GTA San Andreas - Mountain Cloud Boys (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Mountain Cloud Boys (V Graphics)

all right come on we're closed puck eye easy man I'm here to see woozi Oh upstairs stupid-ass motherfucker I'm Johnson I'm here to see woozi I work with him yes right this way you know of the bosses curse curse nah he's blind blah but we was just wasted cause last week yes I know he's blessed with unbelievable good fortune and the triad that would do anything for him we call him our lucky more.i I'll keep that mom good woozi hello Carl I will sign in woozi you know how you don't straight to the facts I can't use your help unless I'm open with you about Who I am and what I do let me reintroduce myself I am the boss of the mountain Plowboys nice to meet you likewise why don't you sit down as die die goal of the triad it is my responsibility to see that disputes are settled without damaging important business where I'll come here now we shall see I'm about to drop in on a local triad that failed to show face at the last Tong meeting come with me and you'll see how we triad subtle things without recourse to unnecessary violence all right I ride would you we'll need a ride mine's getting some bodywork all right don't trip I'm happiness I hate you at it the blood feather triad have a storehouse around the block we shall see what excuses they have to offer okay so what's all this talk for business some small-time Vietnamese gangs have been making trouble lately we're not sure why they're gaining any courage now but nervous about the situation this is a place come on it's this way now where's that loose cop like what the hell you doing just checking the debt you know just shut up Carl this way hey what's with all these people where they going something isn't right here we should be careful follow me Oh what's wrong you've lost need a hand no no I was just you know getting the feel of the place stick close ah we're here this way strange this skate is usually locked stick close ah me Wolsey what's got you so spooked Oh oh sorry didn't see you lying down there he's de they all off the blood feathers wiped out that guy'll Oh forgive me I was too scared to fight so I hid enough what happened here Vita me surprised us cut us all down shit here they come again the Triads must have been enjoying yourself you have red eye disease he'll show us there was a sniper bullet you lost the wielders leave yet inner core quick we got more company you drive I'll send them back to the suits keep driving I'll take care of these murderous scum and look like the last up Thank You Carl you saved me from having to kill them all myself okay let's get back to my place here the token of the tongs appreciation for what you did today [Applause]

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  1. Hey dude! Ur vids are awesome, but I REALLY want to know how u download gta sa just like u, so can U make a vid on how to download GTA SA with V graphics. For some reason i dont really understand it.

  2. 04:51 MP5 felt kinda pointless since it's just a mini assault rifle bascially. Tech-9 or Uzi are cooler since you can dual-wield.

  3. In this mission, I try to let Woozie shoot a bit at the enemeies on foot because he has a few battle cries that he will yell out when he does.


    And a few more that he will say

  4. I used to get CJ swagged out when he first moved to San Fiero. You should shop at that place that’s like a parody of GAP.

  5. So I'm mad late, coming in at 25yo… " How tf Woozie go in the car with his blind ass… then says follow me"

  6. When Woozie said "sniper bullet" I thought he meant cause of CJ's one shot kill, nah he meant the actual sniper on the roof

  7. "We'll need a ride. Mine's getting some body work done to it."

    "Aite, don't trip…
    …I'm having this!"

    Socks the shit out of a guy and throws him out of his car.

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