GTA San Andreas - Drive-By (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Drive-By (V Graphics)

40 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Drive-By (V Graphics)”

  1. I was 9 when I played this game for the first time so I thought the game somehow knew I drove crazy so when I did this mission the first time and Ryder said all that I drove slow and started following all the traffic signals like in real life for the mission 🤣

  2. Is it running the original engine just with graphical improvements or is it RAGE with an SA map?

  3. how can u install this but avoid the stream memory limit issue/ Whenever i try to mod the game adding cars and such, After a while the game just crashes like after 20min gameplay. Even after i install StreamMemFix2.2 and only use mods not bigger than 1mb to 3mb max each, issue still occur

  4. looks great but damn you play it like a goof at least try ta make it look good keep the car in the street LOL

  5. When you out this in perspective, CJ was an accessory to 10+ murders in a couple of minutes. 10+ funerals, 10+ crying mothers. I know it's a game, but this was LA in the 90s, crazy.

  6. Los Angeles is a depressing city. Shitty people, shitty locations, shitty values and ideals. If Hell were a place on earth…it would either be LA or Las Vegas.

  7. I always find myself getting off the car to collect whatever drops from the ballas, its free ammo after all

  8. Can you please make a tutorial on how to install this mod? Can't find how to do it nowhere. I install it but the game doesn't work, I guess I'm missing something.

  9. I don't love how the voodoo was replaced by a 69 Charger, i just feel like there are other cars that could fit better. But it's cool that it's in here anyway. Not to mention the spectacular graphics!

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