Game Master Pancake Art Challenge Battle Royale to Stop GMI (Roblox and Fortnite) Matt and Rebecca

Game Master Pancake Art Challenge Battle Royale to Stop GMI (Roblox and Fortnite) Matt and Rebecca

– You guys challenged us to do the husband versus wife
pancake art challenge and we are gonna start
off with Roblox right now. – I’m already doing it!
– What!? – I gotta win this challenge! – I’ve only played
Roblox a couple times so I don’t really know
the characters to well, gonna make it up as I go. – I’ve never played Roblox
but that doesn’t mean I can’t win this challenge! Doing the head. – Yours just looks like a fat face! Fat face. Oh no, oh no! Oh no! – You guys comment who you
think is gonna win this round. – I think my burners too hot, let me see. – Is this green? This looks
like blue, where’s green? I need green pants! This looks like–
– Oh no! – This is not good – Dot dot smiley! Yes. Separated the head from the body – Trying to do this– – Oh no! No, no, no, no! – I feel like you’re the
Collins Key and I’m the Devan. If I go like this does it cook faster? How does this thing work? I’m bad at DIY challenges! Oh, I got an eye. I got an eye, it doesn’t look like an eye. About to flip but this
things not big enough. – 3, 2, 1! – Oh! Oh! – It’s pretty good!
– How’d you do it?! – I don’t know! Woo! Comment down below Matt
will win this challenge. – Rebecca will win this
pancake art challenge! – This is only round one. – I’m trying to flip
you guys, pray for me. 3, 2, 1. – Oh! – I got it! I got it, okay. I forgot to add eyes on the back. It’s been a while since I’ve
done a pancake art challenge, not gonna lie. Wow.
– Mine’s about done. – Mine is not. I have to win! – Flip number two– Oh no!
– Oh no! It’s all good. Wow Matt, yours is a disaster. – No!
– That is a fail! This W’s gonna be easy. – 3, 2, 1. – Who won the Roblox round? I’m gonna have to say
me, I think the wife won. Matt what is that? – It’s my own avatar. – Matt I’m pretty sure you lost that round that means you have to eat that pancake. – Oh my gosh, I’m
actually pretty hungry so. 3, 2, 1
– You are– You’re eating a Roblox character. How does it taste? – It’s not cooked all the way. – Oh no. That can’t be good– – Okay.
– Oh no! So before we start round two we have a five second challenge for you. We wanna see can subscribe, – Turn on notifications, – And give the video a big thumbs up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
– 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, – If you did it in that time comment below Game Master’s squad. Zam Fam as you guys know we
have the GMI trying to take over our YouTube channel so
this week we’re switching up the format and doing
different YouTuber’s formats. Today is obviously Collins Key, so I hope this works and the
GMI can’t get into our channel. What, what just happened? Okay, you guys, I’m not sure
what’s going on right now but we gotta get back to the challenge. – What was that? _ I don’t know the lights went
off right when I was talking. Okay, we gotta get back to this fast. Okay so for round two we are doing back to school!
– Back to school! – We each get to choose different items that we’re gonna draw and
then you guys are gonna vote who wins this round, I
obviously won round one, so this should be easy. You know what you’re drawing Matt? – Of course I always
know what I’m drawing. – I always do too. Can’t wait to win again! Wow. Can you guys guess what
I’m drawing right now? What are you doing? Why
are you watching me? You should be making yours! – I’ve already made mine
it’s just cooking right now. – [Rebecca] I should do
more pancake art challenges. – [Matt] Rebecca what is that? – [Rebecca] Don’t worry about it. – [Matt] Can you guess what mine is? – My Zam Fam knows. I don’t know that looks like a chalkboard? – Comment down below if
you know what that is. – Nobody knows what that is. My husband needs to learn from me to learn how make pancake art because I’m really good at this. – What are you making? – It was a pencil but I have
an artistic eraser at the top so don’t worry about it, yeah. – I think it looks more
like an orange eraser. – [Rebecca] Yeah it could be. – [Matt] Why didn’t you do a red eraser? – Where’s the red? We don’t– hey! – Hey! I’m actually making a little
apple here for the teacher oh my gosh this thing exploded. What did you do to the green? It’s gonna be impossible. Oh no! – I don’t know what that is
but I’m pretty sure it’s okay. All you drew was a line I’m pretty sure you can just do it again. – It’s a staple. – Just a staple? – [Matt] The most– – [Rebecca] Is that a
back to school supply? – Absolutely, it’s the most useful thing you can have within a classroom. – By itself? – [Matt] True. I hope– that’s freaky. – I don’t know what if it’s the GMI? I don’t know what if they’re hacking into our channel?
