You know who he is. You guys have seen it. It’s Jazza’s Jazzy Art box. Let’s just open it and get it- Jazza what the F- Okay, I don’t know what that was, but I am told that this is the proper art box. So again, let’s just get into unboxing this really quick because like I said, we’ve seen this box a hundred times. Let’s just get into it. Alright opening it up. Oh my gosh. We have a letter. Do I need a face came for this? Is it gonna be cute? Okay. So I may have cheated but we already have a teeny- teeny weeny joke because I made the teeny weeny challenge if you don’t know. “Dear Kasey, is that teeny-weeny enough?” No Did you even try? “I’m so glad I got to meet you last year to put a face to the content.” “I love your creativity and positive attitude.” Wait. What? Is this assigned to the right person? “I hope you enjoyed this box of things.” “I love keep being awesome and I’ll see you again soon.” Sooner than you think.
VidCon’s this week. Why did I wink? Isn’t that adorable? A personalized letter from a Jazza himself? Thank you so much. That was pretty cute. I’ll admit it. But let’s get into unboxing this art supplies and also get rid of this ding ding facecam because… This isn’t what this video is about. Bye. Lil’ word about the box and everything in it. So as usual, I will put the list of supplies over here and then we’re gonna get into it. What’s this? A stretched-out bookmark? Why my favorite kind of art. Stretched out and not in the right resolution. I’m sor-
I’m sorry. And you know what? I’m actually gonna go through this rapid-fire really quick. Like I said, we’ve seen about a thousand people unbox this. So let’s get into it and making art. It’s the important part. We have the Zebra M 301 mechanical pencil
0.55 black. But I want to swatch everything, is there paper? Let me reach in here and get the paper really quick. Okay. So after the pencil we do have this Hahne mühle nostalgy…? Sketchbook portrait.
8 X 6. This is a nice looking sketchbook. Let’s open it really quick so we can start swatching things, Ooh la la, look at this. fancy sketchbook. It’s got a textured cover. It’s even got a place marker. Which to be honest, I absolutely absolutely love that. That’s so fancy. 90 pounds 80 pages. Okay, let’s move on to the tombow dual brush pen in black. Next up. We have the Uni-ball Gel impact pen
pen and white. There you go. Maybe the more you use it- It seems to be disappearing. Wow, it just Tombow just ate it up.
Yum yum. Next up we have another Tombow-
Tombow pen. It’s the fudenosuke? I believe. He says
“This is my…” Oh wait, no he doesn’t. He says
“This is like my ink pen wild card. Really useful for fine tuning …” “tasks.” Next up, I think this is the Prisma col-erase blue pencil. Which he says he likes to do his sketching in. Which I’ve actually never sketched in blue before, so I’m kind of excited for that. Mmm, it leaves a bit of ghosting, which I’m not super into but guess if you’re sketching you should do it… lightly. Yeah. That works better. Okay. Alright. Okay. Yeah, I’ll give blue sketching a try. Alright next up we have a four pack of Marabu Graphix fine liners. That’s my jam. Let’s see what these are all about. 0.2. 0.4. 0.8. Wow, a brush. 12 pack polychromos artist colored pencils by Faber-Castell. We have white, yellow, orange, red, magenta- I’m sorry. Hold on. I was reading the not English names and this super says “Ultramarine hell.” Which is light ultramarine, but I guess light in German is “hell”? That’s pretty sweet. There we go. Ultramarine hell. Love it. Phthalo blue. Emerald green. Light green. Burnt ocher. Walnut brown. And you’ll never guess. Yeah, this is black. All right, next up we have some Jazza branded markers. We have 12 Jazza addition spectrum noir Illustrator markers. Looking fancy. I am just going to do the brush nib really quick. So this is … a blender. Am I gonna swa-
I guess I’m going to swatch the blender. What a fool. They had the dr1 red, amethyst, ultramarine, grass, dandelion, pale tan apricot, amber, and some greys. we have ice grey. Oh that was ice grey one, this is ice gray four, and ice gray… nine Whoa. Oh a bonus item. X-press it blending card.
