33 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 Real Life Graphics | Ultra Realism 4K 60fps”

  1. I was almost as impressed with Far Cry 5's graphics as I was with eating bull testicles at the Testy Festy.

    Seriously gorgeous open world, though. Looks even better without YT's awful compression.

  2. Farcry is famous for their gfx. every time they fuckin bring down best computer systems on their knees….thats why I quit gaming!

  3. "In end times there would be deception upon deception. means it is there but its not there. illusion."

  4. Graphic is important .. yes.
    but a awesome games lives from the storytelling.
    if the Story and characterwriting sucks… the graphic would make at least 25%

    Don´t get me wrong.. Far cry5 is a good game.. but this uncharismatic muted deputy who get caught every fucking minute from any fuckheads out of nowhere is so bad.
    even Takar had more Charisma than this "own" charakter with barely no connection to the player.

    Even the fucking Badger had more Charisma! XP

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