-=+ Glass Dip Pen, A Cool Tool for Sketching? +=-

-=+ Glass Dip Pen, A Cool Tool for Sketching? +=-

A video by Peter Draws
sponsored by Skillshare, watched by the world’s best viewer, As you can see from the intro, this pen is very beautiful and I’m using
it today to do a total of two drawings except the first drawing is
split up into two half drawings. That is to say I started two drawings
that I didn’t like how they were going and so I’ve banded them partway through and
then finally on my third try I got into something that I really enjoyed and I
and I liked how it was going and so I finished the drawing and
that’s sometimes how it works. It’s okay if it doesn’t work out
the first time and you want to, if you spend a few minutes on a piece
of paper drawing stuff or a few hours, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to commit yourself to a
drawing and keep working on it if you don’t enjoy it anymore, just because
you’ve spent some time and effort on it, it’s better to stop and start over and
spend time on something you’re enjoying and don’t guilt yourself into working on
stuff just because you think you should for some reason. I mean, why should you? I think you should draw stuff you enjoy. So I was drawing and as soon
as I stopped enjoying it, I stopped because I could. And
then I restarted something else. Now I got the idea to use one
of these glass dip pens again. This is actually a pen that’s been
featured already in a previous video, uh, where I unboxed it and stuff. I got this pen from a guy
called fire spider glass, who hand makes these, you know,
he’d say, uh, like I said, they call them a glassblower even though
I don’t know if you really blow the glass pens. I’m not sure how it
all works, but it’s pretty cool. It’s all handmade and there’s like a
little jellyfish in the end of the pen and it’s all, it’s beautiful. It’s, I tried
to show you in the video a little bit, but it’s so much better in person. And I got into the mood to do this again
with the dip pen because in a previous video recently you saw that I used
another kind of dip pen with a metal nib. Right. So then I wanted to try
and go back to the glass nib, uh, to see how it felt different
and it feels really good here. I did something I didn’t
do much of before, which is starts sketching a lot faster
and looser and recklessly with the glass nib because before I was very afraid
of breaking the glass nib and I have broken, um, I broken three glass pens, but only one of them was because
I was pressing too hard. Uh, I even dropped this one in the middle of
the drawing onto the desk on a dropped at about maybe nine inches
and it didn’t break. And this one I was just scribbling away.
I guess I’ve kinda gotten more used, used to it more comfortable with the pen
and it not afraid of breaking the tip anymore and it was just fun to scribble
away and it holds a lot of ink. It feels good. It’s not
frustrating. I don’t know. I really liked the glass nib drawing.
I like the way it feels on the paper. Of course it doesn’t flex at
all. Like the metal nibs. Oh, I guess maybe it flexes a little bit.
Like maybe if you had some super, extremely precise way of measuring it. Like maybe it flexes one or
two micro meters or something. Uh, but nothing I could notice
without specialized tools. Nothing I could see with my naked eye. But by the time I got into that third
sketch there, I was having a great time. I got into the zone. I was just
scribbling away. Uh, it was amazing. It was one of those fast ones. By the way, if you want to learn a little bit more
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if that’s something useful for you. Getting back to this drawing. I will tell you that I was
drawing on a piece of cardstock, which I just bought a big pack of like
the printer paper comes in for some project I was doing for school, but I didn’t end up using any of it and
one time I bought a pack of bristol that says they said it had two distinct sides, which I thought was interesting
cause all paper does, but then this stuff I really
noticed really does have
two distinct sides in that one side is smooth and one side is rough
and I really didn’t know which side I should use to draw on. I ended
up using the smooth side, but now I’m wondering maybe it would
have been even more satisfying to use the rough. I mean the even the
rough side is not that rough, but if I had to use the rough side and
I enjoy the feeling of the glass nib going across surface of the paper, maybe that would have been even more
satisfying to feel it bumping along the little, the textures of the
rough side. Right. Anyways, maybe I’ll keep it in mind for
next time. Try the rough side. I mean I don’t know why I’m
thinking about it so much. I could just pull out
another piece of paper. It’s like a 400 pack and just try
it out. Even without ink, I could just drag the tip of the pen
across the paper and cause that’s a lot, like I’ve said before, that’s one of the things that really
keeps me going is I just like the feeling that depend on the paper. I don’t know
is that there’s something like weird, is that like a weird thing I have like
it’s deeply ingrained in my brain that came from some early childhood trauma
or some experience I had that I, I dunno. I’m like right now I have a toothpick in
my hand and I’m dragging across service of the desk, kind of scribbling
with it. That’s good for me too. Some sort of tactile response. Right. Kinetic, I don’t know. It’s
definitely good for me. Maybe that’s why I also,
enjoy drawing with my eyes closed. But even when you draw
with your eyes closed, it’s almost the same as drawing with
your eyes open because you can see it in your head. Even if it’s not accurate,
it’s still there. I don’t know. I’m just kinda, I’m trying to fish
around, see what it is that I really, truly like about drawing. If
I could boil it down. Right. Maybe it’s the feeling of the pen. Maybe
it’s the feeling of creating something. Maybe it’s the drawing
lines. I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe it can be multiple things, but
if it was one thing, what would it be? I don’t know. What would it be for
you if it was drawing? If you’re, if you’re like drawing, if is
painting, what would it be? If you had to boil it down to
like one essential, simple thing. You like squishing colors around with the
paint or you like rendering something. You like seeing something and then
putting it on the canvas and a slightly different way. I dunno.
Maybe like evoking emotions. I can’t, I can’t think the same way you
think. I don’t know what’s in your head. Okay. I’ve got to go now. Uh, I think the, my internet upload speed
has been slow lately, and so I have a cable guy coming over. I don’t know what in the world that they
can do here in person that they can’t do from there at the cable
office, uh, you know, to like speed up my upload speed. Do they, do they come clean out like the clogs
and my cable line that’s slowing everything down? Do they have like a, you know how plumbers have
those snakes for the pipes? Did they have one of those
for the cable line? I dunno. Maybe just have to filter everything out. I
don’t know. Okay. Okay. I’m going to go. Uh, all right. Bye everyone.
Have a good day. Goodbye.

