Fixing a low resolution image in CorelDraw

Fixing a low resolution image in CorelDraw

in this video I'm going to show you how to make a low resolution image look like a high resolution image once it's printed so I've got this client of mine and and he gave me like like a JPEG or I think it's a yeah it's a JPEG to put it in into his banner and the banner was like six feet so now the problem of the image here is that it's it's really pixelated I know it's a banner people will look away you know far away from the banner but but it's nice to have like a crisp line in a sharp line that really makes it look like a high resolution but actually it's not so so what I did here to solve this problem is I was thinking of of putting a like shaped like a like a contour over to avoid you know around the image and then except for the drop shadow and then the drop shadow I will just recreate that in CorelDraw there was also another problem with the the image because the the image should be in a colored background but I'm just going to put a color here and then I'm going to put this two back of the page so arrange order to back of page and that's another problem because the the background of the banner is colored and he wants it you know looks like a cutout of the the image so that's another problem so I don't have any choice but to you know to create a contour and then power clip it and then put it and I'll put the L put that image to the colored background so now to start what I did I I made this circle first and now that the trick here really is that when you're when you're doing this technique is that make sure like for example here right so you don't put your hair shape like this one because the white will show up and what's the use of making it what's the use if people can still see D D jagged pixels right so we do you you put it in word like that that looks fine and then of course here go here okay so that looks fine and okay so so that is fine now the next one is so sometimes what I do to here is that I click on the image and I usually temporarily make it transparent so I go to my transparency tool and then I'll make it uniform and I can still see the you know the jaggedness or the pixelation but at least it's easier to see now okay and then later on I'm just going to remove the transparency so now my second and my second object I will make an ellipse again and then see if you see if you know I go like this that's good it's the only thing I need actually is only this this part here all right so I'll drag it there now I'm in the snap mode so if you notice it stops to quadrant 2 edge to the edge when you're doing this kind of thing it's it's still best to turn off the the stop to two objects here it's top two objects so that you can freely move around so like right now you see you know this if I go to the edge of the the line it does not snap right so now what I'll do I'm just going to okay so that's fine here and then in here so that's fine too okay so now I'll go back to home make another circle maybe target some more so so maybe push it a little bit in right there that looks fine here in this side and then hit here I'll just reach it it's the only thing I need there okay that one's fine and I go back here okay so that's fine too and I hope all we just move it like that okay see the only object that I need is a circle here right so now I can just make another one and then drag it there okay and then here see if it if it does that doesn't do it so it just I'll just you know make it taller and that's good and here that's good too okay I guess we're done so now I have one two three four objects now now my objective here is if I'm going to delete this temporarily so basically I don't need all the cereal so I just want the outline of the circle now they're all gonna end to this one and it's what I'll do here oh I'll select all the objects hey so except the the low resolution image and I'm going to go here in my property bar I could see I've got I have in every property bar I have this weld so I click on weld and all those four objects will be weld and it will just leave the silhouette the the object now okay so the next thing I have to do is to click on the image and then you know what I'll do I'm gonna click on the image first and then I'm going to remove the transparency so if I click on the transparency tool and then go to transparency and that's easy to remove I'll just click on clear transparency okay I'm going to zoom in so I click on the image I know the image is is selected because here it says bitmap RGB on layer 1 72 by 72 P which is a low resolution image right so and then I go to effects and then power clip and then place inside the frame for lower for other versions of color oh they call the this one would be placed inside the container but this is coral drag six so place inside the frame and then the frame would be the the silhouette the you know the object the vector image so I just click on that and there you go so you notice it's already inside ok and then all you'll do I'm just going to click on the outline it's a vector power clip and then I'm just going to remove the outline by going to your outline tool and then click on no outline that's it now you can do some adjustments like for example here but that's fine for me you know but anyway if you want to do more adjustment you just go to click on the the vector image and go to effects spark clip and then edit power clip and then you can do some adjustments here for example here I know you can instead of you know instead of changing the vector image you can just move this one here or move it yeah so that's fine and then you go effects power clip finish editing this level means to say finish editing deal the power clip let's go back here okay so I'm done with this one so the other thing to do is to put drop shadow so I go to my interactive drag cradle which is this one so I click and drag going down and then you can adjust it so this one this slider is to make it darker and you can also change their like for example here this is the feathering you know this this one here and this one is the opacity of the drop shadow if you don't want it to be too strong okay now you notice when I put a background here so let's say the banner is as a color light blue there and I put this two back order tobacco page and you you notice that it doesn't have the white border around I mean the white box around and if you know if you zoom in it looks like it's not a lot resolution but actually it is but but at least you you made the illusion you hit two birds here first of all you made the image look a little bit of a high resolution because of the edges and also you was able to get rid of the white box around that's it thank you for watching the video and please subscribe to my youtube channel thank you

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  1. Never zoom your images beyond 100%, because you will get more pixelated view, even if the picture is High resolution. You can Zoom only up to 100%.
    And second, change the title of your video. It's misleading. It doesn't fix a low resolution image. It just cut-out the image and puts it inside a frame. I was expecting to see high-level video from you. I got disappointed by this video.

  2. Hello brother i am waiting too long to receive your new one..! any way this is for my new year gift..!  thank you so much..! happy new year to you…!

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