Four sheets. So it’s like a little tiny illustration paper for markers? That’s cute. Coming up to the end, we have a Faber-Castell dust free vinyl eraser. Let’s erase something. Uhhhhh…
The pencil. It’s a pencil. Goodbye it’s a pencil. Dust free- hold on. Lies but I’ll take it. And last but not least we have the Global Art supplies premium 24 piece canvas pencil case in charcoal. Can we see me? [Gasp]
It’s me! It’s a very light pencil cas- EY! Hey get out of here. So there you go. There is all of our Jazza Jazzy box. Jazzy Jazzy box art supplies. Let’s get to sketching and creating something in this… pretty sweet sketchbook and then uh, you know see what we come up with. But before we get into the art, let’s make the mask that comes inside of the box. It’s a Jazza mask
and let’s see what it looks like. [Music] I’m- I’m Jazza. I’m Jazza
[Poorly speaking in an accent] Jazza.
[Still trying.] Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Draw with Jazza.
I’m Jazza. Today we’re going to be doing the… half British half Australian accent, ‘Cause I don’t know what I’m saying.
[Horrible accents.] No, we’re going full-
We’re going- We’re going full British!
[This is horrible.] What the h- What’s an Australian accent? I’m gonna have to watch some Aunty Donna, hold up. Am I gonna commit to the bit? Alright guys, welcome welcome. Today we are going to be doing the teeny weenie challenge. I’m going to be drawing a dragon because I love- This is a British accent. What am I doing? Anyway, I’m Jazza and we’re going to be doing the teeny weeny challenge. So I’ve got my blue pencil, we’re going to be… Doing the British accent. Let’s draw a dragon. Look I’ll do Jazza when I need to do jazza. So dragons are both something I’m not used to drawing and also something that I draw in every challenge because I’m Draw with Jazza but also I’m Kasey and I don’t draw dragons. What if I gave him little footsies would that be like adorable? What if I gave him lil’ footsies. That’s a British accent. What is an Australian accent? Anyway, did I really explain what I’m doing today? So I’m going to be doing the teeny weeny challenge as Jazza. So I’m drawing a dragon as I do. Me, Jazza. So I’m drawing a dragon and then we’re gonna draw a dragon smaller and then we’re going to draw a dragon smaller and then smaller You guessed it, smaller until we’re at this size. We’re doing six dragons. One, two three four five six!
(She can count everyone. Amazing.) because as a combination of both Kasey and Jazza, I’m going to be doing a teeny-weeny challenge Jazza’s done it ten times. I’ve done it once as the founder… So I’m going to be doing it again. Here we go-
that’s a not Australian. Oh my god. Real talk. Dragons are super something that I don’t normally draw. I Attempted to draw dragon for a prompt one time and it was the most depressing thing. I was like, “let’s make it cute” and it was just like-
It was not good. So… We’re going to attempt to do more of like a dragon situation and I already think it’s pretty cute. I mean, it’s cute, but cool. [Very quiet]
That’s like a posibility. It’s a thing, right? He’s very cute, he’s gonna be cool. Oh there goes. There he got cute. Oh, no. That’s okay though, right? Oh, no, wait, he was supposed to be cool and now he’s just cute and silly. Awww. Oh God, I love him though. How could you not love this little guy? Okay, he is gonna need horns. He’s gonna need hoooorrrnnnnnssssssss.
[Bad accent again.] I don’t think that was Australia- Australian. He needs hornnnsss. Aw I think I actually- What if I love him?! I have to give him wings. Heck. Okay, let’s think about this for a second. Should I zoom in? Hold up. This is a little…
a little… There we go. Okay Alright so our dragon. Let’s continue.
We have to give him wings. We have to give him wings.
[Accent] That’s British again. Anyway, should I stop attempting this Austra- Hey that sounds a lot better than Bri- The British voice that I do.
If I maybe just slur my speech It sounds more Australian, right? Alright and just do a little bit. Alright little bit. Alright what?
