Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Sistine Madonna by Raphael

Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Sistine Madonna by Raphael

-Fred, it’s always so great to see you because… And I hope you’re okay
with me saying this because I know you’re
very humble. You are a renaissance man. -Yes. Yeah. -Comedian, musician, writer. There’s really nothing
you can’t do except — I did not realize this — you are also a connoisseur
of art. -Yeah, I love art.
-Yeah. To a level I did not appreciate, because you were saying
backstage you have an art historian’s
knowledge of every painting every painted. -Yeah, every single painting
ever created. [ Laughter ] -And I can show you a painting,
and you can just share details that even art historians
might not know. -Oh, I can go on and on, yes. -Alright, well, let’s put it
to the test once again in our segment,
Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado. [ Cheers and applause ] Ready? This is Raphael’s 1512 painting,
Sistine Madonna. Fred, what can you tell us
about this painting? -Oh, yes. There’s a lot of story
behind this. You see the greens? -Yeah. -And, you know, you see
the figures? So, there are figures in it. There are angelic figures
at the bottom. And there are other figures
in the middle of the painting, and what Raphael was trying to
do is, at first, he had this painting made, and it didn’t have
the green curtains. So his friend came in
and was like, “Hey” — -And again, because you’re
the historian, what was Raphael’s friend’s
name? -David. [ Laughter ] So, David comes by, he’s like,
“Let’s go out to eat. I see you’re working
on a painting,” and so Raphael’s like, “Oh, yeah, okay.
Let me just finish this up.” And he’s like, “Are you gonna
add curtains to that?” And he’s like, “No, but why
did you put that in my head? You know, why did you put this
image in my head,” so it got into him,
and he’s like… And so, he actually put those in
and he didn’t want to. So those curtains are
sort of something — -And this was just added
’cause David mentioned it? -Yeah. He just mentioned it. [ Laughter ] So then he gave it
to David as a gift. He was like, “You know what?
I don’t want this. You take it.” And David’s like,
“I don’t want the painting. I get to see all this work
all the time. Why are you giving this to me?” And he’s like,
“Well, because you wanted me to add curtains to it. What do you want from me?” So they just left it in
the hallway in between where they lived. -Really?
-Yeah. -And this painting of
the Sistine Madonna was just in a hallway. -Yes, it was — Did they live in the same
apartment building? -They didn’t have
apartment buildings. It was like a complex where the
buildings were near each other, but they would have
these atriums where they can
sort of join up. So, yes, in a way, sure. In your language, yeah. [ Laughter ] -Give it up for Fred Armisen. In my language.

15 thoughts on “Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Sistine Madonna by Raphael”

  1. I dont understand why many people dislike this (based on comments from others of these videos) .. Fred Armisen is awesome and these art aficionado bits are awesome. I wish he'd do more improv comedy, I could watch him for hours doing it. I would actually pay good money to see Fred do improv for 2 hours.

  2. This clip does a true disservice to Fred Armisen. First, Seth builds him up as an art aficionado able to recognize any piece then he only asks him about one of the most recognizable pieces by one of the top 5 painters of all time. This is not a knock on Armisen himself, but the brevity of this clip (if this segment went longer – I don't know) and the intellectual dishonesty of Seth's writers.

  3. Actually, Fred's got a point. It's heaven, hence the clouds they're standing on and the angels… so what's with the friggin' curtains? what, she have her own dressing room up there or something?

  4. I don't know that I knew those cherubs were part of a larger painting because I've often only see them by themselves

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