Genius producer Zico’s skills in making up drawing questions? [Happy Together / 2017.01.12]

Genius producer Zico’s skills in making up drawing questions? [Happy Together / 2017.01.12]

One Meme Is Worth a Thousand Words! We’re with Kian84 today. Hyunmoo’s picture was posted on social media. People wrote a lot of comments. Hyeongyeong notified me about them. – They said you looked like a seal. / – Yes. (It’s the seal with a blue beard.) He wasn’t a mermaid, but a seal. (Hyunmoo was found to be a seal.) I’m sorry, but please sit properly. I can’t sit properly. This skirt is narrow. – I understand. / – It’s slim-fitting. (He can’t help but sit like a princess.) (It’s the seal princess.) (It’s the birth of the seal princess.) We’re having “Brothers Special”. Let’s imagine Hyeongyeong as Kian84’s sister even though they’re very different. How would you feel? – How would I feel if she’s my sister? / – Yes. – Tell us. / – I will… He wouldn’t like that. I think I will like her. (It’s inappropriate.) She’ll be your sister. Wouldn’t we have an inappropriate relationship? Please say what’s appropriate for TV. Seriously. You have been like this for months. He must really like Hyeongyeong. Zico is a good artist. – That’s right. / – I’m not very good these days. – Zico, can you draw us a problem? / – Yes. I’ll try. – Can he draw well? / – Yes, he can. Taewoon, you drew cartoons in elementary school. Yes, both of us learned art. They will do well in this segment. I’m envious of their artistic and musical skills. They’re handsome too. It’s time to solve the problems. Behind the pictures of our faces – are problems and points. / – Yes. The first team that gains 7 points out of 13 wins. Okay? The first guest with the right answer will get a gift. As you can see, – the gift is Korean pork. / – It’s pork. We prepared a Korean pork gift set. Only the guests can win the gift, right? Yes. It only applies to the guests. (Good luck.) – Since Zico has a chance, / – Right. Team Park will choose the first problem. – Saeho. / – Saeho. Let’s see it. – It’s from a viewer. / – Two points. The first team that gets seven points wins. Let’s go. This problem is from a viewer, Kim Hansol. It’s from Kim Hansol. – This is the problem. / – King Sejong. A man is waving goodbye to King Sejong. (Sechan checks his answer right away.) – Really? / – This is… Wait a minute. He had an answer right away. (What will be Sechan’s answer?) – Is it wrong? / – If he’s correct, he’ll receive a Korean pork gift set. Is it wrong? “Go-King” is incorrect. – “Go-King”. / – Nice. – My goodness. / – Nice. It was a good guess. Sechan gave you all a big hint. – Why did I… / – That’s right. – “Go-King”? / – What did he say? “Go-King”? “Goodbye, King”? – You said his answer was a clue, right? / – Yes. (If that’s true, this must be the answer.) “King of Mask Singer”. “King of Mask Singer” is not correct. – Why did you think that’s the answer? / – It’s funny. Don’t let others see your answer. “Goodbye.” “Goodbye, King”? “Go-King”? Zico. (Zico is an artist. What could be his answer?) “Goodbye-Robe”. That’s incorrect. – What’s that? / – He’s wearing a royal robe. (He combined “Goodbye” and “Royal robe”.) He lacks EQ. – My goodness. / – That’s disappointing. I got it. (Taewoon comes up with an answer.) – Don’t let others see your answer. / – I got it. Please come and show it me. (Could his answer be correct?) That’s correct. Yes! – Really? / – You can take this. – Please take your prize. / – He got it before Zico. He got the answer before Zico. I know the answer. He beat Zico. (He’s amazing.) – He’s smart. / – How did he get the answer? – “See you later, King.” Incorrect. / – That’s funny. “See you later, King.” (He combined “See you later” and “King”.) (Saeho tries to answer.) – Correct. / – Okay. Actually, this is a very easy question. – It’s very funny and… / – Right. How should I put it? – It’s also… / – Okay. Stop bragging. It’s actually quite easy. Sechan gave a hint but hasn’t gotten the answer yet. I think “King” should be at the end. I’m sure many of our viewers have gotten the answer. It’s so frustrating. You’re all close to the answer. You just have to think differently. – “Goodbye, King.” / – Think differently. Saeho, could you give them a hint with a gesture? – Sure. I’ll give them a small hint. / – Okay. (He exclaims.) Right? “Be careful”? (He screams.) – I’m not sure if that would be a hint. / – It is. – Taewoon, don’t you think so? / – Yes, it is. (Sechan got an idea from it.) – Okay. / – He’s amazing. – Right? / – He’s such a good guy. (Sehyung still doesn’t get it.) I was really close to the answer. I could’ve gotten it earlier. – Correct. / – Okay. Team Jun is leading the game. You feel anxious