(I, the CC editor, am not even going edit this line.) Ey? No, that’s Canadian. Ran outta room. I ran out of room for my- My dra-
My epic epic dra- Dragon. I don’t think I’m gonna make it a goal to make sure that I use all of the art supplies because there’s just so much art supplies. I think my head’s going to explode but… We’ll use a fair- A fair amount of the art supplies. Aww. He’s a cutie. I’m more of a one… thickness for line art type of person. I’m not really- I don’t really switch but-
I don’t really switch bah bah…
(mhmm…) Why do I even try?
(No idea.) I-
I don’t really switch back and forth between the liner sizes… I just typically stay with one size of marker. Australian accents, I don’t know what I’m doing. Also, why am I talking deeper? Cuz I’m Jazza! Obviously. Alright, I’m just gonna add some extra little details and then we’ll… color this dragonnnnnn. God help me. These lines that I use-
That I’m using for the scale details. I use these for everything. Leg Hair. Fur. Scales. You name it. If it’s a texture… It’s gonna look like this. Cactus needles. Oh, yeah.
I use it for everything. This is probably the most dragon dragon I’ve ever drawn. We have our dragon line art. Let’s… erase the sketch which I- I always use a kneaded eraser when erasing pencil around a pen because I’m scared It’s either going to smear it or remove it. But I think I’m just gonna go for it? I’m scared So far so good. I’ll check in when it’s done. Dust free my butt. Alright, so I think I’ve got all of the blue pencil erased. And… I was thinking about how to color this dragon. Do I want to make him rainbow?… To include all the colors that we were given or do I want to stick like a greens and browns… or I could do like a warmer dragon and do like Purple’s Reds orange and yellows… The possibilities… are limited to these 12 colors. I think I will actually use the markers to do the solids and then use the pencils to add like texture to the dragon. Hold on. I’m gonna think about this. Give me a second. All right. I’m back with my decision and I’ve also looked up a phrase that I should be using more. Bloody. I’ve made my bloody decision on my dragon colours. God. Okay. So what I’ve decided is I’m actually going to be using red orange and yellow and maybe some purple for shading because The green and blue. I just feel like there’s only so much you can do with that. There are a lot of blues and greens with colored pencils. So honestly that could probably be good, but I think I’m going to go with a red yellow orange dragon and actually really quick before I completely regret everything. I am going to do a quick mock-up of the dragon to do some colors. Just to make sure that I choose colors that I want. You know? Yeah, you know. Let’s do this really quick. We’re gonna draw some some quick dragons. Lovely. Lovely good dragons.
Oh my God. Each different and special in its own way. It’s okay. This is a mock-up anyway. Wow, this is a good start to this sketchbook. Oh my goodness. What just happened…. Make the base-
Ooh, Red’s gonna be so dark, but it’s a pretty cool red. Oh he’s smear-
He’s smearing. He’s-
He’s smearing. Maybe his wings will be orange and yellow or something.
I’m not sure. That’s why we’re mocking this up, you know? You know cuz I don’t know. I like red I do like the red and now I’m kind of curious with the blue dragon would look like Can I do a super teeny weeny tiny little dragon mock-up? Let’s see what happens. I think I already like the green one way more. Even I can give them yellow details and use blue for the shading. Oh, I think actually- Yeah, I think I’m going to have to go with the green dragon. Sorry warm colors. Y’all just lost Maybe next time.
Maybe next time. I’m gonna go with blue, green, and yellow in the end. I mean, there are four colored pencils. I was gonna put the cap on the back. I think the marker pen line art, has had plenty of time to dry, so… Oh gosh here we go. Here we go. Here we go.
