GF VS BF Pancake Art Challenge! Learn To Make Spongebob, The Powerpuff Girls, Emojis, Pokemon

GF VS BF Pancake Art Challenge! Learn To Make Spongebob, The Powerpuff Girls, Emojis, Pokemon

Three two one Oh no! No! No no no no! I take it back! Who won the round? Dis one. I might burn myself. Mine looks like a scrambled egg Ahhh. AGH! I made a big mess. With the… heh Hey guys! It’s Wengie! Welcome back to my channel. And… HUG!! So, this is Max, my boyfriend, and today we’re doing a boyfriend vs. girlfriend pancake art challenge! So if you guys watch Reacticorns at all, You see us in our onesies we are normally unicorns. Also guys, I have a super cool announcement. So last year you might remember that I became the voice of Bliss, the fourth Powerpuff Girl. That was such an amazing experience And I had so much fun doing that So this year I’ll be returning as Bliss again in a whole new adventure This episode will be airing on Cartoon Network this coming Saturday at 6:30 p.m But if you miss it, you can catch it on the Cartoon Network YouTube channel next week, which I’ve linked down below Can’t wait to see you guys there Auugghhh!! So, there’s a secret rule to this challenge. What’s that? You gotta let the girlfriend win. Whaaat? It’s on. You ready guys? Let’s go! For round one is Patrick Star! Oh my gosh! I love that guy. He’s so cute. I think he kinda looks a bit like me and my body shape, actually… He just kind of looks like a blob. So if you get it wrong, I mean, it’s still a blob You can’t go wrong with this one Are you sure about that? Well, you ready? I’m ready! GO! I’ve got an advantage because I’ve done this, like, twice. I’m so confus– Did you start with the–ah. No! I’ve already got this wrong! No! I take backsies! This is the first round, I get to take backsies! You gotta do, like, the things on the inside first. Yep. Knowledge. This thing’s so runny! Who made the batter? I don’t know! I don’t know? I know… Also, guys, it is your job — oh, what happened there It is your job, guys, to vote who you think one each round down below in the comments. Aw, yeah. So put our name next to, like, the round number. Team Wengie! Team Max guys! Team Wengie won this one. What the heck? We haven’t even finished yet. Do you think you’re not gonna fit his body into that because his face looks kind of big He does have the rest of his. Oh, gee… Well… Oh, no! No take backsies! His arm starts from this to his mouth? Like this. And then he got a fat belly. I can’t fit his body in at all! I don’t know what I’m gonna do. This is a risk, guys. Maybe I should have just not even do the– AHH! Ow! I’m burning myself! Dude, I was just looking at my mouth compared to — my mouth is so big! What is that!? Ahaha! And, I think I’m gonna use a belt line. Oh, I wonder who you copying that idea from? I didn’t even look over at your side! I just looked over there to see how ridiculous yours seems, and then looked back. Ohh!!! Well, okay, okay… I’m almost done! I’m pretty much done as well. I just gotta like fill it in, too What is that? This looks like it comes from a nightmare. My very first pancake challenge ever and this is number one. Okay, you gotta cut me some slack. I know who won this round! We don’t know what the front’s gonna look like yet. Okay, so, it’s all gonna be Oh-haha! Look at that! That looks disgusting! It looks like — ahh! I am so scared of skin diseases guys. This is literally my worst nightmare. It looks like bubbling skin. I’ll flip mine sooner than you can flip yours. Oh my gosh! It — oh no! — it-it got stuck! I can save it. I just lift it up… Ahhh. You know what? I think mine is ready to flip. 3… 2… 1… Ohh!! He got burnt! Look at how crazy mine looks. Mine’s got, like, the crazy eyes going. Ahaha! My own went a little heavy on the eyeliner …And this our pancakes for this round, round one. You guys gonna go down below and vote who won this round I mean, I’d love you guys to vote for mine, but honestly, I I don’t think it looks very good Well for the next round, you can redeem yourself. This was your first