[Eng sub] Watercolor sketch at Hiroshima Castle | Shibasaki

[Eng sub] Watercolor sketch at Hiroshima Castle | Shibasaki

“Hiroshima” Hi. I’ve just arrived in Hiroshima. Now I’m going into town for painting. I’m using a taxi because it’s unexpectedly hot today. Where should I go? Now I’m at Hiroshima Castle. It’s very busy with lots of foreign visitors. This is Hiroshima Castle. After being destroyed by the effects of the atomic bomb, the castle was reconstructed in 1958. See how crowded it is with tourists? Let’s get started. I’ll start with a rough sketch. This building is the tower of the castle. It’s symmetrical. I’m adding some visitors climbing up the stone stairs to the tower. Now I’m starting to paint. As usual, prepare lots of color to first paint the silhouette of the building. You may leave the sunny areas on the roof unpainted. The lower half of the castle’s white walls are covered with wooden panels, which decorate the castle beautifully. That’s a unique characteristic of Hiroshima Castle and should be depicted in the painting. The front stone walls are painted with the dry-brush method in this way. Now that the silhouette is complete, I’ll start painting with the roof tiles. These reddish-brown areas are the wooden panels. The tower is a very tall building that I need to look up at from where I’m standing. To represent the height, you need to firmly paint the back of the roof… …and to paint the higher floors in a light and dim manner. …And see how the wood patterns and other details are added for the lower floors? The upper area of the building and the lower area that’s closer to you should be drastically contrasted… …to represent the height of the tower of the castle that climbs into the air. Isn’t this method interesting? See how the tower is coming along? The green trees were astonishingly lush here. This is a pretty big park. It’s quite a hike to get to this tower… …on the large premises. There aren’t many remaining buildings but lots of trees are growing instead. Produce some changes to the trees as usual by adding dark tones of color and splashing paint. These stone walls are situated foremost closest to me and more details need to be added. This is where I painted. I don’t always paint in the best locations. I often have to forcibly make room for myself in a very tiny spot. Lots of visitors come to talk to me when I’m painting. It’s part of fun 😀 If you add lots more detail to the stone walls, it reinforces the stereoscopic effect. “It looks great.” Some visitors praise my painting. That makes me happy! “Only 30 minutes?” “Seriously?” “It’s amazing!” A visitor was surprised when I told him it took me 30 minutes to complete this painting. But this is a great thing about watercolor painting. I have just completed a painting at Hiroshima Castle. It was warm today and perfect for painting outside. I hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!

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  1. お弁当さんに新幹線🎵楽しい気分になりました(๑'ᴗ'๑)

  2. Nice trip, for you, you came out of the house, for us ,, we visited Japan HahahahaI, hope you enjoy life, I enjoyed it a lot, thank you very much,

  3. 素晴らしいです!私も一度京都に行って平等院を書こうと思ったらぜんぜんよく出来なくって友達が笑ってました。😅

  4. Your artwork is astonishing as always! Shibasaki sensei’s videos always manage to be so soothing, relaxing and calming — Helps me take some time off during my busy day 🙏🏼💖 Thank you

  5. 私には大雑把に描いているように見えるのに、簡単なスケッチにもかかわらず、筆で色の交わりや光のコントラストなどの細かいところを気遣って描きながら遠近感をだし存在感をだしていらっしゃるので、本当に30分とは驚きです。そういうところが自然にできるのが素人の自分と違うところですね。また、大きな建物で迫力を感じるのですが、同時に安らぎもあり、今回もとても素敵な絵ですね。ありがとうございます。

  6. 柴崎さん、ありがとうございます!一緒に旅に行った様で楽しめました。あえて細かく描かない事で奥行きを出すんですね。しかし30分で描けるとは凄い。外で描く自信が無いですが下手でもやってみたくなりました。

  7. すてき! 小さい子供にあった時、広島にすうんでた。このビデオはすごく懐かしいでした。水彩もすごくきれいです。ありがとうございます。私の日本語はあまりじょうすじゃない。ごめんなさい。

  8. 素敵な絵をいつもありがとうございます!これからも応援しています!お弁当も美味しそうでした(^^)

  9. I really love these kind of videos! Makes me feel like im travelling and experiencing it as well! 😀 i hope sensei makes more of these videos!! ✨✨ Please take care and rest sufficiently, Shibasaki Sensei!

  10. First, what a tasty bento!!! Second, Shibasaki Sensei, that painting is so cool!!! I love the fact that you did it with so much care!!! It is incredible that you achieve it in 30 minutes!!!! Sugoi!!!!

  11. I love this video style! please do more like it, when we come with you to places
    Can you please draw a caracal? such magical and regal animal 💖

  12. ほんとに絵が上手い人は本物より本物らしい絵を描くよね。ほんとにすごいと思うよ。

  13. What an incredible flair you have! Your style is so unique and it is always so interesting to see the picture gradually take shape as you paint 💕 thank you for sharing 🙏🏼

  14. Amazing video, Shibasaki-san! I think this type of videos is my absolutely favourite kind of content from you so far!

  15. 先生の絵は、下書きをしているところから

  16. It looks absolutely wonderful, I can never get enough of the videos Mr.Shibasaki, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing this amazing series!

  17. I was really greatful for the historical information at the start of this video, it means a lot to me to see someone painting and knowing the knowledge of what they are painting as well.
    The painting came out beautifully.

  18. Thank you for sharing your art and valuable teaching. I also love having the opportunity to see areas where you live. At my age it is not likely that I will be able to travel to your land to see first hand. I learn from your teaching of painting and I learn from the life and the surroundings you share.

