The boundary of the is ambiguous. What is your overall inclination? Depending on the wet picture and dry picture, it is difficult to draw only wet picture. The two methods are mixed If you have a big touch, you should also have a touch. So that it will be harmonious? Now I’m going to go to the hairdressing method to draw a lot. Sowing technique. Here it pours dark red and dark green. Please look around at the boundaries I spray. Do not mix too much with each other. Now the background task is finished. I was working on the atmosphere. Isn’t it difficult? Rather, when I explain, it’s too detailed, It may feel difficult even easy. What I said is for reference only. Maybe you didn’t paint well. It’s my inspection. So don’t worry too much about what I mean. It’s just a reference. The next process is removing masking. To remove masking Please dry the picture. And rub it with your hands. If you have weak skin You can use masking eraser or masking liquid. If you try to remove a lot of masking with your hands, sometimes a blister on your hand can cause you to miss a painting for a while. This is my favorite scene in our painting I didn’t want to draw anymore. Now this scene was like a finished work of art. Abstract, I actually draw abstracts. In abstract, she won the main prize three times in a row … In the middle, I was proud of it. haha I’m proud of my most important topic. It’s an important scene … Let’s paint water first. Paint carefully without any gaps. Use a mixture of marine blue and sepia to paint dark areas before the water dries. To give a big volume. The light is coming from the left side of the screen. If you prepare a color in advance Now you know that mixing colors can prevent water from drying out? The same is true for small branches. Should I change the brush to be small? When you paint a dark color, the paint mixes with water, There is a blurring phenomenon. In this case, repaint with a dark color from the middle, Ensure that the tree’s contrast is evenly distributed from top to bottom. When the volume is finished, now I use a flat brush to give out the texture of the wood. It is better to use a flat brush than a flat brush so that the tip splits. No such brush? So it’s called a brush or fan-shaped brush or Raphael brush. No such brush? Then you can drain the round brush and steam it to the side. If you think about the shape and surface of the brush, you can become a master of texture. Now it’s a full-fledged tree branch description. Birch trees feature a black pattern. I put black dots on it and the branches go up there, Sometimes it’s a dot. The remaining spots are the branches. As you can see, birch has fewer branches as it goes down. The more up there are the branches. Know these features and try to draw a picture. When you take a dot, you usually get an inverted triangle I know that it varies slightly depending on the species and environment. This is called the trail of branches. If I’m not a botanist and you know differently, Don’t say so much. I get hurt. How to draw a tree branch, I edited it at twice the video speed, You can see more. Please refer to other videos for similar explanations. If you look at the bottom of the tree, there is an important characteristic. I can see the white bark peeling off and blackening. This is also a feature of birch trees. I’m not sure why. When the brush is stroked and painted quickly in the direction of the brush, the surface where the paint is painted or painted due to the friction between the brush and the rough paper is rough. This is the main texture expression method. These expressions are most prominent by Arshzi Rush Paper. It’s called an item Handmade paper rough surface irregularities form atypical patterns, There is a characteristic that expresses painterly well. Detailed paper features I’m preparing for a special lecture later, so I’ll talk more about it later. Now I’m using a brush to draw the tree at the back. This is a brushing method suitable for expressing a silhouette composed of dots with overlapping leaves in the middle of the tree. It’s similar to the method I just explained, but the brush strokes are different so that they have different effects. Now, the birch picture is completed. If you draw a small arrow in front of you, I think it will be completed. How did you see the picture today? How did you see the picture today? Draw a nice birch and give it to a loved one. I’m a pro, so I have to sell it. Please watch it until the picture is completed. Oh and a little bit Looking at 10,000 subscribers. This day is coming. Thank you so much So we are preparing a private exhibition of 10,000 people. We will display the pictures we have painted on YouTube. Most of me is on site, but please note that you may be absent regarding offline classes. If you look at how the original is drawn, it would be a good comparison. The Seoul Arts Center will open from December 26 and will be on display for a week. At that time, other famous Korean artists will be on display. We will notify you later. See you next time. Good-bye.

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