GTA San Andreas - Jizzy (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Jizzy (V Graphics)

see baby make sheets make coats make curtains anyway when I walked down the stairs and walking down on mink come now who's this trick I don't need no more friends baby I'll let try to do is peel me from my home no I ain't about deal it's all about you play I heard you was the man with the hook up and you was the man I needed to see I'm offering my services say what yes sir see I'm new in town anything you won't I can do for a guy like me to work with to work for a guy like Jesse B well now that you mention it I do have a slight problem something my little dumb muscle like yourself might be able to fix good to see me I'm in selection bitches y'all walk on down to the bar and fix the pepper drink see I only got two eyes and then these streets you got to have motive man you got to be like a flying shit you know a hundred eyes everywhere now some lunatic been fuckin with my bitches my fucking clear tube last week I won't you go fine now no prob you might play a pot in the now jizzy wait up mr. C to the G see that putting anything in my cup stop off at the hotel downtown use my car phone and give me a ring again when you're done and watch the rims plan take that baby like the popemobile we what a strong bitch'll every hand happened half with us to still like me yeah go on I'll do things your ruca won't I'm listening honest I'm no slut but I need the video uh-huh real interest whatever puto [Applause] [Applause] later esday hey jizzy its call I just dropped off your girl Church got a little air for you the room before you did what their problem I was just talking about some young buck thinks he's a player been trying to peel my hoes over in half spirit now one of my girls over there just eyeballed the pump I want you to get your ass over there I said pretend [Applause] here comes my player now you were in real trouble trying got time for you hey it's CJ just to let you know you don't have to worry about no competition has very wary did I say I was worried no I did not NER to the realities telling my girls in the Fosters Valley been getting knuckle oh I want you to get your ass up there nose around find out what's going on [Applause] [Applause] mr. Jersey is CJ bad luck charm fuck it they kill you got dog down town wants out of the game so sick and daddy wants to take off the streets nobody turns my home you get your ass back to the hotel and you make an example Oh the Lord sent me to save your threadbare soul harlot get in the car and remove your filthy vestments so I make better gaze upon eye corruption driver get us out of here before the devil's right-hand snatches this ball girl from salvation right away you're in vangelia Lilith we need more than just the Lord benefactor don't worry girl the long time it will come to our aid now just keep on dressing that's right put your hand there – spheal your license to fire your license [Applause] everything's been taken care of mr. jizzy oh and by the way their cars just come up over on APB dump it TP whatever this cheap of the way from me my holes in my club off the show you got that man

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  1. Hello my friend, I'm from Brazil, I've known your channel now, and I really liked your content, I would like to install this mod to play on my channel. Can you help me?

  2. Rockstar doesn't really want remastered this game after such a long year?

    And yet this is how it looks like Gta Sa remastered by other people!

  3. I like it! This doesn't look like "omg is fuckin realistic" but it looks waaaay better than most "enb with ott bloom and reflex mods" I've seen out there. It could create some nice competition to RenderHook, the mod I'm currently using.

    The best part I've seen in here and in previous videos is the clouds changing colors while the sun is setting or rising.

    Two suggestions for the mod I'd say it'd improve its quality is to have SSR, Ambient Occlusion and ReShade compatible (if it isn't already).

  4. Ho: Ever had half-and-half with a sucia like me?
    CJ: Yeah, go on.
    Ho: I’ll do things your ruka wont!
    CJ: I’m listening, honest.
    Ho: I’m no slut, but I need the feria
    CJ: Uhh huhhh, real interesting
    Ho: Whatever puto.

  5. Damn this is the first time that San Fierro doesn't look ugly as hell.
    BTW: Can Project2DFX mod be used along with all these mods?

  6. You forgot the cutscene where CJ, Cesar, Woozie, and another Triad member, in CJ's garage, where the Triad member and Woozie introduced CJ and Cesar to the Loco Syndicate.

  7. I used to not like CJ when I first played the game, but years later I'm now loving him. I first thought CJ was just a weak willed guy who just does what people tell him. But that's only the first part of the game. He had this real misguided loyalty to the Grove built around his insecurities stemming from the death of his brother. After he realizes the corruption in the Grove, he starts to mature a bit.

  8. Heyy do a hot coffee missions with these graphics😂😂😂😂.install hot coffee mod.
    Hit like if u want that video.

  9. those strippers would look more hot if, you used insanity peds, Idk what is the reason you dont use it. btw also can you play saint mark bistro mission?

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