– No. – Matt, Matt, Matt check
the circuit breaker. – [Matt] Yeah, try right here. It’s back. – It’s back. Do you think they’re trying
to hack into our channel? – I have no idea. – You guys know we’re trying to switch up our format this week to trick the GMI so they can’t get into our channel. – I hope this is working – I don’t know.
– But for some reason the power keeps on going off. – We need to move fast for
this pancake art challenge. – What is going on? – I don’t know. The lights have keep going off Matt we need to hurry on this. You guys comment below what
other YouTuber’s formats we should try to recreate so that the GMI can’t get into our channel. I don’t know if this is working, Matt. 3, 2, 1.
– 2, 1. Flip! Oh! – It’s like they don’t
want us to a challenge. – Let me see what this is. We got it, we got it. – What is going on?
– I don’t know. It’s like we can’t even finish a video. Do you hear that? – What is that? – Why is there–is that our printer? – I think it’s the printer. – Why is our printer going off? What if they’re sending us a message? Should we check? Do you guys hear that? That’s our printer, we
didn’t print anything, we’re doing a pancake art challenge. – I think we need to go
check out that printer but I don’t want to switch
up the format right now so let’s go ahead and
continue with the pancake art and then we’re gonna look
at that at the end, okay? – Do you think the GMI sent us a message? They might be trying to get
into our video right now. We need to finish this, okay. Okay, so, I think its
time to present you guys. – It’s up to you guys so
we need you guys to comment exactly who you think won. – Okay.
– I think it’s pretty obvious right now. – Okay– 3, 2, 1.
– 3, 2, 1. Aw! – A pencil and some
paper for back to school. – A broken staple and an apple. – Round three is the Fortnite twin round. – That means we do the same
item so you can compare. – And see that I will clearly win. – No obviously I’m gonna win. – Matt you haven’t won any. – I’ve been winning every round. – I hope you guys are
commenting who wins each round. All right, well I’m starting with purple. I don’t really play Fortnite but I like a pancake art challenge. – [ Matt] Go with more of the pink. – If you guys had to choose between Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft, what would you play? I’d probably play none. I mean, you never know. – I would definitely play Fortnite. – Fortnite llama head. Making a llama is so much fun when you know that you’re gonna win the challenge.
– You’re not gonna win. – I fail a lot but I usually don’t fail against my husband. Oh my gosh the food dye
just went in my food dye! Does that make sense? Okay.
– That does not! – Yours is so big! – Instantly regret this. – Hey you can’t have all the colors. – Strategy. Now we just let it cook. – I got a dog here. Blackjack’s like I love
a pancake art challenge. Subscribe to my channel if
you haven’t PawZam Dogs! – Peanut, what do you think
of my pancake art challenge? This one looks bad and
that one needs some work. I instantly don’t wanna
do the challenge anymore I just wanna hang out with this guy. But we gotta work. – Okay yeah you should go I’ll just win this challenge.
– No! I misjudged this, I need two spatulas. I need to borrow your spatula. – What, no! This wifey says this is hers. – Okay I’m gonna rock paper scissors. If I win, I get to use your spatula. – Okay, ready? Rock, paper, scissors shoot!
– Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Oh! I don’t need it yet, but
I’ll need it down the line. – Matt, we need to see
what’s on that printer. – No we’re gonna wait ’til the end I have to win this challenge first. – What? The GMI is more
important than this challenge! – I don’t know I’m getting pretty invested into this llama here. I’m taking the spatula. – No!
