45 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Ryder (V Graphics)”

  1. guys imagine if rockstar to make gta 5 san andreas with the same missions and cheats and gamplay

  2. san andreas has better fighti9ng mechanics, car damage mechanics and physics, better storyline, better characters, bigger map, just an overall much better game that fuk hole gta v and it came out 12 years prior. Get the filthy fukin jews out of gaming dev, and get women out of gaming entirely. : )

  3. This mod makes me feel like this is the original gta when i was kid, and the illuminati lowerd the graphs in the future

  4. The world looks nice but interiors look TERRIBLE, like there’s a sun inside the barber shop or something.

  5. Theyd make so much money if they just fuckin re textured the whole game shit looks BEAUTIFUL (ryders voice) 😂

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