Getting Out of a Rut · Drawing All The Time #1 · semiskimmedmin

Getting Out of a Rut · Drawing All The Time #1 · semiskimmedmin

It’s Friday. It’s half one. And today is the day that I start drawing
all the time. I’ve been wanting to start a new video series
for a while, and I knew what kind of content I wanted, and I had a lot of suggestions from
you guys that were pretty much the same as what I had in mind…. I wanted to keep the sort of casual, informal,
but also at least somewhat valuable nature that I had with my sketchbook series. It’s been great to see how me sharing my
experiences and things I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made can help other people
and just start a discussion, to where we’re all sharing our experiences and learning from
each other. In terms of the format of the videos, I’m
not 100% sure yet, that’s where your feedback comes in. But for today, I like watching videos where
people draw and talk so I’m gonna draw and I’m gonna talk. So, in terms of the ‘drawing all the time’
thing. At the moment I’m really pushing this draw
every day mantra for myself. Trying to make art a solid habit in my life. I’ve said this before but, the key to improving
and evolving as an artist is to create as much as possible, and not rely on being inspired
to be able to create, let the constant flow of productivity and creativity be what fuels
the inspiration. And to do that, the habit of drawing constantly
has to be as entrenched in you as something like brushing your teeth. And I thought what better way to motivate
me to really commit to this than to share that journey of consistant art-making with
you guys. And just talk through how I’m doing it,
how it’s going, what issues I have, how I deal with them. This can be like my Big Brother diary room,
where I come back after a week of trying to draw as much as I can and let you know how
it’s going. Show you what I drew, a bit of the how and
the why… I’ve also been really keen to show more
of the behind the scenes of the art process… of the art making process. And show more of how art fits into real life,
how I find the time…. So that’s what we’re doing. That was a long intro. I fell like these videos are gonna be such
a departure from my concise, straight-to-the-point videos. That’s something I’ve been probably the
most nervous about. Just this like free-form rambling. A lot of you might prefer the short and sweet
but I guess for that you can watch my speed-paintings. This is gonna be my chatty… chatty… not
knowing what I’m talking about… kind of video. So what I’m doing at the moment, I’m actually
playing catch up in my sketchbook. This is my new Stillman and Birn sketchbook,
its a one of their… zeta series, I’ve been using it as like a visual diary, the
same way I do my travel journals, documenting the days with pictures with drawings and writing
and also just using it for my usual doodles and studies and concept stuff. But my aim has been to do one drawing a day
based on something that happened that day or the previous day. But, in all my umming and arring about the
new series and also going on holiday, finishing my moleskin, I’ve been generating the ideas,
but not had the time to record them and missing loads of days in between. So at the moment I’m sort of playing catch
up, filling in the gaps and that’s what I’m doing today. Today’s page is in amongst the beginning
bits and bobs, this week is actually linked back to my moleskin, there are pages in that
sketchbook that lead into this one for me. This was a week of being in a major creative
funk. It was actually way back at the end of March. I had decided I wanted to draw more constantly
but I was really struggling to draw at all. The weird thing is I felt productive, or motivated,
I had the energy and desire to do things, but for whatever reason, actually doing things
and art things in particular felt really daunting. I do occasionally have different kinds of
funks, but as far as they go, this was a pretty decent one. Because I was still getting out of bed and
doing things. Well I still spent a lot of time in bed but…
that’s just what I do. But because I am kind of used to that feeling,
I knew more or less how to deal with it. The first and most important thing is to not
be like mad at yourself. It’s really frustrating to want to do something
but at the same time feel like something is holding you back or you’re holding yourself
back. But getting down on yourself about it, throwing
blame and judgement, is never gonna help. I just kind of thought, okay, this is how
I feel, not loving it but I can deal with it. So… the thought of drawing at that point,
for whatever reason, filled me with dread. I tried to feel like less of a bum by getting
on with other, kind of art things, art business things like packing orders, responding to
comments, stuff like that. Also tidying, keeping a tidy space for me
just welcomes calm and an openness to do things and keep going. And that was the start of it. Being gentle with myself, acknowledging how
I was feeling, what I could and didn’t really feel like doing. And then the next thing is… if you find
