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  1. @BreFgt – You're completely right. She talks about the meaning of this song on her iTunes performance. The line about the paper-bag is a literal translation about when she was younger and saw what she thought was a bird falling, but turned out to be a paper bag; Her words, not mine.

  2. @bid1lov If you look up her performance of "Fast As You Can" at Vegoose, she introduces the band, and I think most of them are the same. The drummer (hot black guy) is Charlie Drayton, who's producing her next album. 😉

  3. Wow, I can't see how this song is about eating disorders. I understand the 'hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love' line as meaning that even though it hurts to stay away from the person you love, it's an effective method when you know that that love is hopeless'…it's not meant to be interpreted literally, 'hunger' here is a metaphor for being away from the person you want.

  4. @BreFgt she doesn't have a eating disorder idiot… she's talking about being starved for love. She has insomnia… most geniuses get that alot… they call it the racing mind.

  5. @solariis888 actually, she does. she suffers from an eating disorder. she was raped as a little girl, too. i thought you might want to know that

  6. @solariis888 well im sorry then. how about we just listen to the music?
    she has said that she suffers from an eating disorder (not anorexia) but go on believe whatever you want. i dont care. and PS your message made about zero sense. "You're fool of shit little girl". Um. I'm a guy, and that wouldn't make any sense even if I was a "little girl".

  7. @solariis888 what's with the name calling, is this elementary school? anyway, fiona HAS had an eating disorder. she spoke about it openly in many, many interviews from the 90's. in fact, just by using google you can find quite a few of them online. notably one called "the caged bird sings" in rolling stone, 1998.
    as i've said before to all the people who felt the need to rage at me for saying she did have one, please know your facts before you act all high and mighty. thanks.

  8. This is a song and a half…She gets deep – goes low. this means alot to her. she feels it. I dig it. Play it over and over… Happy Birthday Daddy !!

  9. this idiot thinks this song is about a eating disorder because it has 2 words.. hunger and starving…. sounds like a personall problem… keep it that way

  10. @EnfermagemJu This song isn't ambiguous, if you've ever been in a serious long term relationship that failed. Whenever you get involved, someone is likely to have personal baggage that will need to be addressed. Real love risks sharing/giving parts of yourself that you are emotionally attached to. Unfortunately, she's been hurt, let down, and has low self esteem. She thought he was a man, but he was just a little boy. It costs too much to love. Those strong feelings take time to develop.

  11. @Starskysea People with eating disorders will look for anything that can remotely refer to one in a song. Like many troubled individuals, they're just looking for something to relate with.

  12. She is not only beautiful. She is not only a good singer. She had a very hard life and now she is telling it to us. She is magnificent.

  13. Listening to recent female singers like Adele makes me sad. Sad because the "best" right now can't even compete with the likes of Fiona. Don't nobody use metaphors in their sad songs anymore? Damn.

  14. @noam2205 from my understand i think what she means is that hunger hurts cause she needs something to feed her emptiness, starving works cause she's filled with love and joy… it's metaphoric and it's cool that we all try to find the real interpretation of the lyrics… love her….

  15. Well the song COULD just as well be taken literally and still be literary; for someone suffering from an eating disorder "hunger hurts" but "starving works" as it takes your mind away from absolutely everything else, it blocks reality, so to speak, and if this said person would actually suffer from an eating disorder but would be aware of her state she would hesitate to be a part of a relationship. "I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up" and "these hands are too shaky to hold" say quite a lot.

  16. I think that the line "Hunger hurts but starving works when it cost too much to love" Is BOTH metaphorical and literal. Meaning that her eating disorder (cus fiona apple used to have one) is taking over her life, to an extent where she cant even love even more, even though she craves the love. Just a thought.

  17. poor kids dont know anything about real music, stfu and go buy the latest remixed version of lady gaga album…

  18. It was through Bridesmaids that I discovered this song. Now, I can't get it out of my head. I pity myself for such a late appreciation of Fiona Apple's genius.