when the others get the answer. Why are my palms so sweaty? – That’s great. / – Did I get it? – Did he get the answer? / – He’s close. That’s close. Goodness. – “Go-King” was a hint. / – “King Sejong”? Myungsoo, don’t peek. – Is it “King Sejong”? / – Pardon? Try it. – It’s frustrating. / – “Goodbye”. Once you get the answer, you want to tell the others. The viewer who drew this is really smart. – Exactly. / – I really don’t know the answer. – Sechan almost told you the answer. / – He did. I almost told you the answer. Is the back of his hand a hint, as well? (They scream.) “Goodbye.” (He still doesn’t get the hint.) “Goodbye” and “King” are big hints. – “Goodbye” and “King”? / – Think differently. – “King, goodbye.” / – Think differently. – Think differently. / – Right. – That’s right. / – Just shift it a little. – Okay. / – “Goodbye.” If it’s incorrect, I’ll just go back. “Hi-King”. That’s incorrect. – Sehyung. / – Why did you think of that? (Hyunmoo screams.) Hyunmoo. – Hyunmoo. / – I got it. (It’s hard for Hyunmoo to walk.) – Please come closer. / – “King, goodbye.” – Show me your answer. / – “Goodbye, King.” Correct. My hint makes sense, right? – What was that? / – Gosh. (They scream.) (Hyeongyeong got the hint.) – ♪ Mysterious… ♪ / – “Goodbye” and “Scream”? – Go answer it now. / – So close. “Goodbye” and “Scream”? Correct. – Good. / – How did you get this? Hyeongyeong, do you know what his hint means? – Yes. That’s how I got the answer. / – See? Watch me. (I see.) (He screams.) This is how you should do it. (This is the real hint.) – That’s too easy. / – He’s right. That’s a big hint. This is a hint. (The princess doesn’t mind looking ugly.) – Gosh. / – You see… – This is so annoying. / – Those who know the answer… (He still doesn’t know the answer.) – “Goodbye, King.” / – I can’t believe this. – Correct. / – Gosh. Good job. (Combine “Goodbye” and “King”.) (“Bye-King”) (The answer is “Viking”, the pirate ship ride.) (The mermaid loves the Viking.) (This is why the mermaid came to land.) – Zico still doesn’t know the answer. / – What is it? – How do you say “Goodbye” in English? / – In English. – Bye. / – Goodbye – “Bye, King.” / – That person is really smart. “Bye, King.” Say “King” in English, as well. “Bye, King.” (I got it.) – You don’t have a chance. / – The game is over. – The game is over. / – Did he get it? Kian84 wrote “Bye, King” on his paper too. – It’s hard / – This is fun. – to think a step further. / – We got the answer. – Team Jun scored two points. / – Great. – It’s a good start. / – Zico. Don’t worry. This is just the beginning. – That’s right. / – We can still win this. There’s a three-point question. Team Jun will choose the next one. – We choose Hyeongyeong. / – Okay. Please show us. (It’s a 3-point question by Kian84.) I’ve been saving this meme. – Really? / – Kian84, is this a difficult question? – Yes, it is. / – Good. (Guess the answer.) A knife? – Kian84, this is great. / – Do you already know it? – Is it a good one? / – Yes, it is. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to get the answer. Kian84, this is amazing. The hand is dead. Is that a gun on the right? – Yes, it is. / – There’s a gun – and a knife. / – There are weapons. That’s a war. This is fierce. – What is it? / – It’s a war. – It’s a war of hands. / – It’s hard to quit once you start. – You seem confident. / – I’m not confident. – No way. / – Did he get the answer again? (Is the title of this meme is related to war?) “My Hands are Cold” is incorrect. “My Hands are Cold”. – It’s a good idea, though. / – That’s funny. – “My Hands are Cold”. / – That’s incorrect. “My Hands are Cold”. – Driving? / – Would it be okay if I get the answer? It’s okay. Try. You never got the answer when you said that. I think I know the answer. I’m on a roll. – Go try. / – What’s wrong with him? – I think it’s the answer. / – Cover your answer. (What’s Saeho’s answer?) (Jaeseok picks up the toy hammer quietly.) Hit him hard, please. – Correct. / – How did he get the answer? – When I was in the waiting room… / – My goodness. Did you hear the answer? No, I didn’t. – I’ve been thinking about this. / – War? It suddenly came to my mind. That was amazing. This is a high-quality meme. This meme is quite good. – We’ll use a chance. / – Okay. Only the Team Park members can see this. Okay. Good. – “Body Language”. / – “Body Language”. The three of you shouldn’t see this. We won’t see it. – We’ll put our heads down on the tables. / – Okay. – That’d be enough. / – Good. Please put your heads down on the tables. – Please put your head down / – Pardon? – so you can’t see anything. / – Like this. Saeho, please give them a hint now. – Me? / – Ready. (He’s giving a hint through