GTA San Andreas - Reuniting the Families (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Reuniting the Families (V Graphics)

the hoses out home no shoot me over $200 sup y'all what's up what sexy J turn the TV off right quick listen up fellas like we were saying no more bakes in the streets finally peep this we want to unite the families once more because the ball has been pumping our guys full of bass for too long while we argue amongst ourselves so all the family sets gonna meet down to Jefferson Motel I said it's time we went down there and made it official keep that shit off our streets I vote I'm our representative on this one that's right hey it's all good it's sweet think you can handle it I'm down with it man that's rojo me let's do this yeah let's go man hey CJ you gonna crash the car again fuck you rotten try to give CJ a break then he's practically turned a Grove round by himself and I was just telling the joke on real Mick everything you do was a joke rod hey drew right just chill the fuck out man remember we're reuniting the family so no bullshit stay cool Nomi sweet cool as a Shaolin monk especially you Ryder what you mean I was did show imputation this shit sweets just saying you're not to kill a babe you gotta check yourself to stay cold okay it's strictly one rep percent do you guys won't have to wait here we'll be there just in case bro thanks homie but I'm down with these boys I'm like this man look at all them other family hood it used to be gross treats relax we straight day straight how about you smoke hey I'm feeling a little exposed but I'm good hey hey what you doing go get that game out of here baby I leave them up I know man this is what all GZ I got to get my brother sweet they were meeting motel someplace cops coming in from behind tend to positions you want to get shot huh give me that get some suppressing fire in there you lost the wheel to live yet get down repeat you down give me some fucking covering fire can I have this what took you we're smokers rider they shook on us fucking let's get out of here come on CJ let's go ah shit what now it's smoking rod get it hit the joist hey man I'm running low I got a K here just fuckin damn yeah that was close man is worse out here it's like World War 8 based of good doughnuts stay home and watch the fucking game you're insane I like watch to the left hey ain't we've been here before hey I'm taking what options I have all right maybe if you have a nice word with these offices they'll let us on our way Oh [Applause] decays gee fuck it I'm going through they say we got the ghetto burn up in smoke pick up hell no I'm going through Oh Oh shit that's gonna be a hell of a story to tell when we pass in the blunt man that was some serious shit oh fuck this we gotta get out of here riders right everybody split up we'll meet up later [Applause]

27 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Reuniting the Families (V Graphics)”

  1. Ayy man, can you upload your whole modded SA folder please? I tried to put the mod altogether but it didn't work 🙁

  2. Now Rockstar should had remade this classic game with modern graphics. I bet that shit would sell like hot cakes.

  3. It's too bad that the gun flashes turned gray, but everything else was masterfully done. Kudos to you

  4. Hey PrinceY, I doubt you'll see this comment. I really love these videos and I look forward to more of them! I've tried getting the mods but I only got some of them. I couldn't get the mods because of the ads on the links in the description. The mods I got were: 90's Atmosphere Car pack, Gta Iv Textures for Los Santos, Original HD Weapons, and Gta San Andreas V Graphics. If you can, please send me the direct links to the Vegetation, Particles, Cj remastered, and the Vados Pack. Thanks!

  5. Man this game is so memorable I remember this and vice city in detail till this day and I started playing them in 04

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