(Unicorn music plays) We did it! This was my second attempt to to make a midi unicorn, Inspired by savant’s amazing musical drawings on his Facebook page (bird shaped music plays) I’ve learned so much on this journey. I showed this in more detail in my last video but essentially, I edit the drawing down just to some basic lines, print it onto a sheet of transparency film, and put that over my laptop screen, so I can trace it with midi notes. this gives us a good image, but it sounds like junk. (Bad unicorn music plays) And so this is the part where you get composing, and a lot of people ask me, “Why I didn’t just use some of the software tools that will automatically move all of the notes to the same key?” and thats because that just sounds like slightly better junk. if you’ve ever herd somebody plonking around on just the white piano keys they are playing perfectly in C major. (Playing bad piano music) But there isn’t too much else musical about it. Popular music requires a crafted relationship between notes in both pitch and time. So the challenge in this process was to come up with melodies and harmonies that stuck to the overall shape of the picture. One thing I did change and draw free hand was the unicorn’s horn, because on my mask it kind of points in a weird direction. (background music) And it was a really different kind of composing process, because I’d just be working on tiny sections at a time and then I’d zoom out and make sure that the picture still looked good, and then I’d have to check and see if what I just did worked with what came before. sometimes I’d have an idea of what would sound good, but it wouldn’t work visually, so I’d have to keep tweaking it, and tweaking it, until it did work. or abandon it all together, and come up with a new idea. Interestingly the parts in the picture with the most notes were the easiest to compose with. There were a lot more options for what I could do, and still have it look like a unicorn. Over here in the unicorns mane, I needed this general upward movement, but I could get away with a lot and still have it took like hair. By the time I got to the mouth and nose, there were only two or three notes being played at a time and they really have to work together to make a specific shape while still sounding good. So that was my experience with making a midi unicorn, I have to say, it was super satisfying because you get the satisfaction of making a piece of music, and making a drawing, and the fact that they’re working together to make each other. I have no idea if this is how Savant is doing his drawings, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just draws them free hand without even listening. If you’re like me though, you’ll do it through experimentation and sheer force of will. And if you do, do a midi drawing I would love to… Haha. “Doo, Doo.” If you make a music drawing of your own, I would love to check it out, put it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me. Thank you so much for watching, my name is Andrew Huang, I would like to high five you, and here is one more drawing for the road. (Rapidly repeating airhorns) (Background Music)

100 thoughts on “GLORIOUS MIDI UNICORN”

  1. Hey ANDREW HUANG! I uploaded your midi unicorn! Very beautiful this song ! Link:

  2. lmao yes while I was listening to it I thought that it sounded a bit like melody circus by Savant and then Andrew said that it was inspired by savants work… Lmao

  3. You probably are but are you the man who does the voice of pink fluffy unicorns who says, what colour are the unicorns, where are they dancing and that stuff?

  4. 1:08 my piano ability

    Actually I can play one song that I learned in first grade called “little mice”

    I get that one wrong sometimes though

  5. Here is my first work, and a couple others, as a midi artist. Let me know what you think, Andrew!!:

    Much respect.

  6. JOYCA? YouTunes? Si tu est là grâce à lui ou que tu est Français like ce commentaire et commente #JOYCA ou #YouTunes . Merci Double Chiao. 😉

  7. do you think that midi animation is possible?
    the pictures themselves would be kinda minimalist if you wanted a frame rate above 1 but hey it may work

  8. ペーパーマリオにこんな音楽のステーなかったか?

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