pancake. Yep, practice round guys Okay guys, round two. This is one of my favorite cartoons growing up and my favourite character. We are doing Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh… my… gosh. I know you loved him. Wait, is that, is that sirens? What’s going on? There’s a catch to the challenge. Whoever wins this round gets to sabotage the other persons’ in the next round. Oh, my gosh, okay guys, I got this. Ah! Ahaha! And I will reveal what the sabotage methods are in the next round. Alright. Game faces on, guys, let’s do this! I can’t do this pose. I felt like I started very wrong. Honestly, like he else is looking pretty good to me Honestly, like, yours is looking pretty good to me. But, like, seriously why take the picture when he’s, like, holding pizza as well? I how much more complicated but does need to be? I think we can both safely assume that we don’t think either of us is gonna turn well. We’re just desperately hoping that it turns out better than the other person I just gave up on drawing this guy’s legs. It’s like a half body portraits shot. Taking creative liberties Yeah, yeah. Honestly, this doesn’t look like much, but I’m hoping it will once I flip it over. Yours looks so good again! What the heck?! I don’t wanna look over anymore! I just realized, guys, this is gonna be the hardest pancake to flip. To flip, right? It’s huge! How are you going to flip yours? I dunno! He’s not top-heavy like yours! I secretly knew that I had to flip him. So I put them a majority of everything in, like, one nice spot. Knowledge Maybe I’ll have to borrow your spatula. Ooh, okay. I dunno. Should I let you? It’s alright! Just admit defeat. Look at this. I feel like you can almost flip? Do you think we’re almost ready to flip? 3… 2… 1… Ooah! Ohh!! We can’t be — hah! Oh! Yours looks so Ohh no!! Yours is kinda cute, too. He’s quite top-heavy. He’s not bad. He’s a buff turtle. Your one is so skinny! What kind of villain is he gonna fight, right? Mine — he could take on a villain. That doesn’t move. …Yeah. I’m not convinced that you won this Ahh! Really now? I can only see one eye. Like, the other eye… There’s the other eye! Like, what happened with the other eye? It got burnt! You guys should vote in the comment section down below who you thought won. This round this is the finished product I kinda I think mine won So we can’t actually agree But now we’ve decided that we’re just both gonna sabotage each other next round. It’s gonna be the first-ever double sabotage round! Mia, who won the round? This one? Or this one? You like this one. No, she likes one! Alright, guys! So round three is something really special and important to me. Ooh, what’s that? Well, lemme give you guys a hint. I did her voice. I think I know who it is! Yep, it is Bliss, guys! Bliss from Power Puff Girls! Alright, guys, it is time for sabotage. So… Da da… Oh no. Don’t take the good one. Oh! What? Draw anything on your opponent’s grill for two seconds! Two seconds? Oh, yeah! It’s a winner! What is this one? Remove the lid from one of your oppent’s bottles. Ohh!! Wait, so I don’t get the squeezy top? Aw, no! You didn’t! We know Bliss has blue hair! Good luck with doing her hair. Oh no! No! No no no no no! I take it back! I take it back! I’m taking off the black. Oh, my gosh! When you picked the blue up, like… she hasn’t thought this through very well! Knowledge. I’m gonna hang on to mine right now and I’ll pick a very timely moment to exercise my event I’m gonna start off with my black. Well, she actually has white eye. So I’m gonna start with the white. Yeah, me too Now, I’m in trouble. I’m so stuck right now. I didn’t even know what to do Augh. This is my own character. This is not good. You feel like I might win this one? No, I feel like I’m just… I don’t even know… Do you see these eyebrows that you can’t draw Dang! Ahahaha! Maybe I might exercise my advantage now. How about I do that two seconds, right? Ready? Set? 1, 2, done! Ahahaha! I made yours a little bit anxious. Oops, ahh! The mouth! Your shape is