body language.) (What does his action mean?) – Is it over? / – Was it good enough? I think it can be a good hint. Wasn’t he reading a text message? – You shouldn’t say it. / – They can hear you. Did he watch something alone? (He misheard what Myungsoo said.) The answer is related to his hint. – I have no clue. / – It’s related to his hint. I want to win the prize. That’s a battlefield. It’s a war. – That’s right. / – Myungsoo got it. Myungsoo got it. Let me see. Let me see. “Word processor” is incorrect. – That’s an old word. / – That’s incorrect. I haven’t heard “Word processor” in a while. – This isn’t it? / – I don’t think this is right. Is this the answer? (Hyeongyeong isn’t sure. What’s her answer?) “Keyboard warrior” is incorrect. (Her answer makes sense.) – Was it close? / – “Keyboard warrior”. She knows many difficult words unexpectedly. I have a high EQ. (A high EQ is helpful for this game.) Try anything you can come up with. That’s right. Myungsoo, come on. Come on. Yes, I can. Think of Saeho’s hint carefully. “It’s So Hot in Here” is incorrect. (“The war” sounds like “It’s hot” in Korean.) – It’s a three-syllable word. / – Right. – Hyunmoo. / – Is it a three-syllable word? “Arm war”. (“Arm war” is incorrect.) (He got it.) (Was it close?) “Arm war” can be a big hint. “Arm”. (Arm?) – “Arm war”. Right. / – These are arms, right? (Saeho’s startled.) – That’s a big hint. / – Arm? – Yes. Yes. / – You’re talking about arms, right? – Arm. / – A, R, M. I’ll give you another hint. Zico must have a lot of this. (My goodness.) – Right? / – Yes. What does he mean? It’s so frustrating. I want to crush his meme. Sehyung and Sechan seem very frustrated. – My head hurts so much. / – You see… It’s difficult. It’s “Arm”, not “Hand”? I could have drawn only the hands, but I drew the arms too. – He drew the arms. / – These are arms. – Zico has a lot of it? / – That’s right. Fan? – I got it. / – I know the answer. – I know the answer. / – Okay. (Hyunmoo’s confused.) (“Arm”,) (“Fan”,) (and Zico are the hints. What could be the answer?) – Correct! / – Yes! – Please take your prize. / – The meat is ours. – Can I get the prize too? / – No, you can’t. Correct! – Thank you. / – Everyone except for Hyunmoo passed. Correct! That’s an amazing meme. – What’s the answer? / – Arm. Zico has a lot of this. Arm. – Tattoos? / – Great, Myungsoo. Tattoos, Zico. – Is it “Ta-co”? / – Write it down. “Ta-co”? They’re making fun of you. I was very impressed. Zico! – Okay. / – How did he come up with this meme? – Don’t show it to the others. / – He exclaimed. – This is unbelievable. / – Don’t let them see it. Correct! (Zico’s answer is correct.) (The staff members clap for Zico.) – That’s right. / – I feel bad. They never clapped for Hyunmoo. When Zico got the answer… (They were so happy for Zico.) – I feel so sad. / – I know. – I feel bad for our seal. / – Our seal? – I feel so lonely. / – I understand. – He’s really good at this game. / – Exactly. – Does Zico have a lot of this? / – He has a lot. You have a lot of this, as well. – Saeho has a lot of it too. / – He has many too. – Jaeseok doesn’t have many. / – I don’t have many. – That’s hard to believe. / – Jaeseok doesn’t? – I’ll give you a hint. / – Okay. He’s drawing something. (What is Kian84 drawing?) – No way. / – Look at that. – Tweet, tweet. / – That’s too easy. – He gave a big hint. / – Everyone recognizes this. These are arms. (The war of arms) (Cell phone, what Zico has lots of, social media logo) (The answer is “Follower”.) (The two team leaders haven’t gotten the answer yet.) – It looks like this. / – Myungsoo, please show me. – It’s amazing. / – Exactly. Hyunmoo. – I can’t read your handwriting. / – It’s “Follower”. – Isn’t it “Follow-pi”? / – It’s “Follower”. – He wrote, “Follow”. / – I don’t think so. – Myungsoo wrote, “Follower”. / – Give me a break. – It looks like “Follow-pi”. / – What did you write? – Your handwriting is… / – It’s hard to read. – Why did you write, “Follow”? / – I wrote, “Follower”. Is no one on my side? – No. / – No one is on your side. There are none? – Let’s talk about it later. / – Among the two of them, Myungsoo’s answer “Follower” is correct. – Team Park won this time. / – “Follower”. – What is it? / – It’s not over yet. Zico prepared a meme for us. – Shall I draw it now? / – Kian84, guess the answer. (Zico will draw a meme he prepared.) (He’s good at rapping, making songs and is handsome.) (He’s even talented in drawing too.) – Zico. / – Okay. – Zico will draw his meme. / – Go, Zico. (Everyone is excited.) (Only Kian84 is nervous.) – He’s drawing. / – He draws well. – Is it difficult? / – His hands are pretty. Zico is left-handed. – It makes him look cool. / – Right? I’m