GTA San Andreas - Cesar Vialpando (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Cesar Vialpando (V Graphics)

Atari's not listen to me girl I'm tired of you acting like you own me I can see who I want to see you say right you seeing some cello mother oh what a no-good narrow-minded hypocrite gangbanger telling me what is right and what is wrong let me guess sweet sis was killing bright but a boyfriend from the south side wrong some things they just meant to happen I mean what do I have kids Hernandez don't say Lopez you racist fucking our mom's raised up my races I just want to feel about you and look at you just like a hooker oh and I guess you two would know what a hooker look like huh say it like it's a bad thing so Carl I'm just trying to protect you for what fucking day one of your mindless friends I don't think so don't say a word Carl just follow your sister before you see another dead sibling then you know exactly what my problem is she's meeting him at some cello car club so you must be sweets bro huh he phoned ahead said you might be looking for a car that bounces well I owe him big from way back so here this should do the trick custom spring should see you hopping all the way home try out very popular with the SAS they compete in these things you can usually find them over by unity station if you ever want to mod your ride come back any time man you do you think you can lo right let's see what you can do I see worse but you did all right sweet old me to keep an eye on you make sure that whatever you day don't get you in no truck on the nice – loans well you just shook that whatever's hang come here baby I get your dirty hands off my clothes you're acting like she's your woman eh she's with me Quran so chill the fuck out baby don't start no shit don't make it work – okay who's this pendejo what dickhead this dickhead is my problem easy who owns unit from nowhere he's cool well I say he ain't cool I say he thinks he's gangster man and I don't like it so you know what you can do for me man you can fuck off pendejo and then maybe we cool off you fuck off I'm talking to my sister for say come on wounds I can handle this this is important to me Coralie pendejo you lucky that's right you lucky sister spoken for you vamonos muchachos let's get some fucking beer huh I'm thirsty Carl what the hell were you thinking look baby go get in the car okay I'm gonna speak to Carl locals I love your sister I honor her she's my girl for life this is why I stopped you from being skinned just then you've got a problem with me fine we don't have to be friends but Kendall she's happy with me gonna be okay I guess we cool for now she's revealed bundle call just CJ come on you got a nice ride their homes maybe we'll get to kick it again soon eh yeah maybe

27 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Cesar Vialpando (V Graphics)”

  1. Does the mod work in windows 10 ???

    Acer Nitro 5
    AMD Ryzen processor
    4GB ram DDR
    4GB nvidia graphics

    Plz help

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  3. Why won't they give this game 2020 graphics already? This was the best GTA story & Rock Star is only worried about GTA 5 Online.

  4. Graphics are like GTA 5 know ….dodge .

  5. Love this game, love this mission. You did a great job πŸ‘πŸ‘. Wish Rockstar re-mastered this game with this graphics.

  6. I was stuck on this mission for 1 month then realized that youre supposed to play with the Keypad not the arrow keys

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