Google Translate Fail Drawing Tutorial #1 Chibi Wolf

Google Translate Fail Drawing Tutorial #1 Chibi Wolf

In order to get started, we’ll need some materials. We need: pieces of paper A pencil and a dark cloud! Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative! I’ve been watching a lot of “Google Translate Fail” videos,
mostly lyrics videos, and I had an idea. What if I run a drawing tutorial through several
layers of Google Translate and try to follow it? Ta-da! That’s what we’re doing today. I picked a chibi animals tutorial from, ran the wolf section through 10 layers of
language translations then back to English, and now I’m about to try to follow it. Just so we’ve all got a point of reference, right now you’re watching me
follow the original tutorial properly. To set the tone for what we’re about to dive into, let’s read the pre-tutorial tips, also thoroughly translated. Every bit of this tutorial was translated from Whew! That was a lot. And of course, if at any point Google
suggested a grammar correction, I blindly accepted it. The tutorial’s author would like us to keep in mind: If that made sense to you, congratulations! You’re further ahead than me, but we’re going to dive right on in anyway. If you enjoy this wild ride,
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Google Translate fails, feel free to suggest other written
tutorials for me to try next! In order to get started, we’ll need materials. We need: Pieces of paper. Plural, apparently. A pencil. And a dark cloud. Got that? Great! We’re ready to begin. Alright, so only the first and last
leg lines can be straight, and then we’re going to add more legs to the ends… Aye, aye, captain! Big legs, big feet. Are we talking about the neck? Wolf face, check. Well, kinda. This is kind of cat-like. And cut a small, oval cup near the base
of the head and make it have good feelings. Smiley face! Okay, adding funnels. How many do we need? Two? Going with two. Butter mixture makes me think of baking, and usually butter mixtures involve sugar, so let’s put butter and sugar in a bowl
and then cut the bottom off… Aww, thank you! I am still young. Age is just a number. And we will not fill in those eyebrows. Keep them open. Joke for all you programmers out there… Okay, adding decorations… Wow! Such beauty! Well, the only dark tools it told us to
bring along was the cloud, but I really don’t know how to
add details with a cloud, so let’s cheat and grab a fineliner. Okay? Okay. Adding details… Cleaning up… Very wolf, much chibi, wow! And of course, time for a side by side comparison! I don’t know about you, but I think we made some drastic improvements.

12 thoughts on “Google Translate Fail Drawing Tutorial #1 Chibi Wolf”

  1. This was so much fun! I definitely want to make this into a series. Feel free to request other written tutorials you know of, or insist that I include a particular language next time.

  2. Exellent job bro
    I subscribed your channel, can you subscribe me for my drawing experiences from this 👇👇

  3. Omg what did I just watch? lol I cracked up at the beginning when you took the papers and waved goodbye. Even with 10 translations, it's not half bad you just missed the tail and to connect the face to the body lol I was going to guess the dark cloud was the eraser but I guess not lol.

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