100 thoughts on “-=+ Glass Dip Pen, A Cool Tool for Sketching? +=-”

  1. I like drawing as I can think on paper, my mind is just an inconsistent jumble of random information that can’t focus otherwise

  2. Peter i love and i wanted to give you an idea for a video. Do a pen tour! With a little sticky note drawing for them. (Not all your pens) of course. Love you man

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  4. WOW! That is an exquisite pen!! I love the intro to you studying it, the close ups floored me at the details in every part of it! Can't wait to see what you do with it (I paused the video just to comment on the intro and pen itself!)
    How would you describe the feel of the glass pen on the paper you use compared to the metal nibs? Is it smoother feeling, less "snagging" or choppy feeling? I've always wondered…?
    8:40 My essential one simple thing is: "What does it want to be?" like it has it's own live that wants to be experienced whether paper and ink, paint and canvas, or clay. I think art wants to be it's own form, and uses us as "mediums" to be expressed.
    Thank you for sharing Peter! 👍✨✨🖖

  5. Hi Peter 👋. I really like your weird intros, and I also liked that first drawing you started… it reminded me of how you can see all of the organella and food ingested inside the microorganisms when you watch them on a microscope. Greetings from Mexico!!

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    But that third drawing is incredible, I like the line density n shapes in general.

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    The Geek Lady signs out~~~~

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    I love the rain ambiance, it's very please to relax to.

  11. I think for me it's the feeling that maybe, just maybe , this time I will create something pleasing and beautiful and right.

    And how the paper feels and the ink smells and the nib sounds are all important to creating this feeling, but drawing seems to me to be a kind of magic, exciting and terrifying (and sometimes devastatingly disappointing).
    But I keep trying because getting close to that idea that it might just all work and I will make something good is the best feeling I have.
    I would like to see you work on the rough side too 🙂

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  14. Short Answer: Peter Draws

    Long Answer: I never really had an interest in Drawling before I found this channel. I feel this style of Pen art was ideal for me to get started. My favorite part of drawling is being Peter Like. Just like someone might follow along with a Bob Ross painting and think to themselves, "I'm putting a happy little tree here."


    I hope they obtained whatever necessary permissions from you before doing so. It's a short clip so, maybe it's below the threshold of infringement or maybe you already got your kick back. Figured I'd bring it to your attention. TRYNA GET YOU PAID lol.

    It's interesting you've uploaded a glass pen video; they're selling glass pens and use footage from your glow ink video. Recognized it immediately and dropped link to your video in their comments.

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