Extremely Graphic: LIVE EEL Cooking Video Unagi (censored)

Extremely Graphic: LIVE EEL Cooking Video Unagi (censored)

okay so you just saw the big warning at the start of this video this video had to be reappointed because the original video was age restricted by YouTube because it was too gruesome apparently to kill a fish and fill it and make it into food something I fully disagree with I feel like this is a terrible terrible terrible thing to have happened I don't understand why YouTube would restrict showing how to kill a fish and make it into food something that has being completely normal for millions of years humans have had to know how to kill fish and make it into food and also other animals I find it terrible that the age restricting this kind of thing I mean the first time I went fishing I must have been seven years old and the first thing you do when you fish you catch a fish you kill it you make food out of it it's a completely normal thing and to age restrict something like that is just it's not right I feel if you're a vegan and this this hurts you I don't know why you clicked on this video there is titles as extremely loud graphic and then it says something along the lines of repairing live foods so why are you watching this video I'm sorry to be so blunt but I just don't come and watch this video if it's gonna you know make you sad or upset with that said I can't continue making videos like this if they keep getting age-restricted so if you enjoy this kind of video please share it because it's very very bad for my channel if I get lots of age restricted videos just just an age restricted video on its own is bad because what happens is YouTube doesn't promote that kind of video it doesn't go far like the original video had 15,000 views or something and it's very limited and if I get lots of those videos on my channel with 8 restrictions then the channel will literally just die it just won't get propagated across YouTube so if you like this kind of video please like it share it do everything you can help it because otherwise I can't keep making them thank you for watching I hope you enjoy this video roll it welcome back to the new video today I've got something rather special I'm going to show you how to make grilled unagi this is a preparation of you done a Japanese way and it's got a lot of steps and to ensure that we have a great quality and product we're going to start with great quality starting products so for this we're gonna use live eels because they're gonna be the freshest and the best quality and I'm going to show you how to do everything from killing the eel to preparing it to boiling it to grilling it and making the sauce for us so I hope you enjoy this let's get going let's do this okay so this here is our live eel I'm gonna use this glove with little silicon dots to catch it because it's very slippery or otherwise two steps away now I'm gonna place it on the cutting board and cut it at the fin and then press through the spine to kill it and you just cut through the heart there now I'm gonna place a little spike in the head and secure it to the cutting board like this you're gonna want to stroke the eel to keep it a little bit calm now you take a knife and place it down against the spine and go half way in and then cut along the spine down and at about this point you go in a little bit deeper so 95 percent in but not all the way through and the reason for avoiding going all the way through the beginning was because you'll cut through a little bile sack otherwise so here you just keep cutting down and keep stroking the eel in case it moves and you just keep going all the way down and we've butterflied that you open okay I'm just gonna do a little cut here just to release the start of it and now we're gonna remove the intestines and the guts and everything so we're gonna do a little cut here and then just slide the knife underneath this little sack and with the back of the knife pull this way and then we're gonna try to cut away softly and cut away this way and remove this sack now you can pull it out with your fingers too but the cutting does help okay now that little black bead there is the pile sake you really don't want to cut that or you'll tend to me once you remove this then you're gonna want to remove the spine just slide the knife underneath it and press slightly up and slide it all the way down the hill making sure to remove the least amount of flesh with the spine okay so once you get towards the end you just turn your knife and then cut down and then just snap the spine now keep the spine later we're gonna make a nice sauce out of this now here just release that yield from the fill it and then you just scrape across like this clean it and then do three little cuts just to cut through the little bones and to make sure that meat doesn't curl up when you cook it later once you've done that you're gonna cut it in half and they've got our beautiful fits of you and now we're gonna clean them just detach the head and take the Phillips and we're gonna place them into a container now your skin contains some slime over it we're gonna want to remove this before we start to eat it or prepare it joint anyway so for that you just going to add a little teaspoon of salt and then you're going to rub it with your hands now release the slime this is one method to room of the slime but I like to use two methods just to make sure I get all the slime just rub your fingers across that you should feel the slime coming off then put in some water just to rinse it and then we're going to do the second method which is placing it into simmering water skin side down and you're going to leave it in there for seven seconds that's all they should get a little bit of rigid and then you put it out so again just skin side down and leave it in there for seven seconds and then what this does is it makes the deal a little bit cooked and hard and the slime becomes opaque you can see you scrape it off now for that we're just gonna take a spoon and we're just going to scrape it off like this and you can see it becomes a little bit see now as we do that and there's some gunk on the spoon as you can see here's the gum and you just hit it off like this now another step is taking off the fins for that we're going to take some scissors and you just want to cut the fins off like this usually that years will have fins on only the second half the end of the year more than the front but just inspect both paws just to make sure you get any of the fins because you don't want to eat these later on they