Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2015

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2015

Hey guys,Today I am going to do a different kind of video; this is more of a vlog style. I do my draft and going into it what I think about, and how I plan out the big (draft) day which for me is tomorrow My first draft is tomorrow and it is a half (0.5) point PPR (points per reception). This is my setup, I have two excel sheets open and then my laptop which has something else but I will explain that in a second. The two main tabs that I have are of the running backs and wide receivers. This is something I started whenever I started fantasy football. I just went online internet and took all the names and the rankings of the players and dumped them into an excel file. And if you look closely you can see all the names and this is from previous years This ranking is from preseason of last year, I used colors to do the tiers because it just made it a lot easier to have some sort of organization. I did the tiers by color, their name, their team, how many points they earned in the previous year, how many points they are projected to earn and I have kinda updated it since then, and I did that for wide receivers and running backs. I think I accidently showed you the same excel sheet of the running backs so this is the wide receiver one and you can see that I also included details on the distribution of receiving passes, yards , and so if it was PPR you could look back at those specifics and make sure you highlight the players that are the best for your fantasy football format. These are the wide receivers, I still need to update it, it is still organized from last year, and this is running backs Over here is what I do during the season, its one for the weeks, before I play somebody I will make sure I know all the opponents of the people I am playing for that week and I will write them down. I like to see how good I am at projecting if I am going to win or by how much, it is just really interesting for me to see that. . I will have all the players, their notes, and game times and then during the games on the weekends I will take notes. So that is all the digital stuff and records I make sure to keep. I would have a hard time writing all that information so I make sure to have a digital copy of all that but in addition to that I make sure to have paper, I have printed out all the tiers that I have mentioned in another video, of all the running backs I did all the positions, quarterbacks, kickers, tight ends and here I printed out a list of the top ranked running backs, wide receivers , just so I can have the names in front of me just helps me see who I am working with for that year and all the digital copies help me see over the years collectively. That is what I use for my fantasy football planning, organizing, before drafting . I like to have the digital records to look at a large amount of data and then I have the paper copies to reference as I am making notes for my current season. My draft is today at 5:30 and I wanted to continue what I have done this morning in preparation for that draft My setting is pretty much the same as any standard NFL or ESPN league except there is receptions, it is half a point, so it is a 0.5 PPR league. There is 15 on the roster. I think in ESPN there is 7 bench, this one (NFL) has 6 bench, there is one flex which is wide receiver or running back. Another thing I wanted to mention was the randomized order, I have no idea what spot I will get in the 10 team league until 30 minutes before so that is definitely something I consider when planning for the draft. The PPR leagues that are a full point (1pt PPR) so 0.5 does it less so, and not as much emphasis on running backs or quarterbacks. This is what I have done so far, I really like to color code the tiers. This is wide receivers running backs, quarter backs, and then tight ends When I am in the draft I can quickly look by color to see where I am and keep track of the flow of the game and after I do that I like to do it for rankings as well The tiers in this form lets me see the margin of error so how much one person within each tier is favored or a better pick than somebody else else whereas the rankings that are like this in a list format, I find difficult to keep track of how much one player is better than the other. . I like having this for a visual representation of how the players compare and then the rankings I like to see more of just for order I will do the tiers first to make sure I have the groupings right and I will do the same thing for the rankings. The next thing I like to do is go to mock drafts and see what experts are picking and at what round. I couldn’t find out to many PPR rankings so I looked up full points and I think this is a ESPN one and I looked at the first three rounds. This is an example of the three rounds, its kinda messy, those are the picks, Le’Veon bell was first. From that I figure out when I need to pick my running back one vs wide receiver one. . I know it is going to be a lot dependent on the order. If I am one of the top 4-5 I am definitely going to go with Le’Veon Bell, Eddie Lacy all those top running backs, but if I am in the bottom, I don’t get to pick from those. The first round is pretty much the top 10 ranked running backs and then the second round is pretty much the top 10 ranked wide receivers That is pretty much how the first two rounds will go and after that depending on if you were one of the earlier picks or later picks, you will get to pick from wide receivers 2, so that is like rank 10 – 20 or running back 2. I like to keep that in mind, just knowing what I need to expect going in , so yeah I will go through the mock draft and then I will do a timeline of like the whole draft, like all the rounds 1-16 So I have this binder that has different areas and tabs while I am in the draft, just so that it is organized and it is not all over the place. The timeline is here, I wrote out the different sections (rounds) and what people do in general and in what round and what I should expect. So the first three rounds I kinda just showed you, the little diagram of how you should expect or what you should expect from what area of the rankings you should pick from, , and after that it is kinda just running backs and receivers for round 4 – 10 and then there are the people that do Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) or Andrew Luck but I am not one of them so I will be picking quarterback from tier 3 in round 11, I know that the chances that I get that are not always the case, but we will see how that goes I write down when the important things will happen so in this mock draft the Seahawks defense went in round 12. I am hoping to get my TE (tight end) in round 13 and then kicker and defense. (video from live draft 2015 half PPR elena ermie on

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2015”

  1. This is all very engaging but there really is no strategy when it comes to drafting in fantasy football.
    However, you can select players with the most potential to dominate a particular format and hope they stay healthy for the most part. ( This is where your luck comes in.)

    Formats to stay away from.
    12 team leagues:
    Terrible idea and format in general. The wavier wire is all but non-existent. It's basically a survival of the fittest contest that often causes owners with injuries to become frustrated, leave blank slots on rosters on game day, and lose interest in general due to their inability to compete. This is something you want to avoid. The sole premises of any league is to have "every" owner/team at their best throughout the season to achieve overall peak league performance. This is often lost in well over 95% of all 12 team leagues.

    Leagues the flex position:
    This is basically a rb oriented league/format. Why would you not select 3 or more backs with your first 3 to 4 picks when that position is going to deliver maximum production in this format especially in a 12 team league? This is a boring and one dimensional format be it 10 or 12 team league. Absolute joke!

    Leagues with no IR slots:
    Once again, you want maximum overall league production from every owner and that means giving them the opportunity to compete week in and week out. There should be at least 2 IR slots per team. Having an asterisk riddled roster with players you can't play nor want to drop due to lack of options is ridiculous!

    In looking at all of your hard work and insight I would strongly suggest that you participate in 10 team leagues with some roster restrictions per position that gives "all" positions value. This is the true key to a successful league.
    I know this first hand because I have designed such a league format.

    My drafts are today now that it's 1:21 AM EST. All 40 of the leagues that I commission are full and pumped to go!
    You know you've done something right when the 2-11 team has just as much fun as the 11-2 team and returns to play the next year. Why? Because they were able to compete!

    Let me know if you have any question or insight you would like to share. May the force with with you and you drafted studs stay healthy!

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