Game development - Advice for developing a simple mobile game

Game development – Advice for developing a simple mobile game

hey everyone today I have a video from what I learned whilst developing and publishing an entry game over two days first of all why did I go through this why make a game in two days well it's not very logical but being the end of the month I thought up through something epic and make a game and publish it within a day of course it's never that simple and it extended to two days but hey but still pretty good also whilst not super complex the graphics are nice and the gameplay is quite fun I got to learn how to how the accelerometer works which was a great experience and it gave me an idea for another mobile game which I want to develop as soon as possible now I don't recommend developing games in such a small amount of time I did this because I had free time and wanted to test myself game should take longer and have way more testing before being released now here are the three things I want to share with you which applied to projects of any length and of course focus on any developers the first point is that project scope is king I scaled this project with my skill level and what I'd be able to achieve in a day the game itself was super simple and developed in a matter of hours what took time was a bit of Polish I did and the massive time sync which was integrating Google Play services for those who don't know Google Play services gives you access to achievements leaderboards on the Play Store which are pretty much vital to any game so when you plan your project scope don't underestimate the time it takes to implement the Google Play services or the steam services any tap services that are required for your game this was my third time making a mobile game so I have some experience using it I would strongly recommend developing the core of your game integrating any services that are required and starting a closed alpha test within the first or second week of development this way your game is a strong foundation moving forward and you've done a massive chunk of that draining work allowing the team to focus on fun things such as adding new features or polishing the game the second point is starting without overthinking the project I've spent a lot of time in the past planning out the perfect project what you'll notice is that I don't have any perfect projects Alton's eyes on the paper you know what I believe is better than the design document a prototype now I know became the games they do require game design documents and if your work but if you're watching my channel you're most likely in any developer a small team working on a smaller scope project if you are don't drown in documents start development as soon as possible and save the games come true testing I'm a big fan of iterative development allowing the project to evolve as you develop it and being able to adapt to change the most important thing to remember is that overthinking continue your progress whilst under thinking could undermine your project so find a happy in between and move forward the last point is to take inspiration from anywhere don't just stick to what you know if I did that I'll never get anything done the concept of everything being a remix is fantastic go researches learn from it and try it out this game is a remix of other mobile games I've been inspired by if I never took inspiration from other projects I would have been stuck designing the game rather than making it thanks so much for watching everyone I'll leave you with some gameplay of the final product make sure to check out the game as well the trailer should be up soon and I'll leave a download link to the game below

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  1. Hey everyone! In this video I wanted to give you three bits of advice for developing your own simple mobile game! I plan on doing a behind the scenes environment video soon and also three bits of advice for making bigger indie games. Thanks so much for all of your support and for watching my videos!

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  3. any game developer willing to help me with a few things in my game which I am currently developing please reply

  4. Love the vibe in here. Not like my loser IT costudent who have no hope in making a game. "Ugh it's too haard.", "You need to be born a programmer to have success.", "It costs a lot of money to upload your game." Like, shut the fuck up, and let me do my game without you fuckers dragging me down!!! Fucking losers

  5. if you use unity , you're not a true developer , a true developer creates his own engine in java and use it for all his android projects

  6. I kind of disagree with 'not recommending' games this small. I actually have learned the most from these types of super small games, polishing mostly the gameplay only. That's the essence of prototyping actually. So your video is a little bit contradictory there. I know why you suggest games shouldn't take this short of time to develop, because just rushing out a game concept only to meet a single day deadline is fairly stupid. However, when you can get the core gameplay done, turned into something fun and fairly polished gameplay-wise (controls, response, feedback etc) in only a few hours to a day, it probably means you're on the right track.

  7. good vid but stop reading a script, you're better off having notes so you wont stumble on your words and can just go with the flow

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