47 thoughts on “GTA SA – How To Install V Graphic & SRt3 Mipmap”

  1. Guys don't even try this mod if your pc is not god. and if you even want to try it for yourself Plz downgrade it first for god sake..

  2. I can play and the game looks great but if i start shooting people or a car blows up the game crashes on me.Is it because My computer cant handle it? or just the mods fucking up…

  3. Okay I got it to work but he failed to say that whenever you go inside a building even in a cutscene everything turns white like you can see when he first starts up the game.

  4. I have installed the mods but I cant get passed first mission because the game crashes. And everytime i try to punch someone the game crashes. Helpp

  5. when I click on startup sp, the cmd screen comes up and wants me to press a key and then press the gta button and then it doesn't open after the gta is open

  6. I made it work on the 4th try,The graphics compare to the original one is insane.a pity that my laptop cant run it,lags crazy,i hardly get 20fps,but the mod is super cool,and there are helluva bugs,like over blooming sunlight during the day,and and the indoor lights overbloom at night,and its also difficult to customize those settings,and sometimes the game craches after 10 to 15 min,but overall this mod should be releases as san andreas remastered,its really really cool. Follow every step he does guys and it will work,and mae sure to install,dx9,11 and c++.Have a great day.

  7. What your pc specs… My gtx 1080 cant run this V graphics at more than 25 fps, I have to disable complex shadows to run better…wtf

  8. Not working , i done everything in video but when i run startup_SP.bat it open a console and it want to press any key but when i press any key the console close and its all game not launch

  9. Please guys somebody know how start the game because when il launch it, there is an error message and it's write "could not detect the game version" please help me

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