ambidextrous. (Zico draws everyone’s attention.) – I’m envious. / – I’m ambidextrous. I’m envious. (Kian84 feels lonely somehow.) – What’s that? / – He’s really good at drawing. – Those aren’t sunglasses, right? / – He’s so talented. Would you like to take up a new job? (His rival is Zico. He laughs uneasily.) – He’s good at drawing. / – He has artistic talents. (Is it the sun?) – He has artistic talents. / – Let’s see. It’s not easy for you to get the answer – so far. / – Does it read, “KBS” on the microphone? – That’s right. / – “Happy Together”. (No way.) – That’s good. / – I think I know the answer. – Please come here. / – I don’t think it’s the answer. – “Happy Together”? / – Yes. I don’t think it’s right. – It can’t be that easy. / – You all look so excited. (What are their answers?) (Did they already get the answer?) “Yu Jaeseok” is incorrect. – The both of you. / – Yes? – You wrote, “Happy Together”, right? / – Yes. Incorrect. – It is not easy. / – Why did you write my name? You’re the sun of KBS. Taewoon, it was a good approach. Please don’t say things like that. – Saeho is / – Did he get the answer? doing so well. (Did Saeho get the answer again?) – Did he? / – He’s amazing. “Happy Sunday” is incorrect. Is that so? That drawing is pretty good… (The sun has a microphone. Is it related to a TV show?) Now that I saw your answers, I think – it’ll be hard to get the answer. / – That wasn’t it. – I see. / – You won’t be able to get the answer. Is that an announcer? – Zico. / – The sun must be a trick. (Zico’s ability of drawing a meme confuses everyone.) – Is this incorrect? / – Isn’t this the answer? (Taewoon tries.) “Descendants of the Sun” is incorrect. – That makes sense. / – That’s nice. This is a good meme. Sehyung’s answer is “Flaming Interview”. That’s incorrect. – “Flaming Interview”? / – It’s flaming. – The face is round, right? / – Yes. “Sun Dongyeol”. – He’s a baseball coach. / – He wrote, “Sun Dongyeol”. – He has sunglasses and a beard. / – So you wrote, – “Kim Heunggook”. / – He’s so talented. (“Kim Heunggook” is incorrect.) – You’re so bad at this game. / – I’m really bad at it. (What is the title of Zico’s meme?) – It’s as tricky as Kian84’s. / – I got it. My goodness. That’s amazing. (What is it?) (Saeho seems confident.) I should have tried before him. (Will he get the right answer this time?) – How many syllables does it have? / – Correct! Oh, no. Correct! – He is good. / – Zico is amazing. – What is the answer? / – I have no clue. – It’s a four-syllable word. / – That’s right. (What about this?) – “Interviewing Sun” is incorrect. / – That’s not good. (Is the sun interviewing someone?) – You’re close. / – I already tried it. – That’s close. / – You almost got the answer. You’re almost there. (“Interviewing Sun” is a hint?) – The sun is interviewing someone. / – That’s right. – “Interviewing Sun”. / – That’s it. – The sun is interviewing. / – Exactly. – “Interview with the Sun”. / – Right. – I’ll give you a hint. / – Is it “Sun News”? Go ahead. (It sounds like gibberish.) Did Myungsoo do this in the past? (What I did in the past?) (He imitated Lee Seungchul and a rice insect.) Zico created a great meme. (That’s it!) (Myungsoo got a hint from “What he did in the past”.) I’m so stupid. (Is it what Myungsoo did in the past?) Correct! (He feels great now that he understood Zico’s meme.) Gosh. (Those who haven’t got the answer are more confused.) You can do it. – Listen. / – Think from a newcomer’s perspective. – I’ll give you a hint. / – Don’t think like a star. This is the title of a movie. – That’s a big hint. / – That’s a really big hint. – Is it a movie title? / – It’s a four-syllable word. – Think like a newcomer. / – It’s a movie series. – Is it a movie series? / – Yes. – You mentioned this earlier. / – You said it. – Did I mention it? / – Yes. – Can I draw one more thing? / – Sure. Go ahead. They will know if I do this. Here I go. (He’s drawing a lightning bolt.) (Sehyung exclaims.) I wish he had drawn it earlier. What is it? (Sechan still has no idea.) Is it over? Correct! (Do you understand what Zico’s meme means?) (The sun is interviewing someone.) (It’s what Myungsoo did when he was a newcomer.) (He used to be a reporter.) (The sun is a reporter.) (It’s a four-syllable film title related to lightning.) – Anyone else? / – I have no idea. Think like a newcomer. – He even drew a lightning bolt. / – Hyunmoo. You really look like a seal now. (The confused princess looks more like a seal.) I’ll give you a hint. “Leviosa.” (Hyunmoo and Taewoon got it at the same time.) Correct! (Both Hyunmoo and Taewoon got the answer.) – Is it over? / – Our team won. – Team Park wins! / – Yes! We’ll be back with a more fun next week. Thank you.

