Find Your Band | The Art Assignment | Bang on A Can

Find Your Band | The Art Assignment | Bang on A Can

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  1. Don't neglect the elephant.  My new motto.
    This video.  What I will show people when they ask why I'm singing to the switch box.

  2. Can I just say I love these guys! They are so out there in the best way possible. They are so real and so legitimate, I love it.

  3. I thought this one was weird until Mark started singing along with the switchbox. I always sing with the vacuum, so it made total sense to me suddenly.

  4. I love this!  Thank you for including musicians in The Art Assignment!  As a musician who is familiar with "unpopular music" and has studied it, it was so exciting to see Mark Stewart and Julia Wolfe bring awareness to music that exists and is just as important as what's playing on the radio.

  5. Yes, yes, yes, music assignment! I am so excited for this! And for them spreading the idea that anyone can make music.
    Also, thank you Sarah for the advice on going to the Art Institute of Chicago. I had a wonderful time! I especially loved the miniature rooms. So much incredible detail. In one of the rooms, there was a tiny desk with a miniscule key that actually turned and locked. Also, if other people are looking to go to the museum, I found the institute's app to be very helpful.

  6. They're CRAZY! But they seem like such nice people! I was smiling so broadly through the whole thing, a little from uncertainty and a little from wonder… XD

  7. oh man i do this all the time! I start singing to the rhythm of the sound of my car's turn signal. Or I listen to the noises in the bathroom and make a montage in my head. Sometimes I hit different parts of my water bottle to get a different sound. Sometimes I hum onto different parts of a table to hear what it sounds like on different sides of it. Definitely have to try this one out!!!

  8. This is without a doubt my favorite Art Assignment so far. Oh my gosh. Dibs on the band name Sonic Dandelions, that's freaking brilliant. XD

  9. That was so fun to watch! It's really inspiring to see people get to do what they love, so unapologetically and passionately, and to have such a great time doing it!

  10. This is fantastic! I think I might get a group of guys in my dorm to harmonize in the laundry room with the machines. I would love to see more videos with those two haha.

  11. This has got to be the most inspiring and interesting art assignments yet. Not just a push to experiment with music and art, but also a push to embrace yourself fully.

  12. a wonderful video – and so much I learned. I'm so happy that this show allows me a little inside to how the world is seen (and heard) by other people.
    And I loved the music session with the dryer and the washing machine – it actually felt like being a part of something very … intimate. And even though I haven't done any assignement yet I love the show and will participate at some point. Thanks to everyone who joins in and helps me to see glipses of their world.

  13. this is probably my favorite art assignment so far! i think i'll use my cello or my guitar to produce weird sounds combined with the sounds my appartment makes (there are a few – dishwasher, fan, my cat, my doors and windiws, cars outside etc). also, i LOVED the "solo" at 10:32 😀 

  14. I did a similar project earlier this year based on the percussive sounds I was hearing in the studio. It certainly qualifies as "experimental" Sounds of the Studio 2

  15. I really want to do this one and I even have a few ideas on sounds and places, but I don´t know if I´ll be able to acctually do it cause huge parts of my days I don´t have time to stop and use the sounds I find…. I also have nothing but my phone to record on and I´m not sure that would work out :/

  16. This is absolutely fantastic! I can only imagine how much more of that interview you might have that didn't get to be shown. This is just… amazing! 

  17. My brother and I are now pounding on every pan and flicking every light switch while singing..thank you Mark and Julia. It reminds me of the trashing the camp in Tarzan.

  18. Thank you so much for addressing contemporary music! I'm a composer and have been kind of raised among electroacoustic/acousmatic composers who build their pieces on recorded sounds that are processed and played around with. It may take me a while, but I could attempt my first acousmatic composition for this asignment…

  19. My friends and I used to do this at camp.  We'd just sit around the tent making random noises and rhythms for a while.  So much fun.  

  20. The only way I can deal with noises like the humming of a switch box is by treating it like a drone and humming/singing along with it, otherwise the noise drives me crazy. I can't stand constant noises like that.

    This reminds me of when Imogen Heap sang along to the humming in her boiler room.
    ( )

  21. ah this reminds me of a soundscape installation i made in school. i recorded sounds from places around me, put together the soundscapes and then put them in places where those sounds shouldn't necessarily be heard. (sounds of birds in the woods in a bathroom, overcrowded high school hallway in an elevator) was fun and i miss my sound recorder.
    i love what can happen when a sense is ignored or focused on, such as this case, focusing on sounds only.

  22. This was by far the best Art Assignment yet, in my opinion. I'm sure this is because I love music like some people love their Gods. This, to put it plainly, blew my mind. Incredibly inspiring!

  23. THESE PEOPLE ARE MY TRIBE! The other day I realized my A/C window unit was playing a pretty solid Bb.I started harmonizing with it and clapping. I can't believe there are other people that do this kind of thing…PROFESSIONALLY! 😀 

    My favorite part was when he gave the dryer the solo. That was hilarious. 

  24. I love the nail file sound, it reminds me of those sproingy stopper things that go on doors…those are fun, my cats love those too.

  25. I actually made this ages ago but Ive decided to submit it to this episode of The Art Assignment. These are my kind of people!

  26. Would it still be considered the assignment if I were to basically make a "cover" of  a song using only the objects that I am surrounded by? 

  27. Wonderful!  I really love this one.  We live in a very loud and echoey neighborhood and this is a great perspective changer for me to stop rueing every sound I hear from outside. I like how this and the Quietest Place both emphasize opening our awareness by listening to all the things that normally get drowned out or filtered out or written off. How inspiring. 

  28. Hey guys, I was just wondering: do you have to put the hash tag in the description of the video of as the title of the video or what..? Sorry, I'm just not really used to doing this. ( I mean the #theartassingment thing.)

  29. my favorite moment comes at about 9:00 in, when Julia Wolfe sings a duet with a washing machine.  Mark Stewart and the rain is beautiful too.  A lot of fun!

  30. on the topic of music as art how to people feel about Susan Philipsz winning the Turner Prize (an award for visual art) for her sound art/installation in 2010.

    I was doing a project on issues in art for my art class and I decided to do this. It's really interesting and worth a look (just a quick google search away). I think most people were in support over her win, but there were a lot of people claiming that music is art, or that it isn't visual art. Some people argued it shouldn't have won because it was moved from it's original site (under some bridges over the River Clyde in Glasgow) into a gallery space and apparently that 'ruined the work'.
    But yeah, just wondering what people think about it.

    this video explains it a bit:

  31. Hey! The Collective from the Philbrook Museum participated in The Art Assignment the other week. We had so much fun! Here is the link to our Find Your Band assignment…
    The Art Assignment: Find Your Band – Bang On A Can 

  32. I tend to harmonise with unpleasant sounds to make myself less uncomfortable, like when a microphone feedback is too loud, I try to make it sound like someone hitting a high note and I'm just supporting it. it makes life a lot easier. it's very therapeutic.

  33. One of my teacher in the obligatory school had what he called a "garden of sounds". It was basically in his big farm and he had made really really big sculptures and installations to allow the kids (us) to play with anything that could make a noise or a sound. In those days (i was maybe 10) I looked at him with great incomprehension  but now I am grateful for his idea. Thanks TAA!

  34. These people have such an awesome energy! I've never (on purpose) made music before, but now I really want to!

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