GTA San Andreas - Photo Opportunity (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Photo Opportunity (V Graphics)

31 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Photo Opportunity (V Graphics)”

  1. Great video, but I think this is much more impressive:

  2. Gta sanandreas was the best game. tha map size and the places to visit blowed my mind when i got its first copy in 2006

  3. -"Have you ever been with a girl AND a horse?"

    -"Ain't it incredible!"

    -"Don't come round here again, ya hear?"

    -"Bye now Sugar!"

    Gotta love the random pedestrians.

  4. The worst mission in the game.. Zero mission Is pretty straightforward but this Mission.. My god…it so far to reach the destination. 😐

  5. In the beta CJ and Cesar were supposed to be in a helicopter, hence they were screaming because rockstar didn't redo the voice lines

  6. I just played San address before this snd thought to myself is there a nice graphic version of gta sanadress

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