13 thoughts on “Four ART bus crashes in first week of service”

  1. Buses should stay in the far right lane where they belong. These accident's ARE the fault of ART by hazardous ridiculous design.

  2. Says “It was the bus driver’s fault” but never explaining why and if it even was her fault. Lies lies lies, I always here it with the drivers versus the city.

  3. Told you stupid idea ever just take the art off the road give us a three way road back F that art system! Watch someone gonna get killed then they gonna change it watch just give it a few more days!

  4. You can tell that Millennial wants a lawsuit. Never been on a bus that's had seatbelts before. I don't want to wear a seat belt after some crackhead just took it off.

  5. What’s going to happen when tourists come. Even more accidents because Albuquerque POLITICIANS are getting paid off to shut up and they are moronic idiots who have no clue on running a city.

  6. Did any city councillors ride a test run bus? Do they ride it to work? Taxpayer$$$ thank the UN agenda2030 to force people out of their cars and ride bikes too like commie China of the 1970s !

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