Gimp: From Color Photo to Stunning Pencil Drawing in Just a Few Steps

Gimp: From Color Photo to Stunning Pencil Drawing in Just a Few Steps

In this Gimp workshop we are going to change
a color photo into a stunning pencil drawing, in just a few simple steps. If you want to follow along, you can find
the download link in the description. The results of the pencil drawing can vary,
because every photo has its own unique characteristics. The example images however are all made with
the same settings used in this tutorial. When we have opened our image, we will start
by going to colors and click desaturate. Here we just click ok. Then we hit the duplicate button at the bottom
of the layers panel twice, to make 2 duplicates of the layer. Click on the blend mode and change it to dodge. Then we click on colors in the menubar and
click invert. Go to filters, blur and click gaussian blur. Drag the dialog box to the top of your screen. Pull out the window. Move the image so we can see the effect. The final result depends also on the size
of the image. This image has a resolution of 1920 by 1280
pixels, but when you have a larger or smaller image, you might want to experiment with the
amount of blur radius you want to apply. In this case I made the blur radius 30, Now
click ok. Click and drag the bottom layer to the top
of the layers stack. Go to filters, edge detect and hit neon. And again, enlarge the dialog box en move
the image. Here too, we can experiment with the settings
until we get a result that we like. You can also try one of the other edge detect
options, especially the option edge. For this image I have used the option neon
and kept the default radius at 5. So we can just click ok. Now go to colors, and click invert. Then we change the blend mode to multiply. Back to colors, click levels, and adjust the
levels to your liking. I dragged the middle triangle a little to
the right to make our pencil drawing more power full. Click ok, and thats it, a stunning pencil
drawing from a color photo in in just a few simple steps. I hope you have fun with this tutorial, and
if that is the case please dont forget to like, subscribe and leave a nice comment. Thank you very much for watching.

17 thoughts on “Gimp: From Color Photo to Stunning Pencil Drawing in Just a Few Steps”

  1. Deze eens opnieuw gemaakt !!Vind hem mooier of de eerste …Alles hangt toch veel af van de foto toch?Nogmaals dank en een fijne Donderdag Jan  brrrr met een knipoogje haha

  2. Hello Sir, I do some portrait photography generally family and friends anyway, I tried your technic on some of my photos and they look great I get a lot complement's on my work thanks to you and your tutorial. Again, Thank you so much and keep those great tutorials coming. Thanks

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