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  1. Another reason my city need sidewalks. I'm a wheelchair user, and driving a chair along the shoulders of highways is too dangerous for my blood. 


  2. I live by an interstate, so I don't think I could walk anywhere that would not hear the noise from that. I work at a library though, and while many parts of that are not quiet as would be believed, the two places I know are quietest in my branch are deep into history – the 930s, and historical reference.

  3. The quietest place I can think of is on campus in the basement of the library, in the gap between bookshelves all crammed together that you can crank to move. I used to go and sit back there in between my classes if I was feeling especially overwhelmed.

  4. What was the "half tongue-in-cheek" assignment Jace was talking about at the end of the video? "Walk around your city until you're _" I can't understand the final word…

  5. We performed John Cage 4.33 at my old high school! We performed it in a concert in front of all our parents, but we didn't tell our parents what it was. They were so confused during the entire 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. It was a great moment.

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  7. I actually did this art assignment today with out even knowing this was an art assignment!! I went up a top a hill and the sky was a mesh of dark blue and purple and grey. I just heard birds and watched the sun set. It was lovely.

  8. Would love to try this in London. I actually moved here last year because where I lived before (Cambridge) was too quiet. I'd lived in cities before and didn't like the lack of noise. Sometimes I'd wake up at night and there was no sound at all until I made noise myself just to make sure I hadn't gone deaf.
    I think I've never been in an entirely quiet space in the year I've lived in London, though, and I like that, but would also like to to try to find the as-quiet-as-possible place.

  9. I just tried to do this but I failed TT^TT
    can't find a quiet place and it was getting dark so I decided to go home.
    but the good thing is, I saw a rainboooow! ^0^/ never seen a rainbow for quit a long time xD . lol , I sound like a child.. anyway, good experience definitely trying it again next time 😀

  10. This task reminds me of an Irish movie called Silence, by Pat Collins, where a sound recordist returns home from Berlin, after 15 years away, to record soundscapes free from artificial, man-made noises.
    It's a slow, contemplative piece, which might put some off; then again, that's kind of the point. Well worth a gander for anyone intrigued by this assignment…

  11. Oh this is wonderful – you might also like this TED Prize winning quiet seeking project www.stereopublic.net 🙂

  12. I disagree with the tip about wearing quiet shoes. When the volume of your shoes becomes really uncomfortable, you know you've found the right place 🙂

  13. This assignment is like finding the negative space in your environment.  Instead of being about where the sculpture or ink isn't, in a more traditional art piece, it's about where the sound/spectacle isn't, in our lives.

  14. again this is one that if I get around to doing it chances are there will be no pictures or video, because I have no way of taking pictures or video(at list while being able to show them to anyone).

  15. Yes! Love this assignment! Not sure why I wasn't subscribed to this channel already? I make videos about art every Friday and I'm going to do this assignment!

  16. I tried out this assignment and I really enjoyed it! Here's a video about my quietest place and some of my thoughts: Thoughts from my Quietest Place

    Thank you for inspiring what turned out to be a really lovely day. 

  17. Love this idea! Made me feel pretty proud that I've already done this before. Time to find another quiet place with a camera and a book!

  18. this art assignment is basically the ending to xmen origins: wolverine

    Walk, and then keep walking, until your feet bleed. And then keep walking.

  19. I live in a reasonably quiet place but I still feel like I should go for a walk tomorrow and find somewhere quieter. 

  20. I try to walk everywhere in my city  I like to experience the people and  the scenery never knew about flaneur 

  21. I would love to do this assignment in New York ahh! So excited! Once I find a quiet place I'm going to start reading 🙂

  22. Hey, here's the video for my entry.
    More thoughts about it can be found here: 

  23. I really am feeling this assignment. I live in a really quiet town. It is mostly elderly people and especially in the winter it is eerily quiet, during the summer it is really loud because I live only a mile from a public beach and tourists come here a lot. However my neighborhood is almost in the middle of a triangle made of two kennels and a bar so despite the elderly population and my affinity for night time strolls it is always loud. The beach at night would be really quiet and I know this dock on a river that doesn't have any waves so I will go there!

  24. For some reason I really, really like this guy. Jace Clayton seems like one of the nicest and most chill people – looking forward to finding my quiet place!

  25. my favourite part was when the last person said that the quietest place she could find was in a party store

  26. As my music teacher said: "the beauty of music only exists with the frame of silence. Without the silence, there becomes no point to music"
    The notion of 100% efficiency comes from results orientated lives, which actually yields the least amount of productivity.

  27. This works best if you live in a city. Some places, you could sit on your front porch and wait hours for a car to go by.

  28. I live in a tourist city in Italy. Not only is every inch of the city filled with people, but the wonderful views in the hills mean that every natural space is full of tourists as well. Even before I saw this art assignment I went out every weekend to try and find some quiet. Eventually I found a stone ledge that ran above a vineyard. The occaisional taxi goes by, but other than that it's my place 🙂

  29. When I was staying in South of France, there is this little side walk within a residential area which was very quiet especially after dinner time. I had the habit to take a walk on it everyday after dinner. Because it is really quiet, you can hear everything, the wind, the insects, the stream and the animals. Then there is also this little road which will take you to the highest hill in the town. It is much far away, but very nice as well, there are lot of different landscape on the road, and I went there one time to see the sun rise without any road lamp. It was really fun and enjoyable. And it seems, without all the noises, you turn to be more observant about your surrounding as well.