– It’s time for the flip. – I think you need three spatulas. – [Matt] I probably do. – [Rebecca] Two is not enough. – [Matt] I need to borrow
two spatulas from you. Oh no. I’m not a lefty, I’m not a lefty. – [Rebecca] How do you flip that if they’re both on different sides? – 3, 2, 1. Oh!
– Oh my gosh. – Goals. – [Rebecca] I just have one spatula. 3, 2, 1. Oh, we lost a leg but I can fix it. There we go. Also later in this video we’re doing shoutouts for you guys that
wore our merch and tagged us on Instagram so stay tuned! – Battle Royale. – DIY Battle Royale. – I say we gotta each take
one chop at the other persons. – No. No.
– Yeah. You can chop mine I can chop yours. Okay we’re just gonna do one chop. – No rock, paper, scissors. – Wait for what? For one chop?
– The winner gets to chop the other one. – Just one chop? – Yup, one chop. Ready
– Okay. Rock, paper, scissors shoot!
– Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Rock, paper, scissors shoot!
– Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Oh! One chop coming in 3, 2, 1. Chop! Mine doesn’t even fit on a plate. – Mine has a chop on it but
it still looks pretty good. Wow, I did a good job! – Where’s the eyes and mouth? – I forgot about those. 3, 2, 1. – Present. – Who has the best Fortnite
llama comment below! Me! Me! Me!
– This ones actually pretty obvious. All right and for the final round, – Before we get to see what’s
on that note at our printer, – We’re gonna draw the Game Master mask. – Yeah! Are we gonna do
the new one or the old one? – I mean is he even real? Does it matter? – I mean I guess I’m gonna do the original Game Master mask and you can do the one that he did with the face reveal. For this round we were talking about the Game Master this time. – Okay, this keeps on happening. – Okay– Just try to turn it on, Matt.
– Camera still on? – We gotta–guys can you see us still? Hey. I don’t–I think its still recording Matt. – [Matt] Is it?
– I don’t know. Zam fam, it’s there. – [Matt] We’re back on, we’re back on. – Okay, let’s just do this, this is so weird its
like every time we talk about the– – This has never happened before. – Okay, can we hear the printer again? – It’s going again. Let’s go quick, go quick, Go quick.
– Do you hear paper? I don’t hear paper printing this time. Okay.
– Okay. – All right, so I’m gonna
draw the Game Master’s mask. You guys, let us know what you think, do you think the GMI is telling the truth? I just don’t know what that means. – [Matt] I don’t remember
what it looks like, I can’t– – I don’t remember– Oh my gosh! – Hold on, hold on. We gotta get through this round, right? – Should we stop this video? I don’t know. I don’t know if I even remember what the Game Master’s mask look like. There were like the dots at the bottom, was there a mouth? – Okay, you gotta go. Come on. You’re taking so long. – Do you remember Q during
the lie detector test said he was brought on after E2, and that’s when the Game Master’s mask got split in the Battle Royale
with the red hood right? – Yeah, exactly. – But they said that
they hired the red hood we need to figure out
when the red hood was was hired by the GMI. – Oh, like how long its been.
– Because, Yeah, because it doesn’t
make sense with E2. – Okay. – So if she was hired
at the same time as Q then it would mean that the GMI is lying. – What if the GMI’s been like
making it up the whole time? – But if the GMI’s lying, that means that that mask is not the real Game Master mask,
that puzzle piece one. The real Game Master might
have a whole new mask now. – It would actually make a lot more sense. – [Rebecca] That is true. And RZ twin doesn’t know
anything about the Game Master. – But they said that there was
glitches since she went back. – Yeah it’s like they’re
trying to make her me. And that’s definitely not RZ twin. – It was really weird hearing your voice while she was talking. – Yeah I know. I just don’t know what to believe. – I think I’m doing a
terrible job at this mask. – That doesn’t look like puzzle pieces. – It’s really hard to do puzzle pieces. – Have to use up the rest of this. Oh no, I think I made mine too big and then it’s not,
– Yup. – There’s not enough batter.
