Getting a web development job with no experience

Getting a web development job with no experience

hey guys thanks for coming by for another video so today I want to talk to you guys about how to get a web development job without any web development experience and I know this is like a burning question for a lot of people and trust me it's interesting because it's actually a problem that I've had when I was first starting out even after I started out just not having enough experience to even get certain paying jobs when I knew that I had the skills so that's another interesting thing to think about like just experience matters in your skillset and it turns out that it's a lot of times it does unfortunately before getting a applied for web development jobs it's obviously I sure started learning some code so I've had this in a few videos before like you know there's a ton of online resources some of them you have to pay some of them are free like just type in a global introduction to HTML CSS jQuery those are your three main ones that you need chat that I think are like really solid skills to have to get your first web development job I just remember that I learned all these skills I couldn't land a job because I didn't have I wanted to have any work students put on my resume I just had that I went to college I had a few internships and ER but what I actually started doing was I started while I was learning I started building projects so I would make a website idea solicit a I'm going to make a um Ruth berries Botanical Garden and I would just come up with a design so I taught myself Photoshop and illustrator came up with a design for my website and then I proceeded to code the design for that website and I created a little arm I couldn't afford to buy a domain name or what terrible thing so I actually used a site called wigs and I just took my designs uploaded them I just gave like a little description of what they were and that was basically how it just you know designers design coat after coat how I slowly built up my um my website also there's a ton of places where you can host your code on life code pen github things like that where um you can also add to your resume and potential employers can go there to see the website or the webpages that you built so that's a really great resort to have as well yeah so I just basically made up companies slowly started reaching out as a freelancer I didn't have the time or the financial resources to wait around while applying for jobs I started reaching out of the freelancer I came up with some card ideas and I got them printed I would hand them out I would leave them at business places I would let friends know you know not that I was like begging them for business but I would say you know I'm doing this if you guys know of anyone or if you ever need anything like please like feel free to practice information around and slowly I started getting one or two people I started getting like little odd design jobs or development jobs here and there and slowly I started even building more of like a real life portfolio because these sites were actually hosted so that looks even better and so on I made sure to ask them like hey can I please use your design in my portfolio and could I also use you as a reference because for most job when you're applying to them you need references and it's really hard to get past a certain point in the hiring process without them calling a reference and if you haven't worked with anyone you can be used very curtilage you can get friends to be references you can say hey can you be a reference for this website that I built associated if you like while you were building it you know they were really involved with Fox tonight maybe they were talent like giving you feedback like hey this looks good and that doesn't look good and they can be a stand-in reference to me not that they were paying you or that it was their company but they observe you in the process because you really need to like live together as many of these sources as we can when you're starting out with no references no job experience so you have to be very creative you guys so things like that you know and then I'm just be honest I've been a reference for people before work I was not their boss but maybe they managed a store where I would go in and I would buy something from them and I was actually called as a reference and I was like yeah I would just go in and she always paired things properly in this in that and I you know I wasn't there was hardly any reason for me to reference but she really got creative in that sense and I she was able to get a better paying job because of that and you know when they called me they actively asked me what I did and hearing that I was like a senior developer of this particular company to them that was like oh she associates with certain people no I mean I'm not trying to brag but it looks good to have references and I wasn't getting any financial benefit from it she wasn't getting in a financial benefit from me either of you were just just an exchange and service just a goodwill just good-hearted help so definitely you know reach out people like in that way to like say hey can you embarrassments for this I just need you to tell me like just to vouch for me to say that I can actually do this you know and you'd be surprised how many people are willing to step up and really help you especially when they see that you're trying people really like to help people who are trying it is very rare when someone is trying and like they unless they're just really jealous and like I'm happy with their own life but most people are will help you if they see that you are really trying to help yourself it's just kind of how it works so um yeah that's that's definitely a good first step then once you actually start getting like actual clients I would initially like when I was starting out I didn't charge people right away because I just so desperately needed these arm clients and hard like proof of work of things that are hosted on the site so to Claire's I didn't actually charge I just needed to get that on reference and approval of a project so then when I started signing for jobs I could use them as references I could show their website and they could confirm that yes I built this or yes I designed this for them whatever needs you and so what I started getting more and more jobs and but I really hacked I personally have to step up and like go after what I wanted even within my er even within the company I was working for even though I had a lot less experience in terms of years than my more senior colleagues but the fact is that I had like just as much technical knowledge as David or at least the capacity to like learn the technical while knowledge in a very short amount of time and so you do have to be very proactive when it comes to your career so getting started is hard rising up and rank the chart even in this position right I'm right now as a senior and developer like it is still constantly like proving myself like to like go into the software engineers or the web developers the same thing can I help you with something hey what code could I learned that could really help me help you with some of picked some of that work blow it off of you and they're like oh can you learn like um if you don't know in c-sharp or can you learn more about store procedures or tuning learn how to like build more tables and since I've got like that's the type of feedback and I take that feedback and I literally put it into practice and I keep them updated like hey I'm learning this or I'm I'm at this point you know I'm going to work on the development site and do some of this so if you see something changing like don't freak out like it's me working on store procedures and things like that and like they will see that and they're like okay Tavella continues to give you hard and her thing so when it comes time to asking for a raise or promotion or even getting a higher paying job outside of the company you have um examples to back it up at stake a I did this I can prove that I did this I deserve this amount of money and if you're not getting it where you are you can for sure go somewhere else and get it so um this kind of went on as I ran gee guys this is just something I'm really passionate about because like I said I did I definitely know how if you'll start from like underground like not even ground like underneath the ground and like rise up and like how do like especially as a younger person you know how to prove myself that I'm mature like at work it is so funny people are always so shocked when they find out my age they're like oh my god you're the same age as my daughter like I thought you were so much older not that they're like insulting or anything but they're like you know you're just so mature for someone your age like you have to decide what you want in life you know and um that's just what I wanted and I knew that these are the step back cake and I studied people I I really watch the people that are succeeding in the space that I am like whatever something I mean I observe them I see what they're doing I try to you know incorporate some of those factors into my own work ethics like my own knowledge and I will go as far as asking them like hey can you mentor can you give me some advice on what I can do to improve can give me some advice on what it would take to get a position like yours and I've never been turned down people are they're always more than happy to help me they'll always give me a list of the types of code to learn um you know things like that soul you guys you have for sure Glasser um don't give up keep trying you will get something if you just keep at it and like you just keep working hard you know stay positive yeah so okay guys I hope this video answered your questions I know you guys have really wanted this question answered so I did my best to get all the aspects that you guys are so aren't you guys if you like this video please give me a 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28 thoughts on “Getting a web development job with no experience”