  19. It's so beautiful ☆
    I hope to visit Japan someday. Love your culture, and architecture in general is amazing..
    Love your traditional architecture the most though. The curved roofs are so majestic..
    Thanks for letting us see more of your amazing work sensei~ ♡

  20. すてきなビデオありがとうございます!先生と一緒に旅をしている気分です😄🚅 日本に帰ったら広島行ってみようかなあ…。お城の絵、構図の決め方とかとても参考になります。

  21. わぁー、本当に凄いです!とても綺麗で、このビデオタイプとても好きです。今日もありがとうございます🍁

  22. Just like the rest of the comments I love the adventure we got to go on with you today! Would love to see more of this format if you ever feel like doing it again.

  23. Please tell me where I can buy the magic brushes that you use to do your masterpieces.
    It's just miraculous!
    Greetings from London.

  24. I absolutely love this! Such a beautiful painting, and I actually learned something about the history of the castle as well!

  25. I really want to visit Japan, Shibasaki-san! Thank you for sharing this beautiful video and your amazing work with us! I love the cool and warm contrasts on the castle!

  26. I love this painting very much,as this is my favourite site when I visit Japan.
    Thanks you, my dear Shibasaki Sensei!

  27. You did such a beautiful painting in less than 30 minutes! I wish I could have been there to watch you paint it! You are such a wonderful painter! I loved the video showing your lunch and the ride on the train! I would love to be able to ride on that train! Thank you for your hard work and putting together this video, it was much appreciated!

  28. It made me happy when you had people come talk to you and praise your work <3 You deserve it…. this is amazing. Even though I see the painting in the thumbnail, seeing how it comes together is always surprising.

  29. I love these videos, they make me feel as though I’m following you on a trip and it’s very calming and inspiring! I will draw a temple too now because I git very inspired by seeing this! Thank you teacher! ❤️

  30. おお❤️これは!お弁当を食べながらいいですね!旅行にいってる気分です🍁ありがとうございます🍂

  31. Oooh that bento looks so good! And as always your paintings are truly beautiful Shibasaki-sama, the highlight of my week!

  32. I am so envious of those tourists who have been able to see you face to face and enjoy your amazing painting first hand!🥰🥰🥰🥰

  33. 見応えのある絵ですネ〜〜🖼

  34. It looks beautiful!! I really like the perspective you painted in, even though it wasn’t an ideal spot, it feels more real and less idealized this way. Thank you for your continued creativity and dedication!

  35. I just feel so envious that some of the visitors were able to see and meet you there. If they only knew you are my amazing Mr. Shibasaki! ❤️

  36. No se si me entenderás,,he visto tú Instagram y madre mía 🤦🏽‍♀️ las pinturas que tienes,,eres un genio!! Me ha gustado mucho mucho mucho 🤗 enhorabuena!!!!!!

  37. I wish I took the time to visit the castle when I went to Hiroshima last year. I only saw it from the road. I guess I got so immersed in the experience of walking around the Peace Park, almost missed the boat to Miyajima.

    Shibasaki-san, I’m glad you are feeling well enough to travel and paint. You are really amazing to be able to paint with that much detail in 30min. I love seeing people paint and tried my best to tell them they did well. Sometimes, I ask permission if I could take a pic of their paintings too. Hopefully when I visit in a couple of weeks, I get to see a different view of Japan.

  38. to me it's often seemed like artists who paint with watercolor are trying to work against its natural tendencies as a medium… a lot of people paint only with very fine brushes and try really hard to stop the watercolor from bleeding around as if they're trying to trap it. Their work is still beautiful, but i really appreciate that your paintings don't have that feeling. You still do the same level of fine detail and you work with small brushes too, but the whole process feels much freer and the end result much more lively to me. Thank you sensei

  39. I loved seeing your journey to Hiroshima! As someone who lives in a different country, it is wonderful to see small pieces of life in Japan. Thank you for sharing a bit about your day and for guiding us through this beautiful painting!

  40. I used to paint by my daughters' school and would get tons of questions from the young kids about the paintings. That was always the most fun part of the experience for me. Getting to teach them some things while I painted. Loved this one as well. Thank you for taking us along. 😀

  41. 短時間で複雑な建築物から必要な情報をぬきとって描けるのは、すごいです。


  42. ワォ!広島まで来られたんですね。広島市内の学童は大概授業でこの天守閣を写生します。そんな子供たちがこの動画をタイミングよく観たら喜ぶだろうなぁ。

  43. Thank you for bringing us with you to Hiroshima castle! I'm sure I'm not the only one who had fun on this group trip 🙂 your paintings are so masterful, beautiful, and relaxing 🙇‍♀️

  44. 最近、先生の描く過程がたくさん見れてとても嬉しく拝見しています。どうしてそうなるの!?と毎回飽きることなく驚いてしまいます。先生の旅の様子なども楽しい。こうのような動画、とっても好きです!

  45. I started crying over how much this all made me miss Japan. The painting is beautiful and you captured the beauty of the castle so well. Wow <3

  46. Glad to see Grandpa Shibasaki out and having fun! Japanese castles are beautiful and I really enjoyed Osaka castle while I was there. Too bad we were on a hectic sightseeing run and didn't have the time to do outdoor artwork 🙁

  47. 待ってました!!先生が外に出かけての解説付きスケッチ動画。懐かしいテーマ曲?とともにとても嬉しいです。

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