– And now she took all the white so I’m
gonna actually have to do I’m sorry Game Master. – Oh man. – This is the GMI Game Master. – That looks like a soccer ball. A pink soccer ball. – Dang, it does! Like I just kicked a soccer ball. – Okay what do I do if this isn’t working? Do we have any more batter inside? – You’re gonna have to use
a different color Rebecca. – No!
– It’s gonna be camouflaged. – Okay this Game Master mask is a fail! – I mean how big did you have to make it? – Well I didn’t know we didn’t
have any more pancake batter. Wait what if I just like
smear it with my finger? Ah, this could be bad. – [Matt] Some people would use a spatula. – [Rebecca] Ah, it’s hot. – [Matt] I can help you out, okay. I think you need some yellow. – It’s gonna ruin the whole thing! You just want me to lose. – Well, my soccer ball against your ghost. – Okay well I just wanna
finish so we can see what note that’s over at the printer.
– Yeah. – I was hoping this was working and they wouldn’t figure it out. This isn’t what I pictured when I started. You know what? It’s not bad. I just ran out of white! When you don’t have enough DIY supplies have you guys ever done that? Started a DIY and then
realized you didn’t buy enough of something? Done that many times but I have to say he prepped this one,
so, I blame my husband. – Okay, also, what if
you made rainbow pancakes tomorrow for breakfast? Oh, Okay! I’ve done that before.
– Yeah! – And I ate them they weren’t that bad. – Exactly. It should be pretty easy.
– But I don’t know, I’ve never had you make the
pancake batter so I don’t know if it’s gonna taste good.
– True. – I really wanna see
what that note is, Matt. – We got–we’re almost done. Does that even make sense? The power goes off and
then the printer starts. – Matt, this is so–
– What is going on? – I don’t know, something. We need to read that note, – Okay, okay.
– We need to finish this. – I think it’s time to flip, okay. Just, whatever you have right now, let’s just go ahead and flip it over. Let’s speed this up now. – I wanna win but I’m real
nervous about that note– – 3, 2, 1, flip. Oh no, oh no. Disaster. Disaster. Disaster. – Wow, wow. Wow, yours didn’t turn out so well. Mines not that well but, Matt have you failed on every single flip? – No, no
– For this pancake art challenge? – Fortnite llama was amazing. I’m atleast one of three. – This is a two-toned mask. Sorry Game Master if you’re real I messed up your mask. Time to present. I don’t even know what that is. – I feel like this is
from stranger things. – Okay, 3– 2, 1.
– 2, 1. – Mine could’ve been a lot better but I ran out of the white. – And I just made a
soccer ball apparently. Or it’s a lady bug, I have no idea. – Okay
– One or two. Comment down below which
one that you think it is. – Yeah.
– Is it a better soccer ball or a better lady bug? – Matt, I wanna see what’s
on that note over there. Okay guys, this video
just took a weird turn so we’re gonna go see what
note is on the printer. – [Matt] Something did print. – It’s just a note. It just says you need to stop, the Game Master is not real. – [Matt] That’s exactly what it says. – It’s so tiny. Matt I think this is from the GMI. – Well if it’s from the GMI, we must be doing something right. – Yeah because
they’re-they’re getting mad. – Exactly. – So this format thing might be working. – It’s the best thing we could do. – They’re–they can’t
hack into our videos. – Great.
– Okay, so we’re gonna do another
YouTuber’s format tomorrow, you guys you will not be able to guess. Comment who’s you think it is. Shout out to you guys that
have gotten our Zam Fam merch and tagged us on Instagram. If you want shout outs in our video make sure you are active
on our Instagram accounts. We’ll be shouting people
out in all of our videos. And make sure you check
out the video right here where we recreated the
Norris Nut’s Tiktok’s and then they actually judged us and it was pretty bad
and cringy, but yeah. Stay tuned for the next
video that we’re doing of another YouTuber. – [Matt] It went out. Lights are out! – Matt? I think this is the GMI.

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