  1. I was just thinking about taking html, css, and javascript, and a programming class since they don't offer jquery. Then I want to look for a job. Should I take photoshop? I don't want to take photoshop.

  2. how about the project in portfolio, it is applicable to have a fiction website project or not? Sorry for my grammar im not good in english thank you!

  3. Found your channel a few days ago and I’m a subscriber already. Thanks for the videos! I’m 44 (trying to leave retail) and just finished my course on web development. Your videos are inspiring and they show the reality of the career. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. How to land a web developer job if you have no time to make your own project? For example, I have two crappy jobs that I have to do because I have family support. How come there are no companies that are willing to give you a chance and invest money and time in you by paid internships?
    PS If you think how come you had time to watch my video, I didn't. That's how busy I am and still make so little I feel I should just kill myself.

  5. Currently in middle school, I'm learning HTML, CSS, and JS. Hopefully I get a frond end dev job somewhere after college or uni.

  6. Helpfull video. I have good knowledge of developing. Like Html, Css, javascript, jqury, Bootstrap, Nd Cms – wordpress etc . I want job . could you Help me ?

  7. Could you make a video about how you went from playing Daya in Orange is the New Black to becoming a web developer? Thanks!

  8. Thank you for your advise. I am in the process of building a few projects for my portfolio. You encouraged me to keep going. <3

  9. hi , my name is taghi and I'm originally from AFGHANISTAN an I live in IRAN now , I study electerical engeneering but my passion is programming , I started to learn web design / develope afew month ago
    I wanted to say thank you for sharing your exprience with us they're so helpfull
    when I watch your video I become motivated because your showing the path perfectly
    thank you for doing this 🙏
    I woud like to know if you have any suggestion

  10. I know people who had no clue what HTML was before and they got a web developer job because they knew people in the industry.

  11. Thanks for these videos. I'm going to a web developer position this Friday and this is a career change for me so these videos are really helping me.

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