Graphic Open Wound Surgery (NSFE)

Graphic Open Wound Surgery (NSFE)

22 thoughts on “Graphic Open Wound Surgery (NSFE)”

  1. you don't have to delete foul language this is real life in the Emergency room ! We can take it , poor patient.

  2. I would be cussing too. No music please lol leave the cursing in the video. We've all heard it before.

  3. Oh motherfucking bloody hell that looks like it hurts to stitch up nope I’m fine with slapping some butterfly band aids over my thigh

  4. Id rather individual "beeps" or even none at all, we miss out on Doc's description of the procedure otherwise. And the music reminds me of 1950's cartoons.

  5. Very educational. I ordered a suture practice kit and its wounds like this that are hard for me because of the fact that the skin almost fights you and i cant get the suture to close the wound. If any of that made sense tips please?

  6. Dont delete original audio with foul language. Life doesnt come censored, why should a video about real life be censored??
    Keep it real Doc, keep it raw! People like honesty

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