actually looking pretty good! I’m gonna go with the blue… You know, I just realized I’ve made a huge mistake What’s the mistake you have made? No, I’m not telling you. You’ll learn from my mistake. So I’m gonna go with her skin colour I feel like this brown is almost a bit too dark for her skin colour No, it’s too pink. What is this color? Oh! That’s your mistake! You made the wrong brown! I even prepared that specifically! I’m going in with the right skin color. Oh no! Pray for me, guys, the black it’s coming. Ugh! When it’s doing? That’s the eyes! Hey you found a way I had to draw everything else and then pour it on. That’s really smart You’re, like, done and I’m still struggling. I’m done! Alright, I feel like I’ve committed to flipping — she’s not getting unstuck 3… 2… 1… Whooah! Ohh!! Actually, yours turned out pretty good. You’re on point with the color. I kind of went too blue I feel like your skin colour is more closer to the picture than my skin colour. It does actually look closer to the picture now that I’m looking at it again. Yeah. He’s sabotaged me! the colour. Okay guys, this our Bliss pancakes! Don’t forget to go down below and vote who won this round. Okay, guys, it’s the next round This round we’re doing the cat with big heart eyes! This one is, like, our most used emoji. Yeah, I know It’s a cat, it’s good love heart, but there is a catch for this. Yep, so we’re both right-handed, right? So we’re gonna do this entire round using our left hand. Augh… You don’t want to see my left hand, it’s not good. I’d like to think I have pretty good left hand skills She has a belief that she was born left-handed and then was forced to use her right hand This is actually like a huge advantage for her, I think… This is why I put it in! I’m gonna go with the heart eyes first. Aw, me too! It seems like I can only do one angle with my left hand. Meow! No! What happened!? Hahaha! What is that? It’s so hard to make, like, a line without having drops everywhere. I feel like your left hand is never as good as your right hand if you’re right-handed Thanks Captain Obvious Knowledge. This is I’m secretly left-handed, you know? I’m not liking how mine’s turning out! It’s actually pretty tiring squeezing the bottle with my left hand. Like, I’m tired and now. Augh… I’m done. Most tiring squeezed this whole video. You know what else? We’re gonna have to flip it with our left hand! No!!! Aw, no! Are you serious? It does feel okay, I just have zero confidence in my left-handed flipping skills This is a big pancake! Oh no! Oh, what happened? I’m stuck. Oh. Then you gotta commit to the flip! I’m just gonna go all-in. Oh… my gosh, I don’t know what’s happening to my cat’s face… 3… 2…1… Flip! Ohh!! No! Come back to me! Oh no! Yours look so good! Oh, you know what? It’s so raw there… It’s raw, c’mon! But your heart things look so good! I lost a whisker in the process. Hey, I’m surprised you got any whiskers still on there… Alright guys, so this is our left-handed drawn emojis! Don’t forget to vote who you think won this round down below in the comments! Ooh! Om! Om! Okay, guys, for this round we’re making Squirtle! Ohh! Squirtle! My favorite Pokemon! Is it? Yeah. I love Squritle. Maybe that’s why I chose him. ‘Cause he’s not my favorite… Oh, who’s your favorite? Well, out of the three that you first pick, I always pick Charmander. Okay. Alright Well, I picked this for you so you should win this round, but I think I’m gonna win. Alright, let’s go! Let’s do it! Why is this white so runny, right? Yeah, I know… I’m having a lot of trouble with that. Gonna wipe the white away… Oh, gosh, no. That’s a monster. Woah! Where you gonna fit everything else on? I have no idea… You did the opposite of me! You’re having a teeny-tiny Squirtle. I wanna try and fit the whole Squirtle on the page. Wow, you are so far ahead of me, it’s not even funny.. Oh! That looks like the devil! He’s got these little red spots in his eyes. So I tried to do them… He looks evil! They don’t… they don’t look right… Hm… I just. AHH! Made a big mess… For