GTA San Andreas - T-Bone Mendez (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – T-Bone Mendez (V Graphics)

now just listen to me okay man it's very important that you listen to me I ain't no retard amigo what you think what you am I think I'm just a pretty face to y'all is that y'all game now this here is the dumb muscle that I was talking about car t-bone and in Reverse sucks all right listen don't mind him we go way back hey hos don't be such a beachy liability liability liabilities away now there's three of us and I'm getting 20% what type of math is that that's fool's math player you ain't man I sell my soul to you got and that's what it's gonna come down to her screwing me out of my 13-6 you need to deal you agreed besides we could have said 5% what cat got your tongue you was bad at talking as years at mathematics and you want to make this shit personal when say hello yeah what man deal hey man I got a pal oh no you don't I invented that trick baby come come with me we gonna have to bust us a couple of melons up in here what do you mean a ship it's been ambushed we can't just go out there t-bone it could be a DEA trap [Applause] inspect this America [Applause]

35 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – T-Bone Mendez (V Graphics)”

  1. the most annoying mission ever i always end up letting them escape im having a hard time getting the packages

  2. I love how you made the texture look this good and no water on the roads. I love this series

    Hope you do an installation tutorial video

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