Extrude a sketch to create a body | Shapr3D for Beginners

Extrude a sketch to create a body | Shapr3D for Beginners

Now that we have finished off our sketch,
the next thing we want to do is extrude this sketch to give it some
thickness or depth to create our 3D object. The first thing I want
to do when extruding out our design is go into a 3D view. Currently
I’m just looking straight down at the top view, to give it a depth might be
a little bit difficult, and I will not know if I’m extruding upwards or
downwards, I might just want to go into a 3D view, I can just move the camera a little bit. And now it is very easy and user-friendly in Shapr3D to extrude or give some depth or
thickness to the sketch. All I have to do is tap to select on any portion of the sketch. Let’s say
I tap on this circle here. Notice it’s now highlighting in this blue color, showing
that it’s been selected. And I also have these arrows that I can tap and push up
or down to give depth or thickness, or give my 2D sketch a 3D design. Notice that just by dragging my pencil up or down, I can change the thickness or extrusion
depth. I can also further define this by tapping directly on the
dimension that’s coming up. And maybe I want this to be exactly 20mm.
I’m going to undo this here. Another important thing to note is I can do a single sketch extrusion as we just saw and I can also extrude multiple sketches.
If I tap to select all three circles here, for example, it just works the same
and now I’m going to extrude up three different bodies. What’s important to
note here, these are three separate unique bodies and we’ll learn more
about bodies and groups later on. What’s also important to note, if I select my entire sketch, let’s say, these three
circles and the rest of my base all together and then extrude or give
some depth it will come in as one solid body. However, if I were to do it in different stages, they’re going to
come in as multiple unique bodies or groups. Again we’ll learn more about
bodies and groups later on. If I were to instead first extrude my three
circles because maybe I’d like them to be a different extrusion height than the rest
of my base, I can extrude these bodies up exactly 20mm.
But then I’d also like to extrude this base sketch up as well. That’s some
different height so I’ll extrude this up to 12mm. Notice, this looks different than if I selected all portions of my sketch at the same
time. Now we can see we have extruded our original sketch and
created a fairly complex 3D design. In the next few lessons we’re going to
continue to add to this design to help create the final 3D design bracket.

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  1. Hi great app good instructions. Please advise as how to extruded a circular unequally. One face of the disc has to be at an angel with other.

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