GTA San Andreas - Deconstruction (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Deconstruction (V Graphics)

hey homies what up girl those geeks and shit to me who said this to you c'mon polar I got this I need to go teach him a new respect huh that's right yeah I bet think about giving me some new glam anyway can I hide it I'm here to thank you Oh yeah this gonna be fun what's all that damn clatter holy crap I didn't see nothing Oh God Haizi well you

23 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Deconstruction (V Graphics)”

  1. carl crazy dude bury dude who was jus chillin on toilet didn’t know nothing prolly jus mind his own business damn

  2. Now that I look at it, this mission really was fucked up… It's out of character for Cj. Cj was never the psychopathic type, that's more of Catalina or Trevor's job. Burying someone alive for calling your sister a hooker? Lmao wtf

  3. I always thought this mission was fucked up & didn't fit CJ's character.

    Sure, he was a killer, but not a psychopath. I could see if Trevor on GTA V did something like this, but CJ? No..

  4. What do you do when someone calls your sister a hooker ?

    Answer: You bury the guy with Cement 😅

  5. CJ: nah hold i got this, i've got to go theach them ah little huh. I've been thinking about getting me some new land anyway 😎

  6. Well, just noticed this after all these years, the Port-o-potty made a flushing noise. Game and memories of it ruined. XD

  7. GTA Mod Logic: Bulldozers and pickup trucks are American brands, but the cement trucks are European.

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