GTA San Andreas - Farewell, My Love... (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Farewell, My Love… (V Graphics)

big what what I do man oh so this is where you been hey this is how you repay my tenderness to prefer the curves of some car to those of a real warm up catalina you called it off remember just Venice what kind of a man are you when I say just business I mean that when I say I know interested no more I mean I said white petal little boy li mo kamo I did this for us for me and you it's too late I don't love you no more I love another okay what then what the fuck was this about I cannot keep my passions hold up they need a release that was a good release like hitting a man with a frying pan while he sleeps this Carl this is my new man are you jealous are you going to fight for me ah no no I can't take rejection you are jealous and a coward now let's race crazy bitch [Applause] Juke had the unfair advantage being a better driver ain't no unfair vent Joe think you're clever but it is you who is missing that point not only was he racing but he was satisfying me fool what are you gonna say about that hmm the advantage of a stick shift I guess yeah whatever anyway man what is it cash a pink slip there you go goodbye mr. Johnson I will not be missing June hey wait a minute bitch what is this shit they deed to a garage in San Fierro my lover needs his car so we can go to Liberty City Liberty City yeah whatever have a good time I will fine okay go angle miss you goodbye

39 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Farewell, My Love… (V Graphics)”

  1. Motherfucker! That mute asshole! That fucking snake without a tongue! Gave me this shithole instead of a pink slip? I must be the biggest fucking idiot in the whole fucking world!

  2. " I aint gon miss you " Good graphics but they missed one thing the tear that rolled after he said that lmao

  3. I feel like outta Claude and Cj, Catalina actually cares about Cj the most. Through out the game when you first met her she constantly calls you and harasses you but in a emotional way. When her and Carl broke up she still bothered Carl with phone calls trying to make the man jealous which proved to be unsuccessful. While with Claude she straight up shot him and left him for dead in the beginning of GTA 3 with no remorse.

  4. Claude is here in GTA SA, then why he didn't tried to train himself on how to swim? If Catalina noticed that Claude didn't know how to swim in the first place, she wouldn't regret CJ. 😅

  5. Good thing Claude killed Catalina in GTA III (set in 2001, nine years after San Andreas) for backstabbing him and leaving him for dead.

  6. lol good riddance. i know it's suppose to be part of her character traits, but god she is the most annoying character in the game in my opinion

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