GTA San Andreas - Gone Courting / Against All Odds (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Gone Courting / Against All Odds (V Graphics)

yeah fuck only get it never gonna get it yachts hey Catalina it's called come on let's go we got banks to rob baby come on let's go all right come on let's go you'll get charged sorry ass in here right now Carl Johnson all right shut it fuckin hand grenade up it all right I'm coming look baby I really need that paper oh my god what inhales name is that this your fucking prick this is a rock I'm gonna try yours no yeah please no do never write to me you don't call you treat me like a fucking car like what a joke please I'm in there shitting gonna fuck you I'll baby please no please baby no maybe we can go out and rob now how was it dear for it I know you would like it look baby I thought we was gonna make some serious paper I'm starting to get really bored of you I just need the money and I'm just a cheap fuck a whore you don't even pay no I didn't say that Carl I say and you act like I'm an idiot I see the way you look I know you're kind Carl I am serious I will kill you if you ever mess around I will castrate you first then I will make enough I need some fucking money Carl you are really boring me now please sweetheart I got some real real deep shit okay maybe today we hit it you wanna rob a betting shop yeah do not man enough here Carl satchel charges what the hell did you get them open the back room door I blow your fucking face off leave the panic button or I'll kill your children too I want you to stupid peach okay I got it whatever let's roll get in the fucking car punk ass buster [Applause] you laughing bitch [Applause] Hank we hope Karl okay look we got to talk about something what what do I have to say to you you're a great girl and all but you gotta calm down I know some cold-blooded cats wouldn't act like you don't you get given a lioness and you want a pussycat with no I just won't don't know I act like this no she was brave and you will break my heart please don't do that just relax and live to impress me Carl Johnson hears you cut big man [Applause]

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