I… Don’t use markers. Should I put a piece of paper behind-
Actually hold on. I don’t trust that this is not going to bleed so…
I’m just going to put some protection behind it. Just gonna go through and darken some areas that I know I’m going to want super dark I am going to go over them with blue any way to add shadow but I don’t know, I thought it’d be nice to just go ahead and darken them with some green anyway. Oh boy. Okay, let’s try using a blending technique to get a gradient on this wing here. I don’t know how this is gonna go but you know You never know until you try. You never know-
You never know till you try. I’m an Australian. Bloody don’t know until you bloody try. Okay, so I want to add… Texture? I was debating on shading the yellow bits with orange but I don’t think I want to so it just adds warm colors in here that I don’t want. I might just use like a light green. Let’s just jump into it. [Gasp] Oh I like that. Adds a lovely little texture. Ooohh.
I like it. Probably add some blue in there, too Who knows what I’ll do? Who knows what I’ll do mate. Mate, I’m crazy mate. You know what I found? These markers are actually very easy to create a gradient with. And as a beginner marker user, that’s definitely something I can appreciate. Like what the heck. That was so easy. Cool.
Heck yeah. Honestly, I’m kind of being anxious to move on to the teeny weeny bits. So… I don’t know I think were- I think we’re done here. I think we’re done. I’m not going to make a masterpiece. It’s a cute little dragon. Our focus here is the teeny weenie. We need to get our weeny teenier. Our weenies to big.
Let’s teeny it up. So there’s our dragon. Uhh, I actually need to add some shading… Hold on.
Hold on everybody. Hold on. We do need some shading, really quick. Yeah, let’s move on to our smaller dragon. And let’s just get smaller and smaller. I’m actually getting excited. Here we go. We’re falling apart already you guys. Let’s see. Oh gosh, drawing something that I’m not used to drawing over and over… Is probably gonna be the hardest part, honestly. So we’re also going to use instead of the 0.8 marker we’re going to use the 0.4 because we’re drawing a smaller little guy this time. Oh boy, this dragon already looks way different. This is why I can’t work in comics ’cause oh my goodness my characters would be off model every other page. Wouldn’t-
Wouldn’t be a good look Alright get this bloody coloring job done, Mate. Mate? Yeah, Mate. That’s a thing. Oh man, I love how kind of stupid this guy looks. He just-
The smaller you draw the stupider things look and I love that. Adding the shading.
The last of the shading. Oh did I shade- Didn’t even shade his back leg. At all. And then we’re gonna need to add some scale but I need to sharpen the pencil first. All right. I bloody had to rearrange my camera cuz we’re getting so small next with this little guy. We’ve got four drawings left. I don’t know why I can’t speak in a woman’s voice when I do this. I should stop doing the voice. Okay, here we go. These keep getting like worst looking. I keep drawing them like so much different looking. Wow, the more complicated the character- because I first did this challenge with hatch and it was pretty easy. Now it’s a lot harder.
Oh gosh. More complicated character. I’m-
I’m scared. The smaller ones, I’m already scared. What the heck. I know I don’t have a smaller fine liner to do… Oh gosh, the scales.
Oh no. It’s so tiny. This is when it starts to actually get challenging. How small it is. I love it. Oh man. I can’t believe I’ve never done this more than once. I mean I’m Jazza. I’ve done this at least five… Five times at least.
I love the teeny weeny challenge. They called me the teeny weeny, man. wink wink wonk That was a Jazza joke for sure. Alright, there you go. There’s our line arted little guy. Wow, it’s amazing how much longer it took to line the first one in comparison. And it’s going to take even less time’ to color it. And I’m going to use the bullet nib because it’s this point the brush nib is just way too big. The bloody nibs too big mate. Blimey! There we go. Blimey.
I should have been saying that all along. Blimey bloke. Nope. Nope. Nope bloke bloke is English. Back it up. Back it up. I guess I could put these last four on the same page. They’re so small. They barely take up any room, huh? Whoops not like I can’t draw around them later. It’s fine And there you go. There is our third dragon. We are halfway there. Let’s move on. To the smaller little guy. There’s only so much detail I can add so there’s only so much referencing I can even… Do.
If that makes sense? Like eventually he’s just gonna be a little triangle and it’s like there’s no point in referencing anything because I can’t even add detail if I wanted to so… unfortunately, the 0.2 marker is the smallest marker we have so… Yeah, that’s… as small as our line art can get. Honestly though.. I have to love him.
