GTA San Andreas - Home Invasion (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Home Invasion (V Graphics)

what you doing digging graves damn what a fuck I put it means put fuck nigga man the fucking water need a little song deal with things what things full my homie lbph told me about this only motherfucker he's got all the girls we need not that old-school any bullshit neither I'm damned that's wrong Jill you always down-home apart from when you ain't around here nigga fuck you D then you want some of this nah man I'm cooling on that we'll be going this hill overlooking East Beach better yet you've been acquaintance dog kisses mom fuck Wadley be here I'm feelin that shit that's it come on Nicolay get in fool what is this Oh motherfuck when the hill is relaxed man we ain't there yet see a white car always right that's my home you mr. right shut up you can't stop me who came whatever let's storm the place hold up let's creep in grab the guns and bounce out GG I got it ninja style come out you old bastard shut up he can't stop me you buster call okay fool and you go I'll keep watch keep it coming see Jake but up till y'all ain't making a killing to a natural housebreaker homey it's plenty mo in there homie taking for everything you can get alright now we straight it'll be got storage garage down in Seville Bulevar family Turkey to use I'm only since we bought a man you got to give up those sticks what can I give up the water and give up being a buster hold it right there hum bluster forget it forget you fool one day you're gonna wish you had and piss me off did I hear some sound like the Buster complaining again man this is challenge and I ain't talking to you no more food thank you you see I told you simple yeah that was a real breeze say CJ gotta get it in your head that this is everyday shit home okay look I'm tired I'll see you later I'd Holmes just think about what I see

28 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Home Invasion (V Graphics)”

  1. The​ motion​ picture 'n​ character'​s​ script​ is​ so​ real​ in​ 2005

  2. Ryder – where is this old mf where is he?

    Cj – relax man we ain't there yet.

    Epic ryder – yeeeah right carl,you always right that's ma homie, m r r i g h t


    Ryder – can't stop me

    Cj – who can't?

    Ryder – whhhhaaaaaaaatever *depressed Ryder*

  3. Fucking GTA V haven't no one mission like that. If Rockstar don't do it or something like that in GTA VI – they dead, thay just wasting our time in waiting everytime.

  4. i first started playing gta sa in 2008 on ps2. i remember while doing this mission i broke my left analog stick

  5. I think had Ryder been written to stay on as an ally, he and CJ would have eventually reconciled at some point in the story.
    He's pissed that CJ bailed on the gang, and is apprehensive about welcoming him back to the family after so long. But I think he would have been able to forgive Carl after everything that'll happen in the story later on. Would have made the story so much better imo.

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