GTA San Andreas - Mike Toreno (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Mike Toreno (V Graphics)

Tibo puppy breaks baby take a chill pill and just lay back and let the bed miss farm breath hey homes open your eyes dog can't you see we're getting messed with here huh hey Pat t-bone look it's car now he's a real hero what they said see we still good what are you vatos stupid someone's onto us we need to go back and rethink I think neighbors just trying they look Mike Mike I've been trying to contact you what oh man whoa are you okay just keep talking ion's Mike's in trouble let's bounce what trouble who was Mike man he taking the yep me and the van and Mike's still in the back well what we gonna do how the fuck we going nowhere he's got his phone he's gonna talk to us to his battery runs out come on we got a bounce all right yes shit gotta make this quick Mike doesn't got much time on his battery left he says he can hear sea gulls Mike can hear God say goes she that could be anywhere in this town he can hear heavy machinery signals and heavy machinery what is that a field inside our land field or something does a building site door [Applause] hey just hang in there Mike help us on the way [Applause] he says he can hear truck reversing he says it's busy like a freight depot or something free or they must be down at the docks get to the docks and Easter face hey we'll be there in a minute Mike the cooties shit he says they stopped then he heard gunfire he thinks they just shot their way through a security gate they don't have heavy security at the docks but they do at the airport's freight depot to the airport rapido my c'mere aircraft taking off and landing hey don't worry Mike we're nearly there my cell phone battery's running low [Applause] there's the gate and some dead security guard hey this is the place keep your eyes peeled for that fan okay the tax should work now Holmes tag the hell is attack after that last bit of trouble my kid that transponder in the white we was gonna borrow it to the game but something must have fucked up and now we gotta use it to find the van and rescue my Ohio work closer we get the stronger the signal shit there they are hey man come on hurry up it's about time t-bone who the fuck is this hey that's one of jerseys clowns relax Weddell you hear that we got to torch this van with a Coke in it hey child where the ween torchy nava this is a setback but doing 20 to life is a little more than that comprende amigo hey right man let's do it and get the hell out of here the fuck-ass 2pi asshole this ain't a committee exactly I call the shots here now shut up and let's go [Applause] how long you been working for Jessie I haven't seen you before just got into town last week I've done a cup of drought here and then let's get into town huh where were you before that hey what is it man just answer the fucking question look man she I've been to Los Santos with my family all right give me his wallet what hey kiddo quit struggling and concentrate on the road here you go Mike Carl Johnson huh all right I've seen enough here able to dub in here better still be here when I check shut the fuck you're right [Applause] okay Carl Johnson you did good today man now shake the spot we got shit to talk about [Applause]

24 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Mike Toreno (V Graphics)”

  1. You should upload mission in area 69 on the day when those retards plan to storm area 51 in September

  2. Sería genial cambiar sonidos de los autos de parar o derrapar ya que son muy irritables Google traductor ingles

  3. 7:52
    Got out of a painting garage and shoots the police car with a submachine

    Officers in the car: Nah man, just normal. Aren't that fucking limo we were chasing seconds ago.

  4. Stupid fucking Toreno and "Mike". So bad we can not fuck their heads off with CJ's guns because the mission will fail.

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