  19. Yes thank you. This is not about any disorder except maybe loving someone that is unwilling or incapable of loving you back

  20. she looks beautiful here! and sounds wonderful. I have tickets to see her july 27th i cant waittttttt i havent seen her live since 99

  21. the song is about (my interpretation but music is about open interpretation) she loves a boy but hes just kind of a dick yknow

  22. Obviously the song shouldn't be taken literally but people will think what they want to think especially when they're hungry (a ha ha) for something to relate to.

  23. omg what kind of ill mind can give birth to a such stupid thought…
    I hope you haven't been up all the night to think about it…

  24. I mean I don't really care what the song is about, but why can't people see how easy it is for someone to see this song as being a song about anorexia? I mean, Fiona Apple DID suffer from an eating disorder, so for many it is a natural jump to assume this song is about eating disorders.

  25. No i totally get how you could see it meant that if you werent really listening to the song very well.. and you havent heard her explain what it meant. When she says "hunger hurts, and i want him him so bad it kills" she means shes hungry for "him" as in a boy. I meen the rest of the lyrics back the meaning up completely. She only mentions hunger in the chorus. And then "starving works when it costs too much to love" as in ridding yourself of him is okay when it costs you too much pain to love.

  26. Oh and by the way, you idiots that know nothing aboit fiona, she didnt and doesnt have anerexia. Her ocd would cause her to be too picky about the foods she ate. If it wasnt the right color or texture and ect. she wouldnt eat it. God damn.

  27. Every time I listen to Fiona after a period of not hearing any of her songs–I'm reminded I can feel these emotions again.

  28. Actually Fiona Apple did actually have an eating siorde, however, I don't think that's what this song is about. It's about keeping yourself away from something that can potentially hurt you which in the song's case in love.

  29. That doesn't mean this song has to be about it. I have had an eating disorder, and I write songs too, so I can relate to her.

  30. I have loved Fiona since I first heard Shadow Boxer back in the day when music was still good. I was 11 years old. She was my therapy for many years after that 🙂

  31. I love her so much she is so honest in her work and lyrics and the way she sings them; is truly commendable. The way she is, her weaknesses are her strengths and she shines, even when people think she is weak it is not true. She inspires me.

  32. Obviously it's been of nobody's prior interest for the last 5 or 6 years, though:
    Yes, Rush Coil, it is Jon Brion and he's not playing "organ", correct, Katherine Hicks, but some sample-keyboard with mixed brass-instrument-samples, no french horns I guess, Mario Consunji, but rather deep saxes, deep trombones and trumpet, sounds a bit like The West End Horns on Aimee Mann's album "@#%&*! SMILERS" and, n33daname, maybe it's just me, but I had to wipe tears off my laptop after min 0:48.
    In love with Fiona after having heard "Across the universe" running along with the credits at the end of the movie "Pleasantville", way back when…
    kind regards, the trivial matters.
    (can anybody please tell: how can I be able to simply click-answer to 5-year old comments?! and why…)

  33. Love doesn't cost anything much. And it's natural. We love each other.

    Romantic love seems to either go great or not.

  34. From Fiona Apple's mouth herself, during an interview:

    "With “Paper Bag,” I was in my father’s car – we were driving to the grocery store.

    and this is an idea of how long it takes me to deal with writing a song – this was, during the first album and i was miserable. (very cute laugh) and it was a saturday and me and my dad were driving to the grocery store – i was sitting, sulking…and I looked up into the sky and I saw this white dove! And I thought – I used to have terrible problem with uh, everything was a symbol to me…everything I saw meant life or death! And I look up in the sky sulking and I see this white dove, and think "OH! i-okay, Everythings going to be okay! White dove!" and I swung into this great high! and…. the dove started falling of course and…and it was a plastic bag! Just Trrraaaasssh…And so of course I just -dropped again…and that stuck into my head and later on I was like – "Oh, the rule of my life! It always looks like its going to be great but its just a damned plastic bag…" and…you know, I made it a paper bag because paper sounds better (;P she giggles)"

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