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  1. I miss Taewoon in Speed. Now Taewoon doing his solo music is not as good like when he is in the boy group. Sorry Taewoon. Zico is better though.

  2. I guessed something(follower) for the first time :') It was after I saw the blue bird but still 😛

  3. Taewoon so cute. He like a kid when he got answer lol. My heart is breaker. I lost my mind when JIHO smiling wah!…They're so cute…I'm fall in them ❤️❤️❤️

  4. lol, on the second one (follower) they drew arms ins war and I was like 99% sure that it was an english word play, 'army'. The actual one didn't make any sense since I'm not Korean, but you have to admit the whole the army is fighting in war and he drew arms thing… I'm lowkey proud of my answer xD

  5. am i the only one who thought Choi Minho (flaming charisma) was the ans in the last question? its bcause of the sun=flame lol me and my screaming shawol soul

  6. im shook! i didn't know zico is good in drawing just like his best friend mino! knowing this is a good feeling 😘

  7. I really liked this as an old kpop fan I had fun using my kpop references to understand…. it is another way of learning korean culture!!!!!

  8. 😭😂 for the second one I was like "ARMY" "wait nvm" "FAN WARS ON TWITTER" then they said the answer was "followers" I was like -__________-

  9. OMG my jaw drops once Jaesuk said Leviosa. Zico u brainy boy and idk that he is left-handed and im also left handed omo

  10. I am the biggest Harry Potter fan out there but I didn't even get the last meme until Zico drew the lighting bolt and Jaesuk said 'Leviosa'. LOL

  11. Zico ambidexterity? He used right hand to write, left hand to draw?! He so good at drawing when use left hand omg, i myself also a left handed and also good at drawing!

  12. The meme zico draw was Harry Potter

    Hae is sun
    So it means the sun is reporting a boy and he drawer a lightning bolt so it means the boy is Harry and Harry has a scar

  13. Im happy being left handed gets compliments haha normally people just make fun of me. I wish I was ambidextrous, though I do things like cut with scissors and use a computer mouse with my right hand because I grew up doing it that way.

  14. At first I couldn't see the resemblance between Taewooon and Zico, but now I definitely do. It's something about the mouth and smile… Their expressions as well

  15. For the first one i had NO idea, for the second i thought it was videogames and for the last i thought it was weekly idol LMAOOO 😂 whats wrong with me

  16. I know I should have been paying attention to the drawings but all I could focus on was trying to figure out what kind of pen the members were using to write their answers 😂

  17. okokokok i don't get the last one; is the answer harry potter? Is it based on the word interview? Or the word for sun? If someone knows can they tell me ahaha. I understood where the other ones came from but not this one..

  18. With the follower one, I thought the answer was army haha. Because of the arms that are fighting and zico has a song anti lol.

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