yourself afraid or hesitant to make art, don’t let that stop you being creative. If there’s something in you that really
wants to just do something even if it doesn’t involve putting a pen to paper, keep that
spark alive in any way you can. For me, at this time, my boyfriends birthday
was coming up, I’d got him a lens for his camera and I had the bright idea that I’d
make a heart shaped gift box to put it in so he wouldnt know what it was straight away. I’ve never made a heart shaped gift box before,
I never thought I’d be that person. But I was in a making mood. Even though I didn’t want to draw I wanted
to create and thats important to recognise when you’re in a rut. It isn’t always an overarching thing. Sometimes it is, but be open to exploring
other avenues, don’t write yourself off and say well I’m not gonna do anything cos
I’m not in the mood or it’ll turn out badly. So anyway I made this box, it wasn’t great,
I got glue everywhere. And yeah, I am always in my bed, I definitely
should spend more time at my desk, but when I am feeling a bit fragile or anxious, I’ll
always at least give myself that. I’m allowed to stay in bed as long as I’m
doing something. You gotta go easy on yourself without letting
yourself get away with murder, You gotta be good cop and bad cop to yourself. And that really helped, it was a lot of fun,
I felt accomplished and I kind of thought, okay maybe I can potentially do some drawing. I’m just setting up my laptop so I can have
my reference images to look at while I draw. So yeah I got to point where I thought maybe
potentially I can do some drawing. Still in my bed, and still actually in my
moleskin, I grabbed the first pen I could find which was a pink fineliner and I just
kind of started doodling. And it was pretty horrible. Like, I mean it doesn’t look great, but
it also wasn’t like this immediate breath-of-fresh-air experience. I don’t know if this is something people
can relate to. I think we all kind of assume that people
who do art and love art should love every moment of it and especially if you’re just
doodling for the sake of it. But the reality for me, and I’m sure for
other people is that it can be kind of torturous sometimes and it sucks when something you
love doesn’t bring you the joy that it normally would. I’m just gonna interject quickly, I hope
this isn’t all too much of a downer. And like I’m fine. I hope it’s okay for me to talk about these
things that aren’t the most positive. This is still just me having a chat, it’s
probably just a bit more raw than what I would usually do. But yeah, if we look at the stuff I did while
I was just trying to draw for the sake of drawing, I have my moleskin here and you would
have seen it in my sketchbook tour, I can just remember how I was feeling at the time
BUT I was TRYING. I even watched this Blender video on youtube,
something like ‘7 Habits of Effective Artists’, took notes, to kind of make my youtube procrastination
slightly worthwhile, but yeah. And even in this mess, see heres the reason
I always look back and appreciate pushing myself to just put a pen onto the paper, cos
out of all this mess there’s this random wheel I drew and I like that. I feel like that’s useable. Next day again, I tried to just put pen on
paper, cos I felt up to it. Had a different outcome. I ended up just writing this so not the drawings. But um, I’m not gonna show what I wrote,
hopefully you can’t read it. I don’t know what it says, it’s the kind
of thing I think I just wrote just to get it out, Ihave no real desire to read that
over again. But I can say that it helped. I had allowed myself the satisfaction of being
able to say I had done another page in my sketchbook. I achieved something. You could literally practice drawing straight
lines. I do that sometimes. As long as you congratulate yourself snd appreciate
yourself for putting in the work, you’re gonna be moving in the right direction. And gradually, that heavy feeling kind of
lifts. You feel a little bit more able. So that’s what this is about. Blind contour drawings as I came out of the
rut, great way to ease back in to drawing more creatively. No pressure, bit of fun, occasional spark
of something. Like this face looking down. I like this one a lot. Down here I even wrote, ‘feeling much better,
back in a stride of sorts. creating again and out of bed. those are the important things.’ So just to recap the points so far in getting
out of a rut. By the way, I do have a little cheat-sheet
down here of my talking points so I don’t go too off course. So, acknowledge the feeling without judgement. Do what you can / do something / do anything. Explore other creative avenues. Ease back into it. The next thing, which also kind of ties into
my ‘writing how I felt’ bit, but the next thing is to get it out. However your feeling, try not to just hold
onto it and let it fester inside you. If you’re frustrated or disappointed in
yourself, your art whatever, you can write it down but I do think it’s better to talk
to someone. It doesn’t have to be a deep, soul-baring
chat. You don’t have to get completely into it,
just kind of saying out loud, yeah I’m kind of frustrated at the moment, I’m a bit stressed,