once, my under side looks better than your underside. I don’t know about you, but I’ve done. Okay, guys. Mmm… I think it’s ready to flip. Ready? Yep. 3… 2… 1… Go! Augh! Ohh!! It burned! My tail! My Squirtle’s fine. Look at him. Look! It looks like the most solid, huge pancake I’ve ever made You know what, the eyes turned out okay, you can’t see the red. That probably saved your eyes. I tried to get rid of the red afterwards, I realize I made a huge mistake. Oh, look! You got eyelashes! Oh! That was an accident. I didn’t even do that on purpose. Ooh… no!! Just dropped the tail and it cut off the edge… The tail’s the cutest part! Oh, oh… Alright. Wow My tail’s so… Yours looks pretty raw. Mine looks like he got a burnt face. Haha. Alright, guys, so these are our Squirtle pancakes! Woooh! Don’t forget to go down below and vote who won this round! Alright! Moving on to the next round! Alright, guys, we’re down to the final round and, boy, I’ve got a surprise for you! Aw, no, I don’t like your surprises! We’re gonna do this round blindfolded! And you don’t even know what we’re doing. We are drawing the Snapchat logo blindfolded! Aw, are you serious?! Yep! Oh my gosh! How are you gonna do this blindfolded? And why… I got you a pretty, glittery one! …a rosegold!? ‘Cause glitter is life and my one says, “Donut bother me.” Alright, so, how am I gonna do this? We got to like plan this out. Hey… No no no no. We get three seconds to look at our pile of whatever it is. That’s it. So, you better pick the right color Okay, okay, we’re gonna count down. 3… 2… 1… Alright, that’s it. Put your blindfolds on! Oh my gosh! This is, like, the craziest challenge. Make sure you can’t see anything! Dude… I might burn myself! Make sure you don’t burn yourself! Alright, guys, I’m gonna go with the… Heh, heh… Hahaha… This is the pan. This is… So, I think I’ve got yellow in my left hand and I’ve got…. This should be… I think this is in my hand… Am I drawing? I don’t even know if I’m gonna color in the ghost properly! But I know the yellow is 3 up, this way… Okay… Oh no! I don’t know…?? ?? This is going to be the square… gonna squirl in… Ooh! Okay… Where are these dots going? I have absolutely no idea. I’m gonna put it somewhere… I’m done! Are you serious? Yeah! I don’t even know… I don’t wanna look at what I did… I think this is in the ghost. Hey, hey, what’s this? What’s this sabotage? I’m just bored, you know? What’s going on? Actually, I might just do it like kind of everywhere. That’s what you’ve been doing for every other pancake, isn’t it? What do you… Hahaha! Okay, I think I’m done Ready? Okay… 3… 2… 1… Hahaha! Ohh!! Look… look at this Haha! Dude, mine looks like a scrambled egg… A backwards scrambled egg… Well, hey, at least you have the ghost in the middle My ghost… I don’t even know what that is I feel like we need to, like, cover it with a different color so that we can actually flip it. We’re gonna flip huh? Yeah, mine is… ohh!! Oh no!! You cut your scrambled egg in half! Ahh!! Okay, it wasn’t gonna look like much anyways… Ahaha! I think we’ve given up on that one. Well, it’s gonna break! 3… 2… 1… Flip! Woah!! Ohh!! Look at that! Check that out! It has a little ghostie! That’s pretty good, actually! I’m impressed! Look at mine… Ahaha! Well… Comment down below who you thought won this round. I think we can finally say that maybe I got a point here guys. Ahaha! Well the good thing about now, is… We get to eat our pancakes! Yes! Finally!! Wooh!! That’s it, guys! Hope you guys enjoyed the challenge. We’re gonna eat this pancake now. 3… 2… 1… Om!! Nom!! Mmmm. So good! It’s very good! Oh, this pancake is so good, guys! Mmmm! Alright guys! So, huge shout-out to the notification squad member of the week and the Wengiecorn of the week And if you guys want to find out how to get your shoutout, don’t forget to check the description box down below For instructions. And until next week, I will miss you guys so much! See you guys then! Bye guys!! Love you!! πŸ™‚ Om!! Bleh.

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