Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

Empty your mind Be formless Shapeless Like water you like him ? Yes ! Master Your love for Bruce lee will destroy you water can flow or it can crash Be water, My friend

100 thoughts on “Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar”

  1. Integrating the heroines with shades of porn, selling it worldwide and giving verbal diarrhoea about women empowerment by giving them a role of seducers.

  2. Concept itna acha… Or itna objectify kr rkha h girl ko
    I m not saying u shud hv made her wear more clothes… I'm saying focus on story not her parts with slow motion

  3. AAAH MY EYES! What $hit is this?
    Also, does rgv think putting quotes in trailers makes him look intellectual af? 🤦‍♂️

  4. బ్రూస్లి.. నిక్కర్లు డ్రాయర్లు వేసుకుని పైట్ లు చెయల
    మరి ఆడవాళ్లకు మాత్రం ఎందుకురా ఇలాంటి డ్రస్సింగ్ వేస్తారు
    ఆమె ఎక్సపోజ్ చేస్తోందా లేక యోగ చేస్తోంది
    దేని ముసుగులో ఏమీ చూపిస్తున్నారు మీరు ఆ అమ్మాయి వంపు సొంపులా

  5. Trailor dekh kar hi pata lag raha hai
    Sab scene tango par hi focus hai Bruce Lee upar baitha soch raha hoga yeh varma ne mujhe bhi nahi choda

  6. Rgv what is this? Enough is enough. Akshay Kumar, vidyut jamwal & tiger shropp made lot of entertaining & excellent martial arts action movies. But what are you doing? Only joking & kidding. Please stop this. We can't tolerate your torcher more.

  7. I saw Dragon balls.. dragon thighs and dragon butts.. and this movie is sure shit.. the deep state agenda of reversing the roles of men and women continues..

  8. Seems like a good concept. Wish the movie was made by a good director and not RGV. You can see the amateurishness and B-grade quality oozing even in the trailer.

  9. This is not indian first martial Art film … There Are already “Chadni chawk to China “ staring Akshay Kumar .. Don’t Lie to Audiences 🙏

  10. Wow. Looks like a B grade film. Amazed to see how RGV, the classic master filmmaker, has deteriorated over the years.

  11. An Adult movie in the name of Martial arts 👀 RGV you guys haven't changed yet even after #metoo ?? Foolish sensor board, still allowing these kind of directors just for the sake of money.

  12. Them: It's a martial arts film
    Me : Oh cool, so real fight physics
    Them: /guys start flying after a kick/
    Me: Ah shit, here we go again

  13. This is a crap movie. Why should we watch this movie when we have the original Bruce Lee movies available like… Why

  14. Guys .. i pray & i wish our indian every girl should be like this so that no any BOSTED try to abuse or rape our girl's seriously

    In sha ALLAH… every girl should be strong enough to protect her self….

    Love u All jaiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiiiiiiii HIND

  15. Now I cannot go to my girl friend house she tries every move on this film on me. Am I joker to her. My balls are in wrecking point … Still love her🤗

  16. come on! Really? I just watched her training video and it was mad impressive. Now I watch the trailer and you have reduced her into breasts and thighs! I mean, yes, she's pretty. But that's not the point! This claims to be a martial arts movie which is also empowering, but sorry to say, but I gotta agree with the people in the comment section. The trailer gives raunchy movie vibes and martial arts is merely a disguise. Disrespectful to the practice of martial arts and to the actress who has put in remarkable effort into this crap movie. Her talent alone would have been enough to garner the publicity she deserves.

  17. I think she should be covered more but other than that she is really an amazing fighter with amazing skills…
    So guys change your mindset and see her skills but not her thighs and all the stuff…

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