my art isn’t going how I want it to, my creativity feels stunted. It helps with processing how you’re feeling
and cycling that feeling from rolling around in your head, out of you and into the world. A lot of people who maybe aren’t into art
or stuff like that, they might not necessarily understand. But I don’t really share those feelings
to get comfort or validation, I just like having a bit of a back and forth with someone,
maybe changing my perspective. I talk to my mum a lot, again not in depth,
but just you know, it was a tough drawing-day today, I couldn’t really manage to make
anything I liked. She always has like the typical mum advice
but just the act of me saying how I was feeling to someone else, lifts a weight. And it was actually after talking to Ozzy
that I got that final little spark, that bit that you hope and wait for when you’re in
a creative slump, where it’s like, the fog clears and ‘I wanna draw right now and I
can’t wait.’ It was his suggestion that I would say is
the biggest contributor to my getting out of a rut. Obviously you all know I’m not huge on going
out and about, I’m a proper homebody, whenever I watch any kind of advice video where one
of the tips is like ‘go out and have a walk”, like deep down I know that it would probably,
definitely help, but at the same time… I could really just not. But yeah I was kind of at this hurdle of,
I feel fine now, I’m feeling positive, I’ve got my life together, I’m not down about
my lack of creating, but there’s still no spark. It’s stopped raining but the sun hasn’t
come out yet. And he goes, ‘Well why don’t we go to
the Tate or something’, the Tate Modern gallery, here in London. And my first reaction, genuinely was like…
‘mmmm, I don’t think that’s gonna inspire me in the way I need inspiring. But yeah I guess we can go.’ And then like, within a day of that conversation,
so before we’d even gone… That was it. I was excited again. About art. I had ideas and I was looking into what they
had on at the gallery and thinking about what bits I wanted to see and also just being out
by the river in the fresh air. The anticipation was a breath of fresh air
and it was that one final push to get back into things. And that’s when I drew stuff like this and
this, just having fun, feeling like I had a bit of purpose again. A few days later we had a great day at the
gallery, I did some doodles while I was there and afterwards as well. I actually have a bit of history with the
Tate Modern. Back when I was at uni, I was studying English
and Spanish, I love languages, I love learning languages, and I love literature, but I didn’t
love university. For whatever reason, I just felt ‘like this
isn’t it, this isn’t what I wanna be doing with my life’. And this is before I had even really considered
pursuing a career in art. I have a blog post I’ll link below where
I talk about that situation in a bit more detail. But yeah, that time was essentially, the biggest
rut in my life. I felt stuck. And my campus, I went to King’s College
by the way, its a lovely uni. My campus was just across the river from the
Tate. So when I’d inevitably end up skipping my
lectures because I really wanted anything but to be there, I’d have a wander, go to
starbucks, walk across the millennium bridge and just I guess be drawn to the gallery. Just wander around in there. And it was a little pocket of peace and quiet. And it made me just feel calm and grounded. I don’t know if its just the Tate that does
that, I’m sure it isn’t, I think it was just the nearest thing to me at the time. Just being in that kind of space is like a
breath of fresh air. Galleries and museums and even libraries or
big art supply shops, they have this quality to them of like, something so impressive and
stable and secure. And you just finally have room to think. But yeah, I guess that final tip for getting
out of a rut, the most difficult for me but the most worthwhile; make plans, go out and
seek inspiration. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Give yourself something to get excited about. Just to go over all the things one last time; Acknowledge the feeling without judgement. Do what you can / do something / do anything. Explore other creative avenues. Ease back into it. Talk it out / let it go
Make plans and give yourself something to get excited about So for the rest of that week I ended up going
out actually too much. That’s be something I think I may talk about
in another video like finding the balance between your social life and drawing all the
time. Finding time.. finding time for it basically. I hope that me sharing my experience will
help some of you guys who have been in the same kind of funks. I’d love to know if anyone has their own
tips for that. I’d also love to know if anyone’s still
watching. And I’d love to get your feedback on this
style of video, obviously it’s early days so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears. But I’ve really enjoyed talking to you all
and sketching and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you
next time. Bye!

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