GTA 5 on Redux Graphics and Euphoria: Hood Safari/DrugDeal Neighborhood Gunfight Mission/Gameplay

GTA 5 on Redux Graphics and Euphoria: Hood Safari/DrugDeal Neighborhood Gunfight Mission/Gameplay

I say left you say right I say become a doctor you say become a patient I say who is that hello Missy Wow Franklin you never told me that you had a sister I'm Denise Franklin's house Smith and I'm my mother's old dried-up ass fuck up shut the fuck up here darlin why don't you go get yourself something nice okay thank you this is $7.00 I said something nice not expensive you want to be a greedy fucking cow hmm no now get the fuck out of here all right you men are all the same man what the fuck you doing here here with the boy the boys what I'm fucking new in town I'm making friends alright now let's party look I have plans on getting some rest until this clown and my aunt came and fuck that up my nig I just came over here to holler at you about the little thing man I said I'm tired dog what fucking thing I love things I'm the king of things ain't talking you home hey let's go do something about the thing okay what bang it's all about the little stress thing man fucking beautiful perfect it's a gangbang let's go come on what does it just come on where where's this thing happening down Grohl Street we shooting shit up spraying some other fuckers I can drive by with the best of them behave yourself man L'Amour what's that what your stress setup we buy wait hold something that'll move us up food chain nigga real not as real in this town nigga particularly where you want stress concern then this is an investment opportunity you got to speculate to accumulate first rule business hey since we're out here bang either you got some dust fool wanna get butt-naked I'll get whoever it takes me homeboy homeless crazy man so I've heard homey live up here look everybody be cool man or more about to do its thing all right these are Hey beyond pointless bull Jackie courier service pack is to collect you got to grip president accounted fun you like that sample hm now we talk my throw Cano already so we good nigga right well let's go how about a taste no man we leave it I want to taste to the other side of the brick you heard what your boy said you're leaving hey give me no damn it whoa what the fuck did we ask for a key or a fucking out menace motherfucking dry why we got some motherfucking buyer's remorse out here you can't fucking hustle a hustler you hey friends you here's the cut the left let's do it damn is staking this mo fuckin shit ain't no River man from oh fucking sue yeah we in a right way No – may you mr. bothame empty sack I wish like right these mofos we raise the weapon of doom let's spit my nigga and keep our hands there you know you're not you you

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  1. Wtf bro?? I was told you cant use Redux or nvr or MVGA in story mode?? How did you do it bro?? Can I do it too then??

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