GTA San Andreas - Storming Area 69 (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Storming Area 69 (V Graphics)

how's that hail-fellow-well-met namaste peace Carl my brother hey truth were you were just checking that you were no longer on government business where is he how the fuck would I know man he like the devil hey man you okay everything is transient man oh I'm passing through life same as every man okay do you have any idea what you're doing for Torino no I seem to be on the need-to-know basis oh no man two lies don't cancel each other out you know that we paid them to lie to us is that what our founding fathers wanted no more friend no more we're not alone get off me man what's going on everything is going on don't you get it there's a place not even on the map a train is about to leave it can explain better than I ever can boy this is gonna blow your fucking mind we got work to do you better Drive I'll explain elegance does not even touch it hey truth do we have a plan here go go go hey hold up to [Laughter] please take my passcode and go girl dude man hey here you go you better stash it somewhere fast far out have a nice trip dude hey wait up ah was it too much to ask to get a lift in the town [Applause]

39 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Storming Area 69 (V Graphics)”

  1. Hey guys! Let's save this video and watch it while driving to Area 51 so we know how to enter the area.

  2. The ironic thing for me about this mission was that I used the jetpack cheat to break into the facility and bypass the guards, only to steal another jetpack and leave. XD

  3. Logic:
    1.2 Million people to storm Area 51
    Probability to Success: 60%

    1 black man to storm Area 69
    Probability of Success: 101%

  4. Single handedly invade government military area, steal a $60 million project

    Result: just mission passed…. no respect, no money…. ooof😂

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