Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

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  1. @Emideus thats a really good uestion one that i keep asking my self. i do not have the answer but if someone gave it to you let me know please.

  2. but this would be all in the same show really. it would be more like that last episode of the spiderman cartoon from the 90's when all the spidermen had to unite to save existence. that was awesome.

  3. cool video, but why didn't you talk to any women? especially when speaking in reference to the tumblr fan community which is predominantly female?

  4. never mind, i guess that's been covered. still, it was pretty jarring. first reaction was, where the hell did they find a dude who writes fanfiction?

  5. This was amazing and you guys should feel amazing for making it. Fandom on the internet is one of the most amazing things on this entire series of tubes.

    The ur example in my book would be Homestuck; In addition to transcending the definitions of what a comic can be on the internet, the whole thing has been essentially a giant collaboration with the fans since day one; The art and music team is composed entirely out of readers, and even elements of the plot are based directly on fan speculation

  6. Why would you subtitle a video about fanart with "An Explosion Of Creativity" – that's the exact opposite of what fanart is?

    Fanart is a way of being artistic without being creative or original in any way, it's almost the definition of it

  7. Actually, by watching the video you can SEE the creativity that comes out of fanart, which isn't necessarily always traditional art. Themed cakes, floor murals, plushies, lego – fanart in its many forms is the very essence of creativity, as people take a thing from its original format and make it their own in new and interesting ways.

  8. cre·a·tiv·i·ty /ˌkrēāˈtivitē/
    The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.

  9. The comment about the Sherlock fandom. I think it's partly to do with the long breaks between 'seasons' but also because absurdity is a very British type of humour. (Although the corgi/llama thing may just be poking fun at how Martin Freeman is half a foot shorter than Benedict Cumberbatch.)
    But the Adventure Time segment just made me grin so widely.

  10. um… real quick, is it not true that if it is not a direct copy, then it must be original and creative? Straight piracy is not creative, but fan art and fan works certainly are. Ask yourself: is West Side Story not original or not creative? After all It's based on Romeo and Juliet. Is A Bug's Life uncreative for being based off of 7 Samurai? Starwars because it's built on the hero's journey?
    Spoiler, the answer is, of course they fucking are. It's the very nature of art.

  11. I don't get how somebody is wasting their talent, fan art is a great way to refine your skill while channeling your passion for a show/book/game/etc. and also it's a fantastic way to get your name out there. People may come for the fan art but they stay for your talent as an artist. Not to mention not everyone wants to go professional, for some it maybe a hobby not their career choice.

  12. I started doing fan art of characters when I was little and later it inspired me to create my own characters. It improved my artwork and makes me feel a part of the fandom by contributing my opinions or ideas on the show.

  13. yes, fan art and fanfic-ness is insane, we like to turn consulting detectives into hammerhead sharks and whatever John is into hedgehogs who wear red underpants!

  14. I think it is legal, but I don't think you can profit from it. Don't take my word for it, I just heard it through the grape vine.

  15. I'm doing comics about marceline and Finn they get married and stuff Finn dies after like 80 years and marceline did 't age at all then she goes off and lives as a wild animal

  16. Fan Art is Art by all definitions. Can an artist really lock himself in a white room and come up with some thing completely new and original: can she make something new that relates to nothing else ever done before.
    Humans shape their world through interpretation and imagination: creating or expanding their world and worlds that do not exist.

  17. I'd be way more into fan art if there weren't so many horribly disgusting fan-made items about Adventure Time, threatening to ruin the show for me.

  18. I love this so much. Words cannot even express how happy I am to know of such a community like the "fan art" community. This is why I love art and the internet combined.

  19. You know what never gets old? Hearing someone say "fanart isn't Art." Then observing the reaction when you point out that for hundreds of years artists were almost exclusively focused on producing works inspired by if not based wholly upon scenes from the bible. Think bout it, how many paintings have been made depicting jesus on the cross? But I don't see many people saying that only the first person to paint it was an artist and everyone else a bunch of un-creative fans.

  20. I don't know how people do this shit. I tried to draw a tree yesterday and got so angry I had to lie down and count to ten.

  21. There was a female artist in the spotlight and they made a big deal out of her art, you vou have notice it if you had payed attention to the video instead of finding sexisom in it.

  22. I'm one of those people that can't get into doing fanart. I love watching fan art of course, unless its sonic or mlp spam, but I never enjoyed producing fan art 😛

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