won't be very tasty okay now you're gonna need a bunch of heads to make the fish stock so for this we're gonna take about six to eight heads and cover them in salt and again we're gonna clean them just like we did the other fillings but this time you want to be a bit more thorough because we're not gonna do heat cleaning so just make sure to take every head and scrub it individually with your fingers and then put in some water just to rinse off the salt and slime and then you're going to want to prepare a pot with two litres of water and you just want to take your heads and place them in there now we're gonna cook this for 25 minutes to create an eel head stock and just remove any little bits of gunk that may appear the top as you're simmering it because this will make it a little bit bitter so once you've done that and you've cooked it for 25 minutes to make it delicious your head stock just sip out the heads and then reserve this on the side or in a second okay now you take 1.1 liters of the eel head stock you just made and place it into a cooking pot this and start to heat it up then you're gonna add a hundred and ten grams of brown sugar followed by 115 grams of second and 30 grams of mirin then just mix it and start to heat it up and bring it to a light simmer at that point you're gonna add your eel Phillips inside paste them all in there and they're going to need to cook about 15 minutes so just place a timer and at halfway through about eight minutes you're gonna want to add your soya sauce which is 95 grams of soy sauce and then just give it a soft soft mix making sure not to break the yield okay so once it's cooked you're gonna want to remove the heels perfect and then we're going to use this broth to make the sauce since it has so much flavor in there I'm gonna take a little Japanese grill and start grilling my eel spines now for that you're gonna need at least five or six but the more the better and what we're looking for here is to turn the eel spines into a nice brown color and just to get those smoky grilled barbecue sort of flavors and just have the oil sit down on the fire and create those smoky flavors now add it into your broth and you're gonna want to reduce it by half and once you've reduced by half you're gonna save it so here we have take a sieve and a cheesecloth and just strain the sauce okay so here we're just getting rid of little bits and also the eel spines all right once you've done that you're gonna want to place it back into your cooking pot now at this point you're gonna want to cook it very very softly so I'm going to set my induction cooker here to 70 degrees Celsius but if you don't have something that can control the temperature that accurately I recommend you use a double boiler system where you have a big pot with water and a small pot with a sauce inside so it doesn't burn it because even just having a too high temperature will kill it now once you reduce it by half you're gonna take 1/3 of the sauce out and we're just gonna place it inside this little spray bottle now this is so that we can just there spray some sauce on our barbecue use as we're cooking them okay so now that's done just put it on the side for later and continue cooking your sauce until it becomes a nice thick glaze so here with a spoon test you can see it become a consistent source it doesn't read down this is what you're looking for and look at that nice thick sauce it took a few hours to get to this point but it's really worth it now to skewer your heels you're gonna take some metal skewers and you take your heel I highly recommend just using metal skewers because wooden skewers will burn away as you try to cook it on a barbecue so this is just a much safer method now just separate them evenly across your piece of you'll need about four and then you're gonna double up so take another piece of veal and again just skewer it through make sure to get right through the middle of the ear so it doesn't break off or anything then you're going to take your Gill and place it onto your little barbecue I have got a little Japanese grill and I'm just gonna start cooking it and keep turning it and as it starts to develop and get a little bit more Brown we're going to start to apply the sauce so for sauce thing you're gonna need to sauce it about five to six times during the cooking and every time you're just going to take it off the grill and place it over a tray of some sort and you spray it like this and just keep doing this and keep turning the meat to make sure it doesn't get burnt in any one spot and once you're done it should start to look a little bit like this this is just fine look at that that's beautiful now you're gonna place this on a cutting board and we're gonna remove them to remove them all you do is just turn and then pull so you just want to twist and pull very carefully because it's very very fragile and once you've done that we're gonna cut it so yeah I'm just gonna cut it so I can pick it up with chopsticks later so I'm gonna cut it into the little bits like this and then I'm gonna place it onto a bed of rice with a little bit of butter just have the butter melt into the rice you just lay them on top like this and once you've got them on top then you're gonna want to sauce it with that thick glaze we made a second ago and just be very generous because it'll drip down and soak into the rice and that's just amazing this is just so tasty done as really good it's so nice and smoky and the depth of flavor the sauce is so deep because it just we spent so much time making it putting all these steps to make it so good they just amazing anyway if you go through the trouble of killing an eel and making it into this you won't be disappointed to read it read nice I'm gonna leave some links in the description video of this video to some of the things I used like this Japanese grill and also some websites that sell live meals in different countries so you guys can find eels in your country now if you know a source of eels in your country please leave it in the comments and I'll add it to the description so other people in your country you can also enjoy making this dish I think that's everything thank you for watching I'm chef Devaux and see you in the next video goodbye

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  1. Stroke the ell to calm it down (he says as he’s litterally just dead) also yeah I agree with you killing fish is normal how are we gonna eat it if we don’t kill it we can’t just eat it alive that’s not healthy

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