GTA San Andreas - Air Raid (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Air Raid (V Graphics)

hey big boy Thanks hey what up Z nothing is up Carl apart from my blood pressure and the imminent collapse of my hopes and dreams why as usual the forces of darkness have triumphed over good life is nothing but misery briefly interspersed with agony homie what's you all whatever it is you need to reduce the dosage excuse me but I never take drugs we all know drugs are for losers and/or sex maniacs and right now sex is the last thing on my mind thank God for that Berkeley is back Oh Berkeley yes oh the fuck is Berkeley oh just a man I once beat in fair competition a man literally obsessed with the revenge oh you put hands only no please I never initiate violence oh I know you knock this bitch no I won the prize in the science fair first prize that is and now you want to pop you and they say gangbang is as petty as small mind I will step bleep it's Sam that's him we shall fight to the end Berkeley's launched a full-scale attack this is insanity all batteries commence fire he's going for my transmitters if he takes them out I'll never be able to launch a counter-attack no problem man but they're only toys they're not toys they're just smaller c.j bogeys at 12 o'clock kid don't get cocky ah Berkeley as long as we have opposable thumbs we will fight you well done Karl now leave I must prepare for the battles ahead never have so few owed so many too little three no that's not it what is it we will fight him on the beaches well rooftops

21 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Air Raid (V Graphics)”

  1. Chevk it out the best gta v remastered effects for gta sa

  2. If you play this mission on pc. Use the ctrl key to fire instead of left mouse button to make it easier.

  3. You did it on the first try?? Lol I’ve failed this mission so many times until I got mad and was laser focused 😂😂

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