He’s precious. He is just so stupid looking.
Oh my gosh. Okay. I’ll try to stop saying oh my gosh, but I do love him. He’s freaking cute and tiny. And I kind of can’t get over it. There you go. Alright time to… Oh wait, I actually didn’t I didn’t put scales on this one. Let’s just go back a little bit. I need to put scales on this guy. It will only take a second because it’s so stupid small. Alright, there he is. There’s our third to smallest. Let’s just go ahead and move on to our second to smallest. You know what?
I was thinking about not sketching him, but I think I will just to get some… general shapes in there. Otherwise… Oh my gosh he is so small. [Gasp] I’m like whispering. He’s so small, I’m whispering. I actually forgot to put shading on.. the ground around this guy. So let’s just do that. My-
I was going to say “Me own box.” My own- My own art box is what is going to bring me down. Booger. Booger? Do Australians say “booger”?
(I think it’s “Bugger”) Probably not. Wow, I don’t even know if I can add like scales. I’m just gonna have to do dots. Oh my word. That’s too small. Can I even zoom in anymore? I can’t zoom in anymore. This is-
This is too much. How close can I get my phone? That’s pretty close. Hold up everybody we’re rearranging things really quick. All right, we have rearranged our cameras to accommodate. Let’s erase. Erase what little pencil we had. This is ridiculous. Oh my word. There’s only so much I can do here. Does he even have horns? I mean kind of.
I- I drew one horn… It was just suddenly so small. It was doable and then it wasn’t doable. Wow, yeah, that’s about… That’s probably gonna be it. Wow, that’s pretty bad and we still have One more to go. Okay, here we go. This is it. Look how small that is. This is my disgusting finger. It’s a butter finger. This is how small it is. I don’t have confidence that I can really do much of anything But you know what? Oh my gosh, we’re gonna try. Here we go. Oh my gosh. This pen is too big. Oh no! That’s the best I can do. But it doesn’t even look like anything. It absolutely- But I doesn’t look like a got bloody thing gosh.
(…What…?) Darn it. Put some yellow in there ’causewhy not. I mean there’s yellow somewhere.
Don’t know where. There it is. And then I’ll add some blue shading. Where?
I don’t know. Around I guess. Wow Yeah, there you go, I’m gonna call that one done. ‘Cause what else am I going to do? Let’s just zoom out. Li-
I’ll come back with a rearrange the cameras. Hold on. Alright, so here is our well, here’s our dragon swatching and colors, but here is our our big dragon. You know, it’s a full page dragon.
We’ve got some decent details in there. We’ve got our smaller dragon.
Zoom up a little bit. Our even smaller dragon.
Oh gosh. That’s a level three. Level four.
Here’s my finger Level five.
Oh my gosh. Barely any detail. My camera. Hold on. My camera doesn’t even want to try… So there’s level five.
And our final level six basically looks like nothing. And this is what it looks like on a full page Just like pretty much a dot. All right, uh Bloody thank you for watching. Thanks to Jazza for sending myself this box? No, but really thank you so much to Jazza for sending me this wonderfully curated box of all these art supplies. Markers, pencils, Liners, a blue pencil to sketch with that I was going to hold up, but I can’t seem to find it because there are just too many art supplies here. Where the heck did it go? I don’t even know. Anyways, thank you so much. Check out the Jazzy Jazza art box.
(Close enough.) I believe they’re going to restock it because it’s sold out. It’s pretty neat if you want a variety of different art supplies, like I said If you want to try it a little bit of everything, this is a really good box with some decent art supplies. So, thank you so much. Bloody hell. Thank you to everyone for putting up with my accent. I hope you enjoyed this second run of a tee- There’s the pencil! Thank you so much for watching my second round of a teeny weenie challenge of my epic dragon. I actually think he was pretty dang cute. And yeah.
That is it for this challenge.. unboxing? I guess it was a challenge. And that’s it for this challenge. Thank you so much for watching until next time. I’ll see you later. [Music]

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