GTA San Andreas - Ice Cold Killa (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Ice Cold Killa (V Graphics)

but a cheap dang baby damn where I put it what the hell did I put it shit they alms you okay yeah losing left a message say I gotta go get dizzy falling that three made the call then I can ambush to me can take down those baller pushing some Los Santos a lonely you want me to go with you nah nah this is one man job I got to stay real low-key I was thinking about Williams shit together and making me a Silas you're fucking crazy Holmes you got to get out of this ghetto mentality so what'd you pick let me show you check this out move here take mine where'd you get that see place above my pants Holmes this is America you ain't getting in oh look a poor person give me some moon give me some room bitch it's that time of the week again your providers about to make that special car if I think for a moment that one holds less than me you better make a bigger cut this week Geist we're running low honey shut up bitch I'm Hanley bitch don't you even raise your voice at me shut up bill your fuck yeah what a dick hey Jesse I'll need the haulage we're talking friend I mean that's all we ever do kind word he why I seen it she I'm a walking fucking prat very no you fucked up come on man hey I get it wrong you know I'm imperfect you know like another kind man not a wise man you know then that a smart man but but then lord I tried no you fucked up when you trusted me playing come on baby as sellin yay push piece of shit trash Oh watch out wait no huh somebody kept this nigga man hey season Hey I need you to meet me at pier 69 we gonna take down the Loco Cindy okay all you need some backup nah man I got a cup

30 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Ice Cold Killa (V Graphics)”

  1. I still don't know why jizzy just ran shooting his gun in the air. Like what was he gonna accomplish there?

  2. Ho: You better make a bigger cut this week, Jiz. We’re running low, honey.
    Jizzy: Shut up, bitch! I’m handling business.
    Ho: Don’t you even raise your voice at me……..!
    Jizzy: Aww, shut up, bitch!!! Yo funky ass!
    Ho: Ugh! What a dick!

  3. CJ: I need you to meet me at pier 69, we go take down the loco syndicate.
    CV: Okay holmes, you need some back up?
    CJ: Nah man, i got it covered.
    Okay what tha fk was that conversation? i'm so confused! how do you defeat the purpose of the begining and ending of a conversation in 2 sentences?!

  4. I always used the jetpack cheat to get into the roof opening,But before that , I would shoot the tires on jizzy's car so he couldn't escape after the confrontation.

  5. If youre binge watching like me…. you probably wanna play the game buit get the same satisfaction watching this lmao

  6. Handled the mission all wrong. Must drive all parked cars into the sea before speaking to Jizzy, he has no choice but to escape on Pizza delivery scooter 😂😂

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