  30. I dont like really quiet places. That is not to say I dislike quiet, simply that silence is unnatural. Unnerving. Ive Live in the UK and Ive lived most of my life by the sea. Whenever I needed to be alone. Id go to a deserted beach for "quiet". Not because it was silence but because the sound of the waves on rocks and running sand, was wholly and purely natural.

    When I moved to Anglesey in Wales, one of my favourite places to be was the Menai Bridge or the pier during a storm. In the chaos, its so peaceful. People didnt go there. Cars were sparse and even the animals were driven away by the raw unadulterated power and fury of the sea. In a nation as small and densely populated as the UK, a nation where "the middle of nowhere" is somewhere where the nearest house is less than a 10 min walk, the middle of that storm is about as isolated as you can ever be.

  31. Found my quietest place! http://acvart.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/my-quietest-place/
    I feel that experiencing silence is something that comes from outside as well as inside. A truly silent quiet can be ruined by the sounds of your own thoughts. On the other hand, a place that is not entirely quiet can feel like it is if you allow yourself to quiet your mind. Therefore, the place that allows you to do that is the true Quietest place.

  32. I completely missed this assignment! Agh! As a composer I'm always thinking about different types of sound and appreciating the beauty of sounds that aren't directly musical and I JUST bought a stereo recorder with in-ear binaural microphones for EXACTLY THIS KIND OF THING and I missed it! I know I can submit late but still.

  33. I went out in search of a quiet place in my neighborhood and am sad to find that where ever I stand, I can still hear the hum of traffic on the interstate that's a mile away. Listening to the birds around me, I feel even more sorry for them because they hear it all day and night.

  34. As I was watching this video, I realised how disturbing the noise is in my neighbourhood. I live in an apartment block next to a highway and it's almost impossible to have a quiet moment in here. I think I just got used to all the noise over the past years and I've come to the conclusion that real silence can be deafening for me, because of the environment I live in.

    But I'm very excited to try this assignment though 🙂 It makes it that much more of a challenge.

  35. When I tried to find the quietest place, I actually had a lot of trouble. After about 20 minutes of walking around the city, I decided that the quietest place was my neighborhood, but when I returned, 2 people were mowing their lawns, so it was no longer the quietest place. Its really interesting to think about the fact that the quietest place you find won't always be the quietest place.

  36. I was going to say I know the two quietest places near my apartment, but then I remembered they're only quiet on the weekends because they're next to a construction zone, so I'm going to go find the quietest weekday place.

  37. This is an especially challenging assignment for me, in the middle of summer where the cicada's din reigns supreme even over the traffic of the street I live on. I have a few ideas, possibly the cemetery a mile down the street, but it is surrounded by forest. I'll give it a go for sure though.

  38. Hi Art Assignment! I was wondering if you guys have an instagram because I was hoping I could post my #ArtAssignment  to my instagram and maybe tag you to share it with not only you, but also my friends. 🙂 

  39. The chick in LA:  I would like to have seen her get in the car, then just get out only to discover her parked car IS the quietest spot she could find. And, to be in a hurry to find a quiet place? seems so LA.

  40. This assignment is pretty much impossible for me. I walk out my front door into a suburban neighborhood with nothing going on. Everything is quiet D: 

  41. A slightly different interpretation of this challenge, a re-definition of "quiet" Lox Doing The Art Assignment: Quietest Place

  42. I can't help but see an unintentional (or maybe slightly unconscious) gender bias towards this art assignment. Jace describes walking at night and how freeing it is. Unfortunately we live in a society where it is unsafe for half of our population to walk alone at night. I love the idea of the project but I think it's important to understand that it comes with issues of gender and privilege. Maybe this is a project that can not only help recognize and cherish the quiet moments, but to also remind ourselves of steps we ought to take towards making this project plausible to everyone. 

  43. I took a class that was based off of sound in our environment and our first project was to study silence. We talked a lot about John Cage's 4:33 and we went into an anechoic chamber. I participated in a project where people took snippets of their favourite sounds/silences and connected it on an online map so that others could listen to the sounds that you chose to listen to. One of the main things we focused on was the idea that silence isn't natural and how nature has just as much of a hum as every day life. We just drown out that natural noise with our own noises.

    Similarly we had two major projects that were called "sound walks" which is a walk that could be somewhere you've walked many times before, but rather than viewing it with your eyes, you need to view it with your ears.

  44. This assignment is truly amazing, especially for the generation we're in right now.
    On a different note, I'm almost positive I squealed Hank's name when his video popped up. I will always be a nerdfighter, but it's great to see more of Sarah, she has such a beautiful mind.

  45. ok i might be lucky here…because i always find a silent place…i mean i know 2 such n i always go thr when i am not inn good mood…or bit stressed out… kinda once a week…n amazingly it acts a therapy…to feel the nature n just walk. 2nd place i sit daily in my own house…near my window…where i hav planted all the plants n all….i sip my coffee there… its beautiful.

  46. Recently, the power went off, and everything got very quiet. You hardly notice how much noise all the machines make, enough to cover up the outside noise.

  47. I've been trying, but it's ultimately been very difficult. I moved to Madagascar in October, and the woods are full of the buzzing of insects and birdsong, and the villages are crammed full of people. XD

  48. about 500 kilometers southwest of Cairo there's a large national park called the white desert, it's beautiful and a little bit streotypically middle eastern, with camp sights right in the middle of no where, but there's a certain part that was on walking distance from the camp that was called the silence, when we reached this place or guide told us to